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Natural Treatment for Tonsil Stones with Home Remedies

Find here improvised home remedies to get rid of tonsil stones without surgery using simple natural home remedies .Read here testimonials of successful tonsil stones removal at home.

Tonsil Stones Home Treatment

Tonsil StonesTonsil stones are tiny smelly balls which form on your tonsils, and are often construed to be due to throat infection or tonsillitis. The foul smell is a characteristic which could be like rotten eggs, making you ashamed and nervous. These are not very painful and as the time passes they will start appearing inside your mouth also.

You may be able to cough them up at times. Normally a person would go to see a doctor, who will either prescribe some antibiotics. It is possible that the tonsil stones would persist, even after the dosage of antibiotics is over. It is also possible that some patients would be asked to see an ENT specialist, who will advise more antibiotics or may suggest a surgery. Again there is no guarantee that tonsil stones will not re-appear. After-effects of surgery are pain and inability to swallow food and at times even drinking water could be painful for weeks together.

This is when natural and home remedies come into play. The advantage of the home remedies is that they are inexpensive and yet have no side-effects. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before you administer home remedies, at least for our own satisfaction.

Tonsil Stones Natural Remedies:

1)      It is easy to remove tonsil stones when they are small and are yet to harden. Dilute white vinegar with equal amount of water and gargle for 15 minutes. Vinegar removes calcium as well as magnesium salts quite easily. Your mouth may still have some tingling sensation on account of residual vinegar, which can be flushed out after some time by gargling with plain water.

2)      Extract the tonsil stone by using an ear bud. Gently touch the stone and rotate the bud carefully and slowly so that you do not feel any pain. Press the stone gently by using the ear bud or ask someone to help you with it. Rinse your mouth with fresh water or by using a diluted solution of any good medicated mouth wash. The chances are that the tonsil stones may fall away without any extra effort.

3)      Lemons and Aloe Vera: Make a mixture of lime juice and Aloe Vera juice. Mix a pinch of iodized salt into it. Gargle with the mixture 5-6 times a day. Lemon has plenty of vitamin C which acts naturally against the tonsil stones. Even Aloe Vera has properties to fight tonsil stones naturally.

4)      Garlic: This is an excellent medicine against tonsil stones. It has anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties. To treat small tonsil stones naturally, chew some garlic cloves 3 to 4 times a day. You may even gargle the juice of garlic cloves together with virgin oil. This will reduce inflammation of the tonsil stones, if it exists.

5)      Apple Cider Vinegar: Take a cup of warm water and add one teaspoonful Apple Cider Vinegar to it. Gargle thrice a day. This will act against the tonsil stones quite effectively.

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TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth Grinding Natural Treatment at Home

Find here alternative treatment methods & home remedies to get rid of TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth Grinding  naturally at home.Read testimonials of success.

TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth Grinding Natural Treatment

TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth GrindingThousands and thousands suffer from TMJ, Bruxism and Teeth Grinding disorders and the number is ever increasing.

Following are the symptoms which will earmark onset of this disorder: clicking sounds and difficulty while opening and closing the mouth, sinus pains, sore jaw in the morning, pain in the area behind ears, hearing loss, locked jaw, teeth grinding, teeth clenching and pain in healthy teeth, pressure behind your eyes, sudden headaches and loss of sleep. This will magnify into stress, anger, depression and restlessness.

According to Sandra Carter, you can cure the TMJ disorder without oral surgery, expensive medication and what is more, without any side effects. You will feel more confident, energetic and calm once you adopt this holistic but simple treatment. You will feel rejuvenated and vibrant in a relatively short time, once you start this treatment.

Natural and Home Remedies:

1)      Massaging the Jaws: Usually the pains come from muscle spasms. Gently massage your jaws right from area behind ears to chin in a regular pattern and direction. This will help relax the tight muscles. Do this continuously to achieve maximum and long lasting results.

2)      Oral exercises: Try to revolve the jaws slowly in a circular motion without straining. The same could be done with slow revolving neck. This will loosen the jaw and neck muscles.

3)      Apply heat: Heating is a definitive muscle relaxant. Use a heating bag, a pad or even a hot water bottle. Boiling water should not be used as it may inflict burns on the skin. Apply the pad gently on jaw, neck and shoulder muscles.

4)      You could keep ice-packs on the areas where there is pain. This will also relieve the ache and will offer considerable comfort. The heat treatment can be done for about 20 minutes followed by cold application for abut 5 minutes.

5)      Change the habit of resting your head or face on your hands while doing your routines –e.g. reading, working or writing. Some people hold the telephones in one hand-try using both your hands if the conversation is going to last for a long time.

6)      Relaxation: Do exercises like deep breathing, yoga to improve blood circulation on regular basis as;  this  will help you relax from undue stress. Stress is major cause for TMJ. Find a quiet place where you can relax, close your eyes and practice deep breathing.

7)      Visualize yourself to be near a mountain side or a lake and think that you are away from all the daily problems. Imagine that there is nothing you need to do or there is nowhere you need to go. Do this visualization for some time; take slow breaths, open your eyes and you will find that the stress is almost gone.  This is almost like a Mental Vacation.

The treatment in the foregoing spaces will be so helpful that you will not need over-the-counter medications for TMJ, Bruxism and teeth grinding.

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How to Shrink Nasal Polyps Naturally with Home Remedies

Find here natural method to remove nasal polyps without surgery . Home Remedies could shrink nasal polyps.Read here testimonials of Successful Nasal Polyp Removal at Home.

Nasal Polyps Natural Treatment

Nasal PolypsNasal Polyps emerge in the nostrils as the name suggests. These are soft growths, which appear on the inner linings of the nasal cavities and are usually benign (non-cancerous). The growth causes inflammation of the sinuses. They are almost like jelly when touched with your fingers. They are off-white in color and pose considerable difficulty in breathing. One of the characteristics of the nasal polyps is running nose, which is very irritating for any human being. You can not concentrate and become irritable and moody and running nose just does not stop, which adds to the discomfort.

More often than not, the nasal polyps are wrongly diagnosed as Nasal Infections and/or allergies. Small polyps are not troublesome. At the same time, bigger ones may lead to migraines. Another change that could happen is the increase in snoring. Some facial changes may occur too, in certain cases. Age group of over 40 or those who are already asthmatic may be affected with nasal polyps reducing their sense of smell and taste. Some patients might face difficulty in hearing.

Visiting a doctor or an ENT specialist must be done in order to know the extent of malady and discuss your plan to use home remedies. The following remedies will be economical and there is chance of any side-effects, as compared to over-the-counter prescribed drugs.

Precautions:  Avoid consuming coffee, meat and dairy products that cause mucous. Avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks. Chlorine in the swimming pools can also be an irritant.

Nasal Polyps Home remedies:

1)      Salt Water: Rinse the nostril with salt water. Mix a teaspoonful of salt in warm water and rinse. Use an empty sterilized bottle having a spray nozzle. Do this 5-6 times a day in each nostril. This will normally drive the irritation away. This treatment will cost nothing.

2)      Horseradish is a patent herb used for clearing nasal blockages traditionally. This herb is strong-tasting and hence a little difficult to in-take. To get over this minor issue, mix 2 cups of grated horseradish with 2 cups of natural honey and consume the mixture as frequently as possible. By the time the mixture is finished, most or all of the nasal polyps may have disappeared completely.

3)      Eating 1 or 2 citrus fruits every day will work wonders on nasal polyps. Grapefruits, lemons or oranges are some of the citrus fruits, which are easily available. Since these fruits are full of vitamin C, these will boost up the immune system and prevent many health disorder including nasal polyps. A substance in the citrus fruits keeps the tissue and blood vessels in the nose healthy.

4)      Consume nuts, water and fresh vegetables. This will help regain the lost taste, free sinuses so that the breathing and hearing will be easier.

5)      Apply Tea Tree Oil on the polyps using a cotton bud / swab or Q-tip. The polyp will fall off within a week.

6)      Consume Omega3, 6 & 9, salads, zinc and vitamin complex.

It will be observed how simple the home remedies are. Surgical treatments are being tried by many patients, who report that the polyps keep coming back after a while, in addition to being very expensive. Natural treatments are the easiest to administer and inexpensive.

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How to Stop Stuttering or Stammering Permanently

Improvised treatment methods can cure Stuttering forever using proven & tested natural methods.These methods will stop stammering & you can speak fluently without stuttering using these methods.

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Get Rid of Stuttering / Stammering at Home

StutteringStuttering also known as stammering is perhaps one of the most embarrassing conditions that can afflict a person. Stutterers are known to suffer from severe emotional upheavals and fears all through their predicament. They avoid social situations and self impose solitude and suffer from anxiety, stress and shame. Though stuttering absolutely does not mean less intelligence, stutterers are often treated as persons who are slightly below par in intelligence.

What  is Stuttering or Stammering?

Stuttering is a speech disorder that affects the flow of speech. Speech is disturbed by involuntary repetitions, prolongation of syllables and involuntary pauses before words and sentences. It is usually these repetitions that are called stuttering. The pauses before vocalizing are called blocks. Stuttering normally starts with these repetitions. The prolongations and blocks are learned by stutterers who resort to these mechanisms to mask their stutter.  Though stress is not a cause for stutter, anxious moments and stressful situations can trigger episodes of severe stutter. Which perhaps explains why stutter is variable. Severely affected persons may sing songs or recite poems without an iota of stutter but put them in a stressful situation like handling a phone call or making a public speech and their stutter returns with a vengeance.

Though no one has been able to pin down the cause for stuttering, genetics and neurophysiology are considered possible cause for stuttering. Developmental stuttering usually starts at childhood and continues through life. Actually more than 2/3 of the kids recover from their stuttering but the remaining are forced to go through life with this embarrassing condition. This is why it is more or less concluded that stutter happens because of an emotional state of mind. Specific words and specific situations trigger off this emotional state and get our stuttering working overtime.

Diagnosis is easy when a person is afflicted severely but in the not so severe cases a certified speech language pathologist is required to confirm the condition. There is really no cure for stutter but speech therapy and breath control helps in regulating the sufferer’s speech and teaches them to reduce their speaking rate thus cutting down on episodes of stutter. However speech therapy is very expensive and stutterers may need it throughout their lives. People who stutter can take heart that history has recorded so many famous figures who had suffered from stutter and became better. Starting with Demosthenes who treated himself with pebbles in his mouth, to King George VI whose battle with his stutter is recorded so clearly in the Oscar winning movie, “The King’s Speech” and Winston Churchill who went on to become such a famous leader and orator.

 Stuttering or Stammering Quick Cure

Stutterers can also take heart because we have a former sufferer Ari Kreitberg who has created “Kill Your Stutter” claiming that you can cure your affliction in under 10 minutes by following his instructions just once. Ari has helped 1000s of patients so why not you. Download this e-book at once if you have this depressing problem. The beauty of this book is that it is so simple and can be used by any one at any age. Good Luck.

How to Improve Your Hearing Naturally at Home

Find here methods to improve your hearing at home using natural treatment methods.You can normalize your hearing loss quickly using these fast acting home remedies.

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How to Improve Hearing Loss Naturally

improve-hearing2-300x200Deafness or Hearing impairment or hearing loss affects 10% of the global population. This can affect ones social life, family life, ones career and even ones safety. Fortunately most hearing loss is preventable and curable but unfortunately most people end up taking antibiotics and steroids unsuccessfully. It is very frustrating to suffer from hearing loss and one almost feels like a zombie because one is also treated like one by a cruel society. Nobody wants to talk to or call a person who has difficulty in hearing what is said.


Hearing impairment occurs due to damage to the inner ear from disease, blockage, noise or lack of nutrients. Poor blood flow and fluid from infection can also cause damage. There are tiny hair follicles that are present in the cochlear region of the ear and when this gets eroded, hearing loss occurs. Besides this chemicals and medicines too play a role in making a person partially deaf. Of course age is a major factor and so too is genetics the all time culprit for all kinds of problems.

Improve Your HearingProgressive loss of hearing is seen with age. But remember that clear and good hearing is not something that needs to be sacrificed as we grow older. More than half the people suffering hearing impairment can lay the blame squarely on noise as the causative factor. This perhaps is the biggest cause of deafness. Which is why it is important to safeguard your ears from the constant trauma of listening to mp3 or car stereos and loud music. Besides the effect of loud music, children’s toys, transportation noise, crowds, power tools and even hair dryers can affect our hearing. Medicines in the group of aminoglycosides like gentamicin and anti-malarial drugs can also cause hearing loss. Ototoxic chemicals like lead, mercury, petroleum and automobile emission can also exacerbate the problem. Diseases like measles, meningitis, mumps, adenoids, syphilis and brain tumours besides neurological problems like multiple sclerosis and strokes may also affect our hearing. Finally any trauma to our head could damage our hearing.

Audiometer is used to diagnose the extent of hearing loss by producing pure tone sounds through a range of frequencies and plotting the result as an audiogram. This will tell us the extent of hearing loss suffered by the patient. Treatment is by medicines which may not always treat the causative factor. Priority is accorded to management rather than treatment. Hearing aids and cochlear implants are prescribed to help improve the patient’s hearing. These devices will not make your hearing perfect but will definitely play a role in amplifying the sounds and improving your hearing. Like seeing dogs that help the blind, hearing dogs are sometimes given to patients who need to be alerted to sounds of doorbells, fire alarms, car horns, telephones and alarm clocks.

Improvised Methods for Quick Hearing Loss Cure

For treatment one could download Mike Tucker’s e-book “Improve Your Hearing Naturally” which has helped numerous folks with this problem. Mike himself had suffered hearing loss and gone through the gamut of traditional medicines before switching successfully to herbs and natural remedies. He has spent serious time in researching these treatments before putting it together as a book that is worth using.

How to Cure Tinnitus Naturally with Fast Acting Home Remedies

You can get rid of Tinnitus by treating naturally using home remedies & natural methods.Improvised home remedies for tinnitus is the best natural treatment method available today.

How to Cure Tinnitus Permanently with Home Remedies

tinnitusTinnitus is a medical term used to describe a feeling of noises heard in the ears or in the head when no obvious source of sound is present. It is a non-specific symptom or feeling that is more related to a person’s psychological condition. Tinnitus is not at all a disease or illness. It has nothing to do with any hearing problem or hearing loss. Almost every person occasionally has such feeling, but with some people this is chronic and irksome. The types of sound commonly felt like heard are ringing, whistling, hissing, buzzing or humming, etc.

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Causes for and symptoms of Tinnitus:

A person’s physical, mental or emotional status has direct bearing on tinnitus. It is commonly felt by a person who has mental and physical change in relation to retirement, being made redundant, having too much concern about own health or that of a close relatives health and so on. Tinnitus may start suddenly or it may be a gradual onset. Exposing the ears to a noisy and loud sound can also be a reason. Sometimes it can also be a side effect of some medicines.

Lack of sound sleep, disturbed sleep or cut in sleep and lack of concentration in work are the common symptoms. In tinnitus like situation the brain remains more active instead relaxing, when a person goes to sleep. This causes anxiety, stress and a person behaves irrationally.

A sound and good night sleep is the best and only remedy to this symptom. Though sleeping tablets can be of some help, they have side effects and their prolonged consumption is not advisable.  Sometimes, strangely the brain naturally loses interest and stops surveying the signals there by the tinnitus symptoms get cured automatically. But, one can hardly wait for this to happen. There is no specific medicine or surgery to cure this, as tinnitus is not a disease.

Home Remedies to overcome and Cure Tinnitus syndrome:

tinnitus2Do you know, tinnitus can be cured and treated effectively without ever going to a Doctor? Basically one should get sound good night’s sleep; have stress and anxiety free life, which can get complete cure from tinnitus. For this, one has to follow a disciplined, systematic and healthy lifestyle. This is easier to say than done. What actually is this and how to accomplish such a lifestyle? For this you need to have step by step and systematic information which is handy, easy to get and understand.

Tinnitus Miracle (TM)” is an e-book authored by Mr Thomas, is one such book which can help to overcome tinnitus problem.  All the contents in the book are explained in an easy to understand and simple language. The book is priced modestly and is affordable. The utility of the book to the user is much more as compared to the price paid for it. More details on the book and the testimonials about the usefulness and its content can be seen by visiting to the website: