Improvised Home Remedies

What are Improvised Home Remedies ?

350 150 imprImprovised home remedies are fast acting home remedies developed by researchers after studying & researching.They are proven & tested .

Good health and well being are factors that are sought out by one and all. A minor hindrance in ones health could lead to questioning ones happiness in life. Health and peace of mind are interlinked and loss of one could lead to an erosion in the other. And loss of either makes life loose its charm.

Advantages of Home Remedies

When bad health strikes we are willing to go to any extent to reclaim our stake on goodness and well being. Of late people have realized that modern medicine is not always what it claims to be. So there is a tendency to shift to natural remedies and home care. Eons of  experience has gone into the development of home remedies. Any and every civilization has a claim on some form of home remedy. While many of them may have evolved into good treatments, one should remember that these home remedies must have developed by trial and error and not painstaking research. Moreover even the potent home remedies may not have been documented and must have been passed down from generation to generation by mere word of mouth.

Why we need Improvised  Home Remedies

Word of mouth is a lot like Chinese whisper and cannot be relied upon to deliver the same authentic content as the original. Many of these home remedies are now passed on from mother to daughter and so on. You may hear of several such remedies which are in essence the same but have different punch lines. That is perhaps why these remedial measures are not easily believed by people. Another reason for the skepticism is the time taken for these measures to succeed. In today’s fast paced world one seeks instant gratification. Immediate cure. Anything that will take time is a “no go”.

However if these home remedies could be researched and authenticated by scientific means and if these remedies could be made easy to access and if they could be proved to work faster, then they offer a viable alternative to modern medicines which come with their baggage of side effects and cost.

Who has Developed Improvised Home Remedies

Scientist or chemist with petri dish pipet.  Focus dish handsFortunately there are some individuals and groups who are doing just that. They have been researching these remedies and formulating them into easily accessible doses which are not only potent but also quick in their act. This information is made available as an e-book in the researcher’s website. All one has to do is click and enjoy the benefits of improved health.

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