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Shoulder Pain Treatment without Surgery :Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common condition resulted from various causes. It is usually a symptom of another health problem. Shoulder is the most movable and unstable joint in the body. Due to its instability, it is more prone to injury, causing degenerative process. A person may experience localized shoulder pain or pain spreading around the shoulder area or down the arm. The origin of shoulder pain may be in the joint itself or from the surrounding tendons, ligaments or muscles.

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Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder PainDamaged or inflamed rotator cuff tendons i.e. rotator cuff tendinitis is the major cause of shoulder pain.

Some other health conditions responsible for shoulder pain are poor posture, arthritis in shoulder joint, bursitis (inflammation of fluid-filled sac that protects the joint), shoulder dislocation, broken shoulder bone, frozen shoulder, bone spurs in the shoulder area, injury to nearby tendons and shoulder instability.

Some other reasons that are indirectly related to shoulder pain are ankylosing spondylitis, brachial plexus injury, cancer, cervical radiculopathy, dermatomyositis, ectopic pregnancy, shingle and heart attack.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Some of the common signs that can bother you include shoulder pain that persist for long time, pain that worsens while resting, swelling or bruising around the joint, injury resulting in deformity of joint, inability to raise the arm or carry the objects and signs of infection like redness and fever.

Natural Treatments for Shoulder Pain

A primary goal of treating shoulder pain is to relieve the pain as early as possible and ease the shoulder function. The treatment involves enough rest, modification in activities, dietary changes and use of various herbs.

–          Rest is one of the effective home remedies for shoulder pain. Resting gives sufficient time for the shoulder to heal. One to two days of resting period is needed to recover. Even after that, you need to avoid lifting heavy objects or putting stress on the shoulder muscles, as it can worsen the situation. However, light exercises are recommended to avoid frozen shoulder.

–          Another beneficial home remedy is to us ice compresses. Ice cubes should be kept in a plastic bag and then wrapped in a towel. Place it on the affected areas for approximately 15 minutes. It can help to alleviate strains and sprains. After the first week of injury, you can use hot compresses to relieve pain and swelling.

–          You can try certain exercises like stretching, which can strengthen the shoulder muscles and give relief from pain up to some extent. But, while exercising, take precaution that excess strain should not be exerted on the shoulder joint.

–          Your diet should be rich in plenty of fresh vegetables and foods rich in proteins, as they are helpful to strengthen the muscles. A person with arthritis should include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish like salmon, tuna seeds and nuts, as they are beneficial to reduce pain.

–          The herbs like Devil’s claw and hot pepper are found to be effective in relieving pain associated with muscles, joints and tendons. The pods of Devil’s claw can be used in herbal tea and soups, while its roots can be used in the powdered form to prepare a tea. Hot peppers can be used in daily cooking.

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Shoulder pain is very troublesome and can interfere with day-to-day activities. With proper treatment using natural ingredients and bringing adequate changes in lifestyle, you can regain the mobility and flexibility of your shoulder and enjoy healthy, active life.

How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis Naturally at Home

Find here stretches,exercises,natural remedies to cure  Plantar Fasciitis at home.Natural treatment gives instant relief for  Plantar Fasciitis pain .Read testimonials of success.

Plantar Fasciitis Home Treatment

Plantar FasciitisThe plantar fascia is a thin ligament which connects your heel to front portion of your foot. This supports the arch in our foot and helps you walk with ease.  Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain are associated with each other. This is one of the most common orthopedic complaints.  In most cases, patients seek prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, acupuncture, physical therapy, braces, massage therapy, anti-inflammatory pills.  These may or may not work. By using the therapy, Gregory Hunter, you could avoid unnecessary expenditure, crippling condition, sleepless nights and agony.


Throbbing pain in your heel which is almost unbearable making you wince with agony and excruciating pain. You would feel as if you have stepped on a sharp and pointed object.

Natural Remedies and treatment:

1)      Rest: What you need most is the rest you can offer to your feet. Take a few days off your routine and allow your feet to rest. When you rest, you do not exert any pressure on your feet and pain will be reduced due to this. If you are an athlete, try swimming for a while. This will keep you in shape and you will feel active even if you are not running or jogging.

2)      ICE: Ice is a natural pain reliever. Apply an ice pack on the heel for 15 minutes (and not more) so that inflammation will subside to a great extent.  Repeat this four times a day. Applying ice pack would help even more after any particular activity related to feet. You could even roll a bottle containing ice (say from your freezer).

3)      Massage: Gently massage your feet with the fingers of your hand. If possible, you could engage a massage therapist.

4)      Exercise: Stretch your calves with your feet resting against a wall. Gently bring the feet down and stretch again. Repeat it without exerting yourself and you will feel that there is definite relief.

5)      Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by improper footwear, high heeled shoes and uneven road conditions. Choose footwear with care and try to buy those shoes which have a cushion below your feet. This will work as a buffer against sharp objects, if you step on them, by mistake.  Avoid wearing worn-out footwear as they will cause more agony to your feet.

6)      Wear Splints at night-they will work on the painful area while you are asleep and reduce the inflammation considerably. The night splints are available over the counter in any pharmacy. You could see a podiatrist who can suggest a custom-made orthotic. This device could be placed inside your shoes to offer relief from foot pain.

7)      Lose weight to lessen foot pain. This could be achieved by avoiding junk food and eating more fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating red meat which adds to your body weight.

8)      Try heel cradles/heel cups-they contain gel and can fit into any type of footwear. These help absorb shocks and offer comfort to your feet while walking.

Gregory Hunter, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (CPFT), Exercise Rehab Specialist (ERS) has devised this line of treatment, which is a fool-proof method to treat Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain. For more information visit:

Natural Gout Treatment at Home using Fast Home Remedies

Gout: Indications and symptoms

GoutGout is a type of arthritis characterized by stiffness and inflammation of joints. Pain is naturally intense and excruciating making the patient to wince. The stiffness and swelling is the result of excessive uric acid which forms crystals in the joints. A gout attack is due to the high levels of uric acid deposits in your blood, accumulated over the years. The person suffering from gout only will know that it is not something which can be passed off as a non-serious ailment. An attack of gout has a tendency to strike suddenly and mostly at night.

Excessive Uric acid is also responsible for emergence of diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, high cholesterol and heart trouble.

Joint of your great toe could be the area which will mostly receive the attack of the gout. That area will become overly sensitive to pain, so much so that even the touch of a bed-sheet or linen may be unbearable. It is also possible that fever might be present in some cases.

Before trying out any home remedies, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and then discuss with him about the line of treatment.


1)      One of the causes is high-fructose corn syrup which can elevate level of uric acid in the body.

2)      Consumption of alcohol. Beer is known to cause more harm to patients already suffering from gout.

3)      Avoid beef, pork and lamb or at least reduce the intake.

4)      Avoid consuming sea foods such as shell fish, crab, sardines, salmon, fish-eggs, shrimps etc.

5)      Limit the intake of Vegetables such as mushrooms, peas, lentils, beans and asparagus.


1)      Eating right kind of nutritional foods in right quantities is the first step that patients affected with gout should take.

2)      Physical exercise is advisable and will prove to be beneficial.

3)      Doctors advise drinking plenty of water to flush out uric acid from the body.

4)      Drink lemon juice with honey to reduce pain.

5)      Drink vegetable soup at least once a day to clear out uric acid deposits in kidneys.

6)      Vitamin C in hot peppers, red cabbage will flush out excessive uric acid from the blood.

7)      Green vegetables and tomatoes will help too.

8)      citrus fruits and fruit juices are of great use in treatment of gout and its symptoms.

9)      Cherry juice is a great pain reliever. This improves blood circulation in the joints and effectively combats gout

10)   Yeast free breads, nuts, milk and milk products are a good supplement.

11)   Chocolates may be consumed if there is no blood sugar complaint.

12)   Be on a diet that sheds your body weight. Gout is normally seen attacking people with bulky body structure.

We all witness, plenty of gout relieving medicines in the market boasting quick results but you would stretch your purse equally quickly. Home remedies are safe, easy to administer and have no side effects are as such are the safe and effective in every way.

The therapy has been devised by Mr. Joe Barton, an expert author and alternative medicine researcher. For further details visit:

Sprained Ankle Rehab System To Treat & Heal Sprained Ankle Fast

Find here Improvised Sprained Ankle Rehab System to heal Sprained Ankle quickly using home remedies.You can treat & fix Sprained Ankle permanently using these proven & tested exercises .Check out these testimonials to boost up your morale.

Sprained Ankle Rehab System for Quick Cure

Sprained Ankle Rehab SystemSprained ankle is a common type of injury affecting ankle ligaments. Ligament is an elastic structure made up of tissues, which holds the joint and ankle bones in proper position. Ligaments protect the joint from unusual movements like turning or twisting. Ligaments can stretch up to certain limits and regain their normal positions. Excessive stretching of ligaments due to certain reasons results in sprained ankle. It can happen when the foot rolls or twists while walking or running on uneven surface. Ankle sprains are very common and mostly cause minor injuries. But, in some cases, severe or sprains may result in long-term pains and weakness in ankle joint.

What are symptoms of ankle sprain?

In most cases, a person experiences pain at the site of ligament tear. Swelling and inflammation at the ankle joint starts immediately. It becomes tender to touch and hurts on movement. In severe cases of sprains, you might feel extreme pains and inability to walk.

What causes ankle sprains?

The greatest risk factor for sprained ankle is an activity that involves side-to-side action of foot like in case of basketball or tennis. It can happen in daily routine activities like walking on uneven surface or slipping on ice. The factors like weak tendons or muscles of ankle joint, weak ligaments of ankle joint, lack of stretching or warm-up before performing activities and poor ankle flexibility can increase the risk of ankle sprains.

Sprained Ankle Rehab System – Improvised Methods

In most cases of ankle sprains, you need to protect the joint to heal. It takes about 4-6 weeks for recovery. Recovery takes place in three stages. In the first phase, you have to take enough rest, protect the ankle from excess stress and decrease the swelling. In phase 2, you need to concentrate on restoring strength, flexibility and range of motion. In the third phase, you can gradually return to your normal routine activities, taking care not to turn or twist the ankle.

Rehabilitation techniques help to reduce swelling and pain and prevent further chronic injuries. Sprained ankle rehab system includes a wide range of exercises that involve controlled movements of joint. You can start sprained ankle rehab with range-of-motion exercises within first 72 hours after injury. Then continue with strength training, stretching and balance exercise for next few weeks or months. These exercises can be helpful to heal the ankle joint completely and prevent further injuries. If land-based strengthening exercises are painful, then water exercises can be done. Endurance activities and lower extremity exercises can also be added. The main purpose of exercises is to improve strength and range of motion.

–          Ankle Exercises: Circular movements of ankle are performed by extending the leg in front side and moving it up and down, side to side and rotating it in a circular movement. This exercise improves mobility of ankle.

–          Flexibility Exercises: It includes towel stretch movement and writing alphabets in air using toes. This exercise is helpful in increasing range of motion.

–          Stretching Exercises: When you get some relief from pain, you can start with these exercises like towel stretch and calf stretch. Sit keeping your leg in front of you. Keep a rolled towel under the foot and hold it at both ends. Keep your knee straight and gradually pull the towel towards you. Stay in this position for 15-30 seconds. Repeat this process for 2-4 times. In calf stretch, stand in front of a wall and put your hands on the wall at the level of eyes. Put the leg to be stretched behind other leg. Keep your back heel on the floor and bend the knee until the back leg is stretched. Remain in this position for about 15-30 seconds and repeat it for 2-4 times.

–          Strengthening Exercises: You can start with these exercises when you are capable of standing without feeling pain and swelling. Sit by keeping your feet flat on the floor and push it in outward direction against immovable objects like the wall. Hold this position for 6 seconds and then relax.

–          Balance Exercises: They may be started when you can stand without feeling pain. Stand on the injured foot and hold your arms out to the sides with your eyes open. If you feel to lose balance, then you can take support of door frame. Remain in this position for 6 seconds. Another exercise is to stand on the injured foot only and hold the arms across your chest. Stand for 60 seconds.

If you want to get rid of sprained ankle pain instantly, then you can opt for H.E.M. Ankle Rehab System. You can get details of this program created by Scott Malin on You can get immediate access to easy to follow videos. In addition, you can go through complete eBook that reveals complete information about sprained ankle rehab system. You will get guaranteed relief from pain and start walking within a week.

With simple rehab techniques, you can regain normal functioning of your feet and return to your daily routine activities. By maintaining healthy habits and regular exercises, you can prevent further spraining injuries.

How to Treat & Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally with Home Remedies

Home Remedies & Natural treatment methods can cure  Rheumatoid Arthritis .If you are suffering from RA you can use nature’s power to get it reversed quickly.

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Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis at Home

Rheumatoid Arthritis Areas

Rheumatoid Arthritis Areas

Rheumatoid arthritis is (RA) is another common form of arthritis like  osteoarthritis. This is again a debilitating condition because of the intense and continuous pain resulting in major absenteeism and loss of man hours. For the sufferer it is more or less a lifelong period of battling pain and depression and dependence on drugs to suppress the symptoms. Unfortunately there is no cure for this disease and what one can do is just learn to manage and live with it.

RA is a chronic systemic inflammatory disorder caused by an auto-immune disease that attacks our own synovial joints and destroys our cartilages. Sometimes they may affect tissues and organs, especially the lungs, heart and the eye but primarily they just attack our flexible joints. Women suffer much more than men from this problem that mainly affects the small joints of the hands, feet and cervical spine but in not so rare cases can be found causing problems to the larger joints of the shoulder and knees.

Diagnosis is not so simple in this case because a number of symptoms that occur are manifestations of other diseases as well. So physical examination needs to be supported with X-rays of the hands and feet. This may require further backup with MRI scan and  ultra-sound. Blood analysis is usually mandated by the doctor before a final diagnostic statement is made.

Treatment involves pharmacological and non-pharmacological means. Physical therapy, orthoses, occupational therapy and nutritional therapy are highly recommended. In many cases of chronic and painful RA, psychiatric therapy is also resorted to. Though no dogma is available for the real cause for RA, it is widely believed that food sensitivities may be the real culprit. Hence the nutritional therapy. Medicines are usually analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs to manage the symptoms. Alas none of these treatments can stop the progression of the disease. What might perhaps arrest or rather slow the steady march of RA is the disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs that are prescribed now. This again depends a lot on luck.

Surgery is becoming more and more common in many cases of RA. Surgery is not always successful and it involves the removal of the inflamed synovia. We hear of innumerous knee replacement and joint replacement surgeries nowadays but these are sometimes more good for the surgeon’s purse than the patient’s joints. Moreover surgery and joint replacements are also mere symptomatic treatments rather than curing of the RA disease.

However sufferers of RA need not despair. For you have help in the form of Clint Paddison and his e-book, “ The Paddison Program To Rheumatoid Arthritis”. This book is a result of a Herculean 30yrs. research on what might help cure RA. Clint’s treatment is derived entirely from natural sources and has no side-effects at all. He believes that RA is the result of a damage to the digestive system and his treatment involves healing the damage to the digestive tract. His treatment is not just a symptomatic treatment but is a total cure to RA.

How to Treat Arthritis Naturally with Fast Acting Home Remedies

You can cure arthritis in your hands,knees, back or in your fingers naturally using fast acting home remedies.Natural treatment will help you to get rid of arthritis permanently.

Arthritis Cure at Home

Arthritis is a debilitating and painful inflammation of the joints that can occur due to trauma, infection or age. The common forms of arthritis are degenerative and results in major loss in man hours and productivity. The patient is suddenly devoid of social contacts because of the fear of pain that makes them cut short their movements drastically. This leads to physical and psychological problems and it is sad to see a once active person succumbing to the numbing effects of arthritis to become a reclusive and depressed individual.


Common symptoms of arthritis include pain , swelling, stiffness, lack of sleep, fatigue muscle aches, tenderness and loss of flexibility. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis followed by rheumatoid arthritis where the body’s immune system starts attacking the cartilages at the joints. The cartilages surrounding the joints where the bones meet cushion the joints and allow fluid motion. This is immediately affected and cracking noise at the joints is very often heard for patients suffering from arthritis.


Over 50 million persons suffer from this problem which entails regular visits to a physician. The costs involved are mind boggling. It is estimated that this condition costs over $100 billion and this perhaps explains why the medical profession might be quite hunky dory with this disease. Treatment is a necessity because if left untreated this may result in severe deformity.However it is a known fact that there really is no cure for the most common forms of arthritis.( But Improvised Methods could Help you )

How to Manage Arthritis

Diagnosis is done by a trained physician assisted by radiological reports.Treatment is usually pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.This starts a lifelong story of drug dependence and battle against pain.In very severe conditions surgery is resorted to.Knee replacement surgeries have become pretty run of the mill in many cases. As to whether this invasive procedure was really required is anybody’s guess.Non-drug treatment is also resorted to side by side. Lifestyle changes and weight reduction are mandatory for patients.Pain relief is sought with hot wax application or ice compression and ultra sound treatments. Exercising the affected joint has been found to be very effective.

Improvised Methods for Quick Arthritis Cure

Since modern medicines seem to have no lasting effect on arthritis, one can try Shelly Manning’s cure that is supposed to be permanent and natural and absolutely safe as it does not involve even an iota of chemicals. Her treatment is based on donkey’s years of natural remedy used by the Thais, Japanese and the Chinese where incidentally arthritis is a very rare occurrence. Her e-book,  “Blue Heron Guide For Healing Arthritis” offers to cure you of your condition within 21 days by using natural ingredients that you can find on your supermarket shelf. Isn’t it worth a try.

How to Treat Carpal Tunnel Naturally

Find here natural methods to treat & cure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome without surgery .Natural treatment methods will help you to get rid of  Carpal Tunnel quickly at home.

Permanent Cure for  Carpal Tunnel without Surgery

carpal tunnel surgery Carpal tunnel syndrome causes tingling and pains in the arm due to pressure on median nerve in the wrist. The median nerve runs from the forearm to the palm of hand and controls feeling of sensation to the thumb and fingers. Carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway made from bones and ligaments present at the base of palm, where median vein and tendons are present. Sometimes, carpal tunnel is narrowed because of thickening due to irritated tendons and swelling due to other causes. This narrowing causes compression of median nerve, which results in pains, numbness or weakness in the wrist and hand.


carpal tunnelThe symptoms of carpal tunnel mainly arise due to injured median nerve. Usually, the symptoms develop gradually and start with frequent tingling, burning or itching numbness in the palm and fingers. Mostly index and middle fingers, half of the ring finger and thumb are affected. The symptoms are seen in single or both hands. Other possible symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are dull pain and feeling of discomfort in forearm and hand, less sensitivity to touch, weakness in the thumb, swelling, dry skin and color changes in the skin of hand.

Causes and Risk Factors

Some of the contributing factors for carpal tunnel are congenital predisposition, injury or trauma to wrist leading to swelling like fracture, hypothyroidism, overactivity of pituitary glands, rheumatoid arthritis, work stress, fluid retention during menopause or pregnancy or formation of tumor or cyst in the carpal tunnel. Some of the risk factors are medical conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism and rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, pregnancy, bone spurs and wrist injuries. Smoking may also contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome, as it can decrease the blood flow to the median nerve.

Natural Remedies for Carpal Tunnel

Natural remedies can relieve pain and prevent further damage to the median nerve. If the treatment is started, when the primary symptoms appear; then it can completely eliminate the syndrome. What you have to do is keep consistency and regularity in the treatment. In addition to home remedies, you have to acquire certain lifestyle and dietary changes.

Lifestyle Changes

–          Avoid the activities that involve repetitive use of your hands. If needed, take short breaks in between.

–          Don’t sleep on your hands to prevent pain and numbness in the wrists and hands.

–          Give enough rest to your fingers, wrist and hands. Avoid activities that can cause pain and numbness.

–          Apply ice wrapped in a cloth on the wrist for about 10-15 minutes. It helps to reduce pain and swelling.

–          Quit smoking, as it can inhibit blood circulation to various body parts, including wrists and hands.

Diet and Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy body weight is very important, as obesity is one of the risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome. With a nutritious and well-balanced diet, you can prevent excess weight gain. You may include a small amount of lean protein such as eggs, poultry, meat, pulses and beans with every meal. Drink adequate amount of water. Since vitamin B6 is associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, it is essential to add foods rich in vitamin B6 such as garlic, sunflower and sesame seeds, hazelnuts, dark green vegetables like broccoli, avocados and fish like cod and salmon.

Carpal Tunnel Herbal Remedies

The Mother Nature has gifted us plenty of herbs that can be used to cure a number of illnesses and health problems. Many herbs like chamomile, turmeric, arnica, bromelain and St. John’s wort can be administered to get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Drinking a chamomile tea can be helpful to decrease inflammation.
  • Apply an ointment containing arnica on the wrist twice a day. Known for its anti-inflammatory effects, this herbal treatment helps to relieve pain and aches.
  • Bromelain, present in the pineapples, is capable of digesting inflammatory proteins and reducing inflammation in the sore wrists. It also accelerates the healing process.
  • St. John’s wort possesses antidepressant activity. It is effective in repairing nerve damage and reducing pain and inflammation due to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Consume a tablespoon of flaxseed oil every day, which contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps to control inflammation. You may combine it with orange juice or salad dressing.
  • Another powerful home remedy is turmeric, which consists of curcumin. It is known for decreasing inflammation and pain.

In addition to these simple home remedies, you can opt for more powerful and instant improvised home remedies that you can obtain from Hilma Volk has brought safe, easy-to-follow, effective techniques to cure carpal tunnel completely within a short period of time.

With these natural safe and effective remedies, you can surely get rid of carpal tunnel syndrome. Leave behind pains and discomfort and enjoy your daily activities with no worries.

How to Treat Tennis Elbow at Home Successfully

Find here Natural methods & Simple Exercises to get rid of Tennis elbow without pain.This method will help you to eliminate tennis elbow pain permanently within 5 minutes.

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How to Cure Tennis Elbow at Home

Tennis elbowTennis elbow, referred to as epicondylitis, is a condition, in which outer part of elbow becomes sore and painful. It is also known as archer’s elbow or shooter’s elbow or lateral elbow pain. It results from the strenuous overuse of tendons and muscles of forearm attached to the bones near elbow joint. The pain may spread into wrist and forearm. Tennis elbow is commonly seen in people who overuse their arms. This injury may result from work of manual workers and waiters, sports activities like playing tennis, climbing and swimming and other daily recreational activities.


You may get tennis elbow by performing any kind of activity that involves more twisting of wrist and using forearm muscles. Such activities include racquet sports like badminton, tennis or squash, throwing sports like discus or javelin, use of shears while gardening, manual work like plumbing, using roller or paintbrush etc.


Pain at elbow joint is the main symptom. The pain results from degeneration and inflammation of common extensor tendon in the forearm. Chronic tennis elbow can cause tearing of tendons. The pain slowly increases around the outer part of elbow. It worsens while squeezing objects or shaking hands. Pain increases when the wrist is forcefully moved or stabilized; for example, opening jars, using tools, lifting objects or handling knife or toothbrush.

Natural Remedies for Tennis Elbow Home Cure

You can get rid of tennis elbow with the help of various natural remedies without going to doctor. With certain modification in daily activities and proper nutrition, you can easily overcome this injury. What you need is to keep some patience and give sufficient time for the treatment to heal completely.

Modifying or avoiding activities

If you have a problem of tennis elbow, then you should avoid the activities that can put stress on affected tendons and muscles. You should not carry out manual tasks like lifting an object, until pain is totally relieved. Avoid strenuous movements of the injured arm. Apply ice packs on the injured area in order to decrease inflammation and swelling.

Diet and nutrition

In addition to lifestyle modification, proper nutrition can help to ease and prevent the effects tennis elbow. The right diet helps to decrease the symptoms and hastens the process of healing as well. You can add plenty of natural ingredients in your diet to relieve tennis elbow symptoms.

–          You should include foods like broccoli, spinach, cabbage, nuts, whole grains, green tea and blueberries in your daily diet.

–          Fresh celery extracts and juice are good healing measures for tennis elbow. Consuming 8-10 drops of celery extract in warm water is helpful in reducing inflammation and pain due to tennis elbow.

–          Omega 3 fatty acids can effectively relieve pain caused by tennis elbow. The person suffering from tennis elbow should include flax seeds and fish like salmon or mackerel in daily diet, as they are the rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

–          Foods like eggs, cheese and milk contain plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they should cover a major part of your daily diet. These nutrients can promote fast recovery of inflamed tendons and muscle coverings.

–          Foods like chicken that contain low fat proteins can be effectively used in treating tennis elbow, as they induce to build new tendon material.

–          Bromelain found in pineapples possesses anti-inflammatory properties, due to which it helps to reduce swelling and pain due to tennis elbow.

–          Foods rich in vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene are beneficial for collagen synthesis. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant, destroying free radicals released due to inflammation.

Tennis Elbow Home Remedies

  • Fenugreek, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. It can be applied in the form of fenugreek seeds paste prepared in milk.
  • Another useful home remedy is use of soaked cabbage leaves. Press soaked leaves over the affected joint and wrap with a cloth. Keep it overnight.
  • You can also apply paste of broccoli on the affected joint. Keep it for about 20 minutes.
  • Use of potato pack is one of the most effective home remedies for tennis elbow. Apply baked potatoes wrapped in a cloth on the injured joint to decrease swelling and pain.
  • Applying a ginger paste or consuming ginger tea is also another beneficial home remedy. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, ginger helps to eliminate the symptoms of tennis elbow.
  • Massaging with avocado oil or calendula oil can be helpful in relieving inflammation and pain.

With these simple and easy-to-follow home remedies, you can overcome the symptoms of tennis elbow. If you want instant relief from this painful condition, then you must opt for improvised remedies, which are based on comprehensive research studies. Get effective improvised home remedies on Geoff Hunt has provided step-by-step guide to cure tennis elbow through his eBook namely ‘Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed & Videos ’. With this easily downloadable eBook, you can sure get rid of painful symptoms of tennis elbow forever.

How to Relieve Back Pain at Home Naturally

Find here natural treatment methods to treat & cure back pain at home.Fast acting Improvised home remedy methods or exercises can ease your pain & fix back pain permanently.

How to Get Rid of Back Pain Naturally

backpainBack pain is a niggling problem that everyone faces sometime or the other in their lives. It is an irritant that afflicts one and all whether man or woman, rich or poor and young or old. 9 out of 10 persons experience back pain some time in their life. And 5 out of 10 persons experience it at least once every year. Due to the all encompassing nature of this condition, there is tremendous loss to the economy of every country. Loss of man hours and man days due to back pain would lead to mind boggling numbers when calculated. It goes without saying that a quick and effective treatment for back pain is the need of the hour.


Back pain may occur due to many reasons. In most cases they do not require any treatment because they last for a period of 2 weeks and then they disappear. This is usually due to an inflammation in the vertebral joints or muscles. However they demand treatment when the pain becomes unmanageable. Diagnosing the underlying condition seems to be the biggest challenge because 98% of back pains are non-specific in nature. The cause cannot be pinned down. The remaining are due to specific trauma, spinal osteomylelitis, metastatic cancer or herniated disc. These are more easily diagnosed and readied for treatment. Surgery is very rare and is resorted to only at the very end.

 Spondylosis & Back pain

Spondylosis is a major cause for back pain. This usually happens during or after  middle-age and is caused by various factors like driving, the type of chair one sits on, posture and general aging and lack of proper exercise. This condition manifests when the gaps between the vertebra are reduced leading to some friction amongst them. Symptoms include pain that radiates from the neck to the shoulders and arms. Pain could also be accompanies by tingling, weakness and numbness.

 Treatments for Healing Back Pain

There are different types of  treatments for back pains. Modern medication for symptomatic relief is usually frowned upon because the corticosteroids that are mostly used come with their own bouquet of side-effects. However many other treatments like heat therapy, cold compression, hot wax treatment, massage, acupressure, posture training and exercise have been tried successfully. Surgery has also been successful in back pains caused by compressions fracture or herniated disc. But remember that 98% of the back pains are non-specific and severely debilitating. These too require an effective remedial measure. This is where Ian Hart steps in with his “Back Pain Relief 4 Life”. Check him out and you may live a more fulfilling and pain free life.