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Hidradenitis Suppurativa Natural Treatment & Cure

Find here home remedies to cure hidradenitis suppurativa naturally at home.Read testimonials of success.

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Home Treatment with Natural Remedies

Hidradenitis SuppurativaWhat is Hidradenitis Suppurativa ? It is some type of Acne: This is a chronic disease according to dermatologists. It normally starts at puberty and worsens as the age advances. They also suggest that, we should control the symptoms and avoid recurrent flare-ups. You might find a large blackhead in the area of your armpits or groin which could be very painful and restrict the movement of your hand and legs considerably. You might have to see a doctor for his opinion and more often than not, he will suggest a cream or an ointment. The black head may go away and chances are that it will reappear. Number may be more or less but the area will look swollen and naturally more painful than before. It is possible that puss formation will be the eventuality as these areas develop more sweat as compared to any other part of the body. You may develop fever and will feel tired at the same time. This disease could leave permanent lesions on the skin.

True, Radiotherapy is available for treatment of the acne/boils but the cure if you could call it, will be short lived and will not be without side effects.

You can avoid expensive surgeries, costly medication and non-stop pain by using the following simple natural home and remedies suggested in the following spaces and find relief. Once this treatment is started, the redness, pain will go away in a very short time, never to return again. You will regain healthy soft and smooth skin and will fell better again.

If the body gets proper nutrition and ingredients, it can cure many diseases and your life will be more enjoyable and pleasant.

Natural Remedies :

1)      Soaps made of lemongrass, patchouli and Neem are very effective on most of the skin ailments and Hydradenitis Suppurativa is no exception.

2)      Tea Tree oil has been used for ages in surgeries, burn car and, acne with remarkable success. It will also prevent infection of the open wounds and speed up healing process. This should never be taken orally. Direct application on the affected area is the best method.

3)      Turmeric, a plant from ginger family, is a herbal antioxidant. It has proven anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used in India for a long time in treatment of acne and also in patients suffering from diabetes and cancer. Turmeric could be used as an oral supplement or capsule form. If you wish to apply it directly on the affected areas of skin, you could mix it with black pepper and apply, for better absorption.

4)      A mix of homeopathic medicines has been used with success too.

5)      Marsh Mallow also known as sweet tweed has been traditionally used in the successful treatment of this malady. This will offer soothing relief to the ailment.

It is strongly recommended that an opinion form a doctor is sought before any home treatments are tried.

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Shingles Natural Treatment at Home :Cure Shingles Permanently

Find here home remedies to cure shingles naturally .Improvised home remedies will help you to get permanent shingles pain relief.Read testimonials of successful Shingle cures.

Shingles Home Treatment

ShShinglesingles is a viral infection that affects roots of the nerves. In many cases in appears only on one side of the body and is normally quite painful. In some cases, those of you who have had chickenpox as a child, may develop shingles-the chickenpox which might have been dormant under your skin, now re-surfaces in the form of shingles, even after so many years. The shingles usually affect the elderly people, who have very weak immune system, which could be due to a variety of reasons such as medications and stress on account of diabetes, high cholesterol etc. This means that your weak immune system can not fight the virus of shingles.


Onset of shingles is very slow and gradual. Initially you will develop a headache and feel feverish. The body temperature may not be much but you will feel like having contacted influenza. A dull body ache may be present too. You will now start getting itching or pain in particular parts of the body. This is where you will find a rash after a few days. This area will develop into a blister filled with fluid. This fluid is contagious.


Consult your doctor who can prescribe aspirin and/or ibuprofen for immediate relief from pain and inflammation due to the rashes and/or blisters.  Please also talk to him about your plan about using home remedies and obtain his views.

Avoid using skin creams available over-the-counter, if possible-while the problems would not be solved completely, you will end up with some other un-related problems. The skin creams normally are known to be suppressing the skin ailment which might show up at a later date and could be more dangerous then. If the doctor recommends the topical creams there may not be any harm.

The readers are encouraged to use the following home remedies in order to avoid getting some other health problems and try and avoid the expensive medicines from pharmacy to the extent possible.

Shingles Home Remedies:

1)      Ice-water: To reduce pain and inflammation, dip a clean piece of cloth in ice-cold water and apply it where you have rashes or blisters. Repeat if the pain does not subside.

2)      Lemon-balm tea: A very useful remedy in the treatment of shingles.

3)      Neem Leaves:  Neem has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is a proven skin remedy. You could dip the leaves in water you use for the bath. Continuous use will prove beneficial. The same goes with Oatmeal bath. Both will remove itchi skin conditions.

4)      Honey: Natural honey has been proved to be of immense use in treatment of shingles. Apply honey on the affected parts; you shall get relief from pain, burning instantly. While suffering from Shingles, you may consume a teaspoonful of natural honey once a day.

5)      Immune System: Onset of shingles (or for that matter, any disease) is encouraged due to weak resistance power or weak immune system. Switch over to healthier and nutritious diet, green vegetables, fresh fruits and vitamins, to give your immune systems an edge over the likely health problems.

The natural remedies suggested will be certainly helpful to most patients, so much so that you shall be happy later about the decision you made about using home remedies.

Improvised Shingles Home Remedies:Cure within 3 Days

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How to Get Rid of Double Chin & Chubby Cheeks with Simple Exercises

Find here simple exercises to get rid of chubby cheeks & double chin quickly & permanently.Improvised facial exercises will help you to get a perfect face naturally.Read Testimonials of Success Here.

Double ChinMost people will notice the fat accumulating under your chin sooner or later. This looks a little unsightly and ugly at times. If neglected, it will develop into a double chin which is even more embarrassing to both men and women. It is normally looked upon as a symptom of ageing process and no one likes to exhibit their aging process. This appearance affects your self-esteem, your personality and lowers your confidence in your day-to-day chores.

Adopt a few simple steps, change/alter your diet and you will see the difference in the facial muscles which would gradually tighten up.


1)      Avoid eating pastries, cakes, donuts and cookies, as these are high in calories and will induce fat chin. You should consume and burn calories in equal proportion or at least in matching proportions.

2)      Hamburgers, fatty pastas / meats are bound to increase your weight and hence should be avoided as far as possible. When you visit a restaurant, look at nutritional data, observe the amount of calories and order foods which are low in calories.

3)      Foods with high sodium content and salt such as fries, cheeseburgers will only start or compound the double chin problem-You need to cut the consumption of such foods drastically. Salt is known to cause water retention and is very dangerous, as it can lead to dehydration in most cases. High sodium will induce more body fats / face fats.

4)      Soft drinks/Sodas: Most soft drinks will increase the sugar levels in your body and will leave you with a bloated face over a period of time. More the sugar intake, more the resultant fat.  Sodas have a negative effect on your health and so it is better to avoid it.

5)      Processed foods have more saturated fats and trans-fats. It is difficult to push these kinds of fats out of your body. It is wiser not to consume the processed foods at any point in your life; the reason being, your body will first burn the un-saturated fats and then will try to burn the other saturated fats, that too with difficulty.

Home and natural remedies:

1)      Eat an apple or other fruits whenever possible.

2)      Breakfast is a good way to start your day as it will help your body in more ways than one.

3)      You may eat chicken, as it is a lean meat. Choose salad with a little chicken dressing, which would be even better than having full course of meat.

4)      Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated at all times. The intake of water will flush away unwanted fats from your system.

5)      Eat healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables between your meals. This will stop you from over-eating your meals.

6)      Not everybody can do physical exercises on regular basis. You may start doing facial and chin exercises, which you will certainly start liking over a period of time. This will restrict the fat accumulation in the face and will give you a better and young look all the time.

By following the above simple steps during your routine, you shall never need to have a plastic surgery in an effort to look young and resourceful. Over-the-counter medicines and prescriptions may only show a temporary result but the recurrence can not be ruled out. This is the reason the natural home remedies should be tried and adhered to, even if the results seem to be a little slower. For detailed guidance visit:

Home Remedies to Cure Warts Quickly & Permanently

Find here natural remedies to treat & cure warts permanently.Natural treatment can help you to get rid of warts without surgery . It will not leave any scars.Read Testimonials of success .

Warts Natural Treatment

WartsWarts are tiny growths appearing on your hands and feet, visible to naked eye. The warts are small portions of the skin protruding out. There may be one isolated wart or clusters of warts on the limbs. Sometimes the warts appear on the neck, throat and eyelids too. If the warts are on a visible part of the body, capable to be viewed by others, it is definitely embarrassing. Though warts are not ugly looking growths, their presence does lower your confidence automatically. The warts mostly affect younger children and teenagers.  Some varieties of warts are common warts, plantar warts, genital warts and flat warts.

Location of various types of warts appearing on your body would ordinarily be as follows:

Common Warts: Hands, knees and elbows. Flat Warts: Neck, face, wrist and eyelids. Plantar warts: They do not have a particular location. Sometimes these are painful to touch or friction of any kind. Genital Warts: These appear on the genitals and at times induce itching and/or burning sensation.

Conventional treatments for removal of warts are mostly recommended by skin specialists but these minor surgical treatments do not prevent recurrence of warts at the earlier spot or at times a new spot. The reason for recurrence is that though the warts are removed, the virus still remains inside the body.

Prevention: Since the presence of warts can be embarrassing, you could try to stop the warts from appearing in the first place. It is necessary for us to understand that healthy diet, regular work-outs can help you in numerous ways. Drinking a lot of water to remove toxins from the system is one good measure to follow.

In spite of your efforts to prevent occurrence of warts, if they still appear, then you may start using home remedies. Here, our effort is to offer some knowledge about the home remedies available to treat and remove warts effectively.

Warts Home Remedies:

1)      Aloe Vera: Take a small piece of clean cloth and empty Aloe Vera plant stalk on it.  Gently rub the juice thus collected directly on the wart.

2)      Tea Tree Oil: This oil has anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. The system to follow is to apply the oil on the wart and cover it overnight with a bandage; you may continue this treatment till the wart falls off.

3)      Garlic: Mash garlic cloves and rub the paste on the wart; bandage the area; continue till the wart falls off completely. Garlic extract is a natural cure for warts. If possible mix the extract of the herb St. John’s Wort with garlic and apply the paste. Both these remedies have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

4)      Onion: Onion is another wonderful remedy for treatment of warts. You can place a slice of onion onto the wart and bandage it securely. Repeat this every night to obtain an early result.

5)      Apple Cider Vinegar: Gently apply the liquid on the wart, cover it with a bandage and keep this practice on till the wart gets detached from the skin.

6)      Dandelion Root: Cut the tip of this root and apply the white milk-like discharge that oozes from it. Apply this liquid on the wart at least thrice a day and see the astonishing result.

7)      Figs: Take out fresh juice from the figs and apply it on the wart-this treatment is also very useful.

8)      Honey & Flaxseed oil: Mix these two and apply the mixture till the wart disappears completely.

The aforesaid natural home remedies will certainly help you to look and feel better and comfortable. Find here improvised home remedies for quick cure.

How to Cure Cold Sore with Fast Acting Home Remedies

Natural treatment can cure cold sore permanently using quick  home remedies . Treating & curing cold sore naturally is the best option .Read testimonials

Cold SoreCold Sores are also known as Herpes Simplex Type I. Cold sores around your mouth are usually the result of Herpes type I virus. This virus affects half the people over 20 years of age. It may lie unnoticed and dormant for quite some time. It is highly contagious too and is a dreaded disease at that. Stress, fatigue and over-exposure to sun can trigger inflammation of a single or multiple fluid-filled sores. These cold sores (also termed as fever blisters) could last for 2 weeks normally.

Cold Sore Natural Treatment Done at Home

PRODROME: A tender itching sensation will start on your skin and will turn out to be a blister in approximately within two days. The feeling is extremely uncomfortable. This stage is called PRODROME.

EMERGENCE: As the infection progresses, you will notice a small inflamed lesion on your lip. Care should be taken not to touch it with your fingers, as if the same finger touches any area of your eye can lead to a very dangerous lesion to your eye, which is know as corneal herpes, this is one of the causes leading to blindness.

PUSSING: Infestation of herpes or cold sore will now develop a pocket of puss on the upper surface of the lesion as it becomes bigger in size. The fluid pocket will finally break oozing white puss and will denote near completion of cold sore cycle. This phase is very painful. Do not try to scrape or pop the blister as it may result in some other bacterial infection. An oozing cold sore will give way to a crust-like surface that eventually hardens and goes away without leaving a scar on the skin. Repeated occurrence of cold sore on the same areas of skin may cause skin sensitivity but your skin would otherwise appear normal. Even after the virus is no longer visible, the infection may remain in the body and using the same straws, or using the same lip balm can spread the infection to others.

Adopting the following home remedies will help you look better, feel better and raise your self-esteem.

Cold Sore Home Remedies:

1)      Calcium Hydroxide (known as Chuna in India and Pakistan-used for applying on beetle leaves which are eaten after meals) traditionally called ‘slaked lime’ is very effective organic compound [chemical formula- Ca(OH)2].Lime water is the common name for saturated solution of calcium hydroxide. THIS IS NOT TO BE APPLIED DIRECTLY. ONLY THE AIR OF THE MIXTURE OF CHUNA AND WATER IS ENOUGH TO CURE A COLD SORE.

2)      Zinc Ointment applied on the cold sore will help it getting dried faster.

3)      Try to apply baking soda mixed in water as a paste. This could help to get faster relief.

4)      Apply Tea Tree Oil on the sore 5 to 6 times a day-the sore will heal faster.

5)      Try to apply an ice pack on the cold sore on your lips, you would get up next day without the sore.

6)      Squeeze juice of aloe vera with petroleum jelly as a cover to the aloe vera juice. This will dry out the sore faster.

Do not keep trying over-the-counter ointments which are not only expensive but may not yield desired results.

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Vitiligo Natural Treatment for Quick & Permanent Vitiligo Cure

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVitiligo is a skin condition in which white spots or white patches appear on any part of the body such as face, limbs and even private parts. These patches are apparently visible. Such a de-pigmentation is because of the fact that the cells responsible for skin pigmentation die or are not able to carry out their function. So far there is no scientific research pointing to the conclusion as to the actual reason for this skin condition. Having said that, the research shows that some of the following could be the causes leading to vitiligo:

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Possible causes:

1)      Human body produces proteins called cytokines. This protein kills the cells which maintain skin pigmentation. This can lead to de-pigmentation.

2)      A logical reasoning could be that melanocytes destroy themselves and de-pigmentation occurs.

3)      One can not rule out that vitiligo is due to genetic, immunological or neurological or a combination of these conditions.

4)      Some researchers maintain that trauma be it physical, mental, chemical, mechanical or emotional can also give rise to symptoms of vitiligo.

5)      Heredity also possibly passes on the disorder to the next generation.

Home remedies:

1)      Always apply sun screen to the skin as a precaution against vitiligo or skin patches, before you step out in the sun. This will prevent the harmful ultra-violet rays from penetrating into the skin.

2)      Raw Onion: Rub a slice of an onion on the affected area where the white patches are. This process will prompt skin to produce more melanin and will help reduce the intensity of white patches.

3)      Juice of the Ginger: Rub the onion juice on the affected skin. The functionality is the same as onion. This will also aid in better blood circulation, so that melanin is equally distributed.

4)      A mixture of equal amounts of duckweed and honey consumed twice a day will for a prolonged period of time produce satisfactory results. Juice of this herb should be applied to the affected skin every day to obtain faster relief.

5)      Rubbing the spots with fresh figs will help in reducing the prominence of the white patches.

6)      Mix two parts of radish seeds with three parts of vinegar and use the paste on the affected skin twice a day. This will reduce the intensity of white patches and contain further spreading of the ailment.

7)      Crush a few leaves of basil, grind them into a juice and mix it with lemon juice. Apply the mixture on to the affected skin; this will help in fading out the discoloration quickly.

8)      Celery leaves are known to be also very effective and curb the outbreak of vitiligo in time.

9)      Indian alternative therapy called Ayurveda also offers effective solution in case of vitiligo. This therapy goes a long way in healing the vitiligo condition but also prevents recurrence.

It is always recommended that a medical expert should be consulted before any treatment is initiated at home. Home remedies are simply wonderful as they produce astonishing results and have no side effects whatsoever. You will save a great deal of money and still be satisfied.

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How to Treat & Cure Eczema Naturally with Home Remedies

Eczema is a worst skin disorder which will mostly crop up initially on your elbows and wrists. It can affect people of all ages. The onset of this disorder will be as follows:

1)      Red Blotchy, burning and peeling Skin.

2)      Dry skin.

3)      Scaly patches on the skin which ooze or discharge putrid liquid.

4)      Intolerable itching which simply does not stop.

5)      Previously affected skin heals and eruptions re-appear.

This is an issue with our immune system which flares up with anything and everything we do. Patients who contact this dreadful malady suffer silently in paid for years together and try following each and every suggestion put forth by family, friends, well-wishers and doctors. They start using cream and ointments in addition to a bunch of antibiotics.  In most cases they do not meet with a cure and that is why we are here to discuss all-natural home remedies, which are economical, simple and effective and yet without any side-effects.

Causes: Extreme weather, dish detergents, itchy and rough kind of clothing or woolen fabrics cause irritable eczema in most cases. Perfumes normally contain alcohol and make your skin dry which can further magnify the problem if one is susceptible to eczema. Certain carpets, foods, proximity to animals and even certain trees can also flare up eczema.

Simple Home Remedies:

1)      Chlorella and Spirulina are two super-foods found on this planet. Spirulina contains 12 times digestive proteins as compared to beef and in addition contains a healthy mineral balance: magnesium.

2)      Water has the best pain relieving ability. Many naturopaths recommend maximum consumption of water and on regular and enough consumption of water has worked miracles in many a patient and helped them get rid of horrible ailments, time and again.

3)      Nutrients, anti-oxidants and fibers is what your body looks to find in your daily diet.

4)      Nuts, vegetables and fruits in their raw form are a bunch of great home remedies.

5)      Fish, especially Salmon contain fatty omega acids and are known to offer faster relief against Eczema.

6)      Consume virgin coconut oil. This contains medium fatty acids which provide good fats and nourishment to dry eczema-affected skin. The oil also contains lauric acid which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

7)      Natural Kelp supplements are available in most medical stores; these are very helpful as they reduce the high acidic levels in your body.

8)      Use creams containing neem oil. This oil has a very soothing effect on skin affected with eczema.

9)      Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is also a good home remedy and is used in many creams available in the market.

10)   Consume grape juice, Zinc, B-Complex and fish oils. These supplements will help your skin from inside out.

11)   Use a mixture of castor oil and calendula extract after bath on your hands and cover the area with plastic wrappings for an hour or so. This will help your skin and cracks to be softer during the day.

12)   For bath use lukewarm water with some drops of almond oil and milk.

13)   Rub Vaseline on the affected areas.

14)   Wash your hands every hour. This is most important.

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Natural Hair Loss Treatment To Cure Hair Loss at Home

Hair LossLoss of hair is disturbing to males and females alike.  A lot of prescription products are available and may prove to be useful but not without side-effects and hence it is recommended to try all-natural cures, which will prevent further hair loss, promote hair growth and which will definitely not have any side-effects.

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Causes of Hair Fall:

1)      Nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin A, B12, B6, Folic Acid, Zinc, iron can cause hair fall.

2)      If you are living in the vicinity of an industrial area or a polluted area, the hair fall is likely to occur.

3)      Heredity: Most men who have baldness will have the family history and do face this problem around middle age. This type of baldness is difficult to cure although not impossible if the home remedies are tried at the inception itself.

4)      Stress: This is one of the major causes of juvenile hair fall. Anxiety, stress, restlessness, lack of sleep can induce hair fall at a young age.

5)      Excessive use of shampoos, chemicals, dyes can be detrimental to hair growth and the constant use can lead to hair fall and inhibit the growth of fresh hair.

6)      Hormonal Imbalance: This generally affects women during pregnancy though the condition improves considerably later on.

7)      Medical Treatment: Use of harsh antibiotics, birth control pills results in thinning of hair strands but this is reversible to some extent. People on Chemotherapy may end up with total hair loss.

Precautions to avoid or reduce loss of hair:

It has been said that an average man or woman loses around 100 strands of hair everyday. In this case new hair would naturally grow. If a person loses 200 strands of hair every day, then it is matter of concern. Universally no one wants a bald scalp and such people try a lot of over-the-counter ‘quick’ prescriptions. Most of these promise stoppage of hair fall and faster re-growth. In spite of the claims, most people continue to be bald and still lose a lot of money chasing such treatments. It could be worthwhile to try some the following natural remedies and reduce the frustration eventually and still save you hard earned money.

All-natural Hair Loss remedies:

1)      Essential Lavender Oil (6 drops), Bay essential Oil (6 drops) & Almond Oil( 4 ounces): Apply a mixture of these above to your scalp for 20 minutes each day. The essential oils must be used in a diluted form. Try the mixture on your skin and if it does not show any lesions or discoloration, go ahead and use the mixture on your scalp.

2)      Mix Aloe Vera Gel with a little amount of coconut milk and use it as a shampoo each day.

3)      Apply Onion juice to your scalp twice daily and let it remain for a couple of minutes and then rinse it out.

4)      Vigorous rubbing of the scalp after washing the hair helps increases heat and then blood circulation in that area improves.

5)      Regular use of Amla Oil helps a lot.

6)      A mixture of Lettuce and Spinach juice consumed everyday restores lost hair and boosts the growth of new hair strands.

7)      Use Coriander juice on the scalp as it contains Vitamin A and helps prevent baldness.

You will certainly find the above home remedies useful and will praise your own decision of having chosen them.

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How to Get Rid of Moles on Your Skin Naturally

You are going to find home remedies & natural treatment methods to quickly get rid of mole naturally.This will eliminate moles permanently & without leaving behind scars.

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How to Remove Moles Naturally

molesMoles on human body are usually embarrassing and more so in case of females. People are ashamed to appear in public if and especially when the moles are seen on the face. They look ugly and radically change the human personality. Initial reaction of a person when a mole appears is that he or she has some kind of health disorder. More worried are the people, if they do not seek medical help and try to avoid diagnosis. Contacting a dermatologist/skin specialist is always recommended so as to ensure that the growth of any kind is not malignant. Benign mores are mostly harmless.

Mostly moles are brown or black in color. They can appear on any part of the body and at times appear in pairs or bunches. Many isolated moles are often called ‘Beauty Mark’. With the age, they either grow or diminish in size. Some moles grow darker or appear ‘raised’ on the skin and therefore results in more embarrassment. Moles are hereditary and appear near about time of birth.

Moles are common and appear in the first 20 years of life. They could be flat, small or large. The cause is normally skin overexposed to sun.

Typically, cases where mole might have disappeared over the period of time are not unknown. Surgical process can be expensive and tend to leave a scar after the surgery in most cases. Following natural remedies are available to be tried.

Moles Home Remedies you can use: (Use only one)

1)      Cauliflower: Prepare cauliflower juice using the blender and apply it on the mole everyday till it peels off.

2)      Castor Oil: Rub castor oil on mole daily till it disappears completely.

3)      Pineapple: Prepare fresh pineapple juice every day and apply it till the mole weakens and falls off.

4)      Honey: Apply honey on the mole every day. Honey could be used when the mole is on the face.

5)      Fig stems: Make juice of the fig stems and apply it on the mole till it vanishes.

6)      Garlic: Prepare garlic paste, apply it on the mole and cover it with a bandage every night and remove it in the morning.

7)      Cider Vinegar: Wash the mole with water 5 to 6 times a day, allow the area to dry and then apply Cider Vinegar with cotton swabs. Let it remain on the mole for 10 minutes and rinse it with cool water.

Tips: – a) Never use any harsh home remedies in case of children.

b) For treatment of moles on the face, use delicate and mild remedy like honey.

c) The process of removing moles naturally could be slow and will vary from person to person.

Most readers will find that the market place is flooded with creams, lotions, ointments claiming quick mole removal but users will not only spend a lot of money but are also likely to be frustrated as the desired results may not be seen. Use of home remedies are not only inexpensive but are also without any known side effects.

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How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself Naturally at Home

You can get rid of skin tags without surgery using simple home remedies.This is a quick method to remove skin tags naturally.

Skin tags are fleshy extensions of human skin which hang off externally. This disorder is not very commonly seen or noticed but if it is present, it is very awkward for the person. It is more so if the skin tag is on visible or on the uncovered areas of your body.

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Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally

Skin TagsThe emergence of skin tags is small growths which gain in size with the passage of time. These can be treated easily in the early stages. Many a skin tag is recurrent in nature in spite of the best treatment. It is likely that the reappearance is on a different part of the body. The treatment of current skin tags is not impossible.

The areas where skin tags are seen are where the skin is loose e.g. eyelids, nose, cheek, neck, armpits and groin. Mostly women are prone to have skin tags as compared to men. The reasons could be flabby skin, diabetes or being over-weight. The skin tags are supported by the human body from within and get their supply of blood-this being the reason, an excessive rubbing, pull or cuts by razors can lead to a bleeding skin tag.


In many case skin tags are Hereditary, while excessive exposure to sun can lead to development of skin tags. Obesity and hormonal changes are also known to cause this disorder.

Essentially the skin tags are not malignant (non-cancerous) and need not lead to any disturbing medical catastrophe. Having said that, one must be careful if the skin tags are appearing near anus-in such a  case it is advisable to seek medical help at the soonest. Surgical treatments are possible and present an immediate solution for this problem.

Skin Tag Home  Remedies:

1)      Apply paste made of Black Walnut Hull and pure Aloe Vera gel will help remove the skin tag.

2)      The juice from the stem of Dandelion plant could be directly applied and should be covered-in due course of time, the skin tag will fall off.

3)      Apply fresh onion juice on the skin tag and the surrounding areas-skin tag will fall off eventually.

4)      Apply paste made up of galangal root powder and blood root powder in equal quantities regularly to help the skin tag to come off easily.

5)      Several drops of Castor oil and Herbal Lomatium extract applied on the skin tag will result in removal of the skin tag in a relatively less time period.

6)      Regular application of 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil directly on the affected area  will help to skin tag to fall off naturally.

7)      Regular use of natural essential oils will knock the skin tag off.

8)      An old or conventional method of removing a skin tag was tying the base of the skin tag with hair thread-this at time could be very painful especially if the skin tag is on a tender skin or in area which gets exposed to water or moisture.

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To sum up it is advisable to use the aforesaid home remedies to cure the skin tags. It goes without saying that one may seek medical help if the condition persists due to some other therapeutic reason.