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How to Cure Eye Floaters without Surgery using Home Remedies

Eye FloatersEye floaters are those spots which move around literally in the area of your vision.  Floaters are leftover blood vessels or retinal fibers. Eye floaters are associated with diabetes, cataract surgery, nearsightedness, physical injuries, infection or trauma. They are generally harmless but in some cases they indirectly pronounce some uncomfortable health condition. Such floaters are felt by patients right away as they obstruct the vision.  It is recommended that one should consult an eye-specialist or an ophthalmic surgeon so as to avoid more serious problems. Eyes are very crucial to every human being and due importance must be given to eyes.

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> How I Cured Eye Floaters Naturally

Medical sciences do suggest surgery to tackle the issue but not without possible discouraging results including complete loss of vision.

Nutritional supplements which go a long way in coping up with eye floaters are affordable and easy to administer. The following Eye floater supplements combine to form and maintain tear production layer and optimize vision improvement:

1)      Turmeric: This is a proven inflammation modulator.

2)      Omega 3s: Found in fish oil, flaxseed can effectively reduce inflammation and augment tear production.

3)      Vitamin A, B6 & C improve fatty acid metabolism in the body and may increase Omega3 levels.

4)      Exercise is a superb approach to maintain general health as it improves blood circulation and helps every part of the body.

5)      Eye Relaxation: Sit comfortably, cover the eyes with both your palms for 10 seconds, repeat the process 5 times.

6)      Rolling the eyes: Slowly roll your eyes in the clockwise motion. Do it slowly so as to avoid dizziness. Do this 10 times in every direction.

7)      Focus on any object for 3 minutes, relax and repeat the exercise 10 times a day.

8)      Massage your forehead between eyebrows and temples in circular motion-use aromatic oils to smoothen the movements of your palms. Repeat this 20 times a day. This ill remove the stress on the eyes and will be beneficial to overall eye-health.

9)      Meditation twice a day can be a very soothing exercise you could do.

10)   Intake of Garlic juice will be helpful too as garlic is a very effective anti-inflammatory and also a natural antibiotic.

11)   Take mineral such as copper and calcium as these can help strengthen the connective tissue in the eye, improve circulation. If the eye floaters are a result of diabetes, consume magnesium and chromium as these will help reduce blood sugar level. In case of diabetic patients, juice of dandelion root will be very effective.

12)   A glass of red wine is good for eyes (and for heart also).

13)   Healthy diet containing fresh vegetables, fruits is a must. Leafy vegetables purify the blood and always help in optimal general health. AVOID FAST OR JUNK FOODS.

To sum up it will be wise to follow the simple and inexpensive home remedies and avoid high priced medications available in the market.

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When you try this therapy you are assured of: no danger to your precious eyes, no harmful side-effects and no other bodily injuries.

How to Improve Eye Sight Naturally & Get Rid of Glasses or Contact Lenses

Find here how to improve your eye sight & get 20/20 vision without glasses or contact lens.Natural treatment using home remedies & exercises can help your to increase normalize power of your eyes without surgery.

How to Improve Eye Sight without Surgery

improve-vision-2Eye sight or vision is most likely to be affected in every body’s life at some or other stage. Myopia, Hyperopia are the medical terms which explain vision related diseases.  Lack of clear vision of objects, problem with reading, blurred vision, head ache associated with vision impairment are very common with us. There can be many reasons for this problem. To name few problems are, heredity, nerves break down, accidents, diabetes, birth related, pregnancy related etc.

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Deficiency of vitamins is also main cause of vision impairment. Unhealthy lifestyle, erratic food habits, care free attitude, stress and strain are also some of the contributory reasons for vision impairment. This problem is moving from generation to generation. Isn’t there a solution for vision impairment? Why not, yes there are solutions. The solutions varied from time to time. With the advancement of medical field, new and modern methods of treatment have come to the fore to treat vision impairment.

Most common treatment available today are, correction of eyesight using proper glasses, using contact lenses, through normal and traditional surgery, laser assisted surgery which does not involve bleeding and pain less, etc. Most of the people with vision impairment resort to one or other method of above mentioned treatments only. Though, they are time tested and proven methods, all of them have some or other disadvantages also. None of these methods offer permanent solutions. All these methods cure temporarily. Why so? Answer is simple. Vision power varies with the advancement in age of a person. Aging cannot be stopped, so is varying of eye vision. Many people are averse to using glasses because of problems associated with wearing of glasses. This made doctors and scientists to ponder over the point, ‘can vision be corrected without glasses ?’

Modern inventions and researches have made it possible to cure vision without using glasses. These innovations have helped in 1) Natural restoration of vision, 2) Avoiding surgery, 3) No usage of drugs and pills and hence no side effects, 4) Relief from chronic head ache and migraine etc.

Improvised Home Remedy System

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