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Natural Teeth Whitening At Home : How to Do it Yourself

 Teeth Whitening

What makes you look really appealing is your cheerful smile. White, beautiful teeth make your smile attractive. But, every person doesn’t have those brighter teeth. In most people, the natural color of teeth is seen within the range of light grayish-yellow.

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Teeth WhiteningGenerally, teeth tend to darken naturally due to aging. However, there are certain factors that can contribute to yellowing of teeth. The appearance of teeth is affected by the accumulated surface stains due to use of tobacco products and intake of certain foods like cherries and blueberries as well as beverages like tea, coffee, colas or red wine. Accumulated plaque or tarter deposits due to poor dental hygiene can also cause yellow teeth. Antibiotic treatment like tetracycline in the childhood and trauma and injury to the teeth are some other reasons that can cause gray, brown or black colored teeth.

Yellowish or dark colored teeth can spoil your smile as well as your personality. Therefore, nowadays, teeth whitening has become an essential part of beauty treatment. However, if you choose wrong treatment option, it can cause many side-effects and dental problems like decreased strength and hardness of enamel, inflamed and damaged gums, blistering and severe tooth sensitivity. Therefore, it is always advantageous to opt for natural remedies for teeth whitening, which don’t cause side-effects and give excellent results.

Natural Teeth Whitening

There are a variety of natural remedies that can improve the appearance of your teeth without exposure to the harmful bleaches and chemicals. First of all, you should stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking, which can affect the appearance of your teeth. You need to adopt a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and simple home remedies to get brighter teeth you dream of.

Lifestyle Modifications

The most effective way to maintain the healthy teeth is brushing your teeth regularly after eating or drinking. Brushing and flossing removes food particles and other acidic remnants. At least, thoroughly rinse your mouth after eating to remove leftover food. It helps to prevent staining and decaying of teeth. Maintaining good dental hygiene is the best way to prevent any kind of dental problem, including yellow teeth.

Dietary Tips

Your diet affects a lot in yellowing of your teeth. You should avoid the foods that can cause staining of teeth and consume the foods that help to remove stains. Avoid high-sugar foods and beverages. Including more fibers in your diet is very essential, because fibers act as natural brushes, which clean the tooth surface and prevent the accumulation of food or plaque.

Eating strawberries is another effective way. Strawberries consist of an enzyme called malic acid, which can help remove stains from your teeth. Mix strawberries with baking powder and apply on the teeth. Apples also give the same effects.

Dark chocolate is another solution. Since it contains negligible amount of sugar, you can eat it without hesitation. Dark chocolate, due to its content of theobromine, has an ability to strengthen the tooth enamel, which helps to prevent staining of teeth.

Chewing sugar free gum made from xylitol is also a good idea to whiten your teeth. It decreases the amount of bacteria in the mouth and also protects the teeth from the effect of acid, preventing staining.

Dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt are known to prevent tooth decay, which is responsible for discoloration of teeth. Hard cheese like cedar cheese helps to whiten your teeth and remove food particles.

Eat crunchy foods more, as they remove sugars and chemicals accumulated on the teeth, causing stains and cavities.

Vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cucumber and celery are also natural teeth whiteners. These crunchy vegetables enhance saliva production and lessen the tooth stains. Certain fruits like strawberries and apples act as excellent teeth whiteners.

Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, soft drinks and wines as they can cause staining of teeth.

Home Remedies

–          Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in a pinch of salt or baking soda. Rub this mixture on your teeth to remove stains.

–          Apple cider vinegar is another effective solution for teeth whitening. Mix together apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil in a large bowl. Soak your toothbrush in this mixture and clean your teeth.

–          Carrots are also known to remove stains. Fibrous material in carrots also helps to clean tooth surface and prevent accumulation of plaque.

–          Bay leaves combined with orange peel make a good solution for teeth whitening at home.

–          Oil pulling is also a simple and effective home remedy. Swish a teaspoon of natural oil in the oral cavity for about 10-15 minutes. Move the oil in the oral cavity just like drinking, sucking and pulling throughout the teeth. Spit away the oil and wash your mouth thoroughly with water. Drink plenty of water after this procedure.

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Teeth whitening helps boost your self-esteem and confidence which is an outcome of beautiful smile. A healthy, bright smile definitely becomes a matter of attraction for everyone. Look younger and feel youthful. Win the world with your impressive smile.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath Naturally with Home Remedies

 Bad Breath

Bad breath, also referred to as halitosis in medical terms, is a condition caused by sulphur-producing bacteria that reside on the tongue surface and in the throat. Sometimes, these bacteria start breakdown of proteins very rapidly, which results in release of odorous volatile sulphur compounds from the backside of tongue and throat.

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Bad BreathBad breath, characterized by unpleasant odor of mouth, may be caused by poor oral hygiene or it can be a sign of other health problems. It may result from unhealthy lifestyle and dietary factors. The most common symptom that you may notice is unpleasant odor from mouth. Other symptoms are dry mouth, coating on tongue, unpleasant taste and changes in taste.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are several different causes for bad breath. Following are some of the most common causes:

–          Mouth infections like gum diseases, cavities or impacted teeth

–          Poor dental hygiene that can cause gingivitis and periodontitis

–          Dry mouth or xerostomia resulted from salivary gland problems or connective tissues disorders

–          Dentures or braces, if not cleaned properly, can cause accumulation of food particles, leading to bacterial growth and bad breath. Loose-fitting dentures can cause infections or sores, resulting in bad mouth odor.

–          Certain health problems like pneumonia, sinus infections, sore throat, bronchitis, thrush, post-nasal drip, acid reflux, diabetes, lactose intolerance as well as some kidney and liver diseases are associated with bad breath.

–          Medications like diuretics and antihistamines can cause dry mouth, which is one of the leading causes for bad breath.

–          Spicy foods, some types of cheese, fish and foods that contain onions, garlic and exotic spices, as well as acidic beverages like coffee can cause bad breath.

–          Chewing and smoking tobacco may leave certain chemicals in the mouth, which may contribute to gum disease and oral cancer, causing bad breath.

–          Morning bad breath is very common, as saliva is not produced while sleeping, which enhances bacterial growth causing bad breath.

–          Some other causes of bad breath are alcoholism and intake of higher doses of vitamin supplements.

Home Treatment for Bad Breath

Having bad breath can create a big problem for a person to mix up with the people. Due to bad breath, people tend to avoid you and you might feel embarrassed. Hence, it should be treated immediately as soon as the symptoms are noticed. There is no single treatment for bad breath. The treatment option depends upon the underlying cause of bad breath. Maintaining oral hygiene, avoiding dehydration and taking proper diet can help to prevent bad breath.

Oral Hygiene: Regular cleaning of teeth, gums and tongue is a key to eliminate bad breath problem. Brush your teeth at least twice a day using toothpaste with fluoride. Select small or medium sized toothbrush with soft, multi-tufted synthetic bristles. Start using new toothbrush after every 3-4 months. Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating. Pay attention that your brush should cover all areas of teeth, especially the areas where teeth meet gums. Lightly clean your tongue using a tongue scraper. Dental floss must be used to clean the areas in between your teeth and remove trapped food particles, which may lead to tooth decay. Following brushing, rinse your mouth with anti-odor or antibacterial mouthwash. If you are using dentures, then you should remove them at night. Thoroughly clean the dentures with soap and warm water before placing them again in the mouth next morning. You need to stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking and alcoholism in order to maintain oral hygiene.

Dietary Changes: You should identify and avoid the foods that can cause bad breath. Restrict foods and drinks with high sugar contents, as they may enhance bacterial growth in the mouth. Intake of balanced, nutritious diet is beneficial for oral health as well as for overall well-being. Avoid spicy foods or the foods with strong flavors of onions and garlic. Include some carbohydrates like vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your diet to prevent ketosis. After eating, chew sugar-free gum in order to stimulate saliva production. Drink plenty of water daily in order to avoid dry mouth.

Home Remedies: There are several different home remedies that recommend the use of simple ingredients available at home. Herbs like rosemary, parsley, spearmint and tarragon are found to be beneficial to eliminate the bad breath problem.

–          Add a pinch of baking soda in your toothpaste to relieve bad breath.

–          When you eat spicy foods or foods containing garlic, onion or cheese, you should chew a fresh mint, which will help to reduce bad breath.

–          Prepare a mixture of ½ teaspoon salt in 1 teaspoon of mustard oil and massage it on the gums. It can help to tighten the gums and prevent gum disorders, preventing bad breath.

–          Use a mouthwash prepared from ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glassful of water. It is one of the promising home remedies to relieving bad breath.

–          Consumption of citrus fruits like lemon, oranges or grapefruit is effective against bad breath, as acid in these fruits prevents the bacterial growth.

–          Chewing fresh mint leaves or parsley leaves is also excellent home remedy for bad breath. Mint and parsley contain chlorophyll, which is effective in controlling bad breath.

–          Prefer toothpaste containing tea tree oil, as tea tree oil, due to its antiseptic properties, is a powerful disinfectant. Also, you can add few drops of tea tree oil to your toothpaste. You can use a mouthwash prepared from tea tree oil, lemon oil and peppermint oil. Dilute this mixture in a glassful of water and use as a mouthwash.

–          Cloves, due to their antiseptic properties, can be effectively used to fight bad breath. Chew a few pieces of cloves for few minutes to eradicate bad breath.

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Follow these simple, but effective natural remedies and get rid of bad breath within no time and enjoy excellent dental health. Feel no more awkward to attend any family or social gatherings. Regain your self-esteem and face the world with confidence.

Get Rid of Melasma, Freckles, Hyperpigmentation, Skin Discolorations and Other Pigment Problems

Skin Pigment Problems

The skin is the outermost covering of the human body. It is meant for protective and defense functions. The color of skin depends upon the pigment, melanin. Melanin is produced by the special cells, known as melanocytes.

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Due to damaged or unhealthy melanocytes, melanin production is affected, leading to various skin pigmentation disorders. Skin pigmentation disorders make the skin to appear darker or lighter than normal, or the skin may become blotchy and discolored. When enough melanin is not produced, then it can cause hypopigmentation such as albinism and vitilgo.

When melanin is produced in excessive amount, it causes darkening of skin, leading to hyperpigmentation. Some common examples of hyperpigmentation are melasma, freckles, moles, birthmarks and age spots.

Natural Remedies for Skin Pigmentation Disorders

Skin pigment problems are caused mainly by heredity, overexposure to sun, acne scars, stress, hormonal imbalance or environmental factors like pollution. You should avoid excessive sun exposure. When you go outdoors, apply a good quality sunscreen and use protective clothing.

Home Remedies

–          Aloe vera can be effectively used to treat pigmented skin. It relieves blemishes and dark spots, leaving clear, rejuvenated skin. Apply fresh aloe vera gel on the affected areas and leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

–          Prepare a mixture of 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and apply it over the face. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

–          Combine together 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1tablespoon of orange juice and ½ teaspoon of rose water. Apply this mixture on the affected areas and keep it for about 15-20 minutes.

–          Avocado, due to its rich content of vitamin E, is the best solution to treat skin pigmentation. Mash avocadoes in milk to make a smooth paste and apply it over the affected areas. You can also use almonds, as they give the same results.

–          Face masks like oatmeal mask, sandalwood mask and orange peel pack are found to be beneficial to remove blemishes and dark spots, making the skin clear and glowing.


It causes patchy brown or blue-gray facial skin discoloration that appears on forehead, upper lip, upper cheeks and chin. It is most commonly found in women in reproductive years. It is caused due to sun exposure, use of birth control pills and hormonal changes in pregnancy.

Melasma Natural Treatment

  • Lemon juice is one of the effective home remedies for melasma. Since acidic nature of lemon juice helps to peel off the outer layer of skin, it remarkably reduces melasma skin pigmentation. Lemon juice gives the effect of bleaching, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.
  • Apply turmeric powder mixed with warm milk for reducing melasma. It lightens dark skin discoloration and tan.
  • Another excellent home remedy is onion juice. Mix equal part of fresh onion juice with apple cider vinegar and apply this mixture using a cotton ball on the face. Regular application of this mixture helps to reduce melasma dark spots.
  • Papaya, due to its content of papain, acts as a natural exfoliator and eliminates damaged and dead skin cells. Mash papaya fruit and apply on the face as a mask for about 10-20 minutes. It helps to improve skin tone, making the skin healthier and younger.


Freckles are tanned, flat circular spots, which may multiply and develop randomly on the skin, due to repeated exposure to sun. These spots may typically appear on the skin of upper body areas like nose, cheeks, upper shoulders and arms. The main causes of freckles are genetics and over-exposure to sun. To prevent freckles, you should avoid exposure to sun and when you are outdoors, use sunscreen and protective clothes.

Natural Remedies for Freckles

ü  Lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent, which makes the freckles look lighter. Dip a cotton ball in freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply it on the affected area. Let it soak for about 10 minutes and then rinse with cool water.

ü  Another natural remedy to lighten freckles is to apply milk-based mask on the face. The lactic acid present in the milk peels off the top layer of skin and makes the freckles appear lighter.

ü  Another method of using milk is whole milk wash. Rub whole milk over your face and let it soak for about 10 minutes. Rinse with water and pat dry.

ü  Prepare a mixture of mashed strawberries and kiwi and apply it over the face. Allow it to dry completely within 20 minutes. Peel the mask away and rinse your face with cool water. You can also try a combination of cucumber and apricots.

ü  Mix a little amount of honey in warm water and apply it on the affected areas. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

ü  Eggplant is another effective home remedy. Make thin slices of fresh eggplant and apply them on the affected areas. Gently rub them in a circular movement and keep them for about 10-15 minutes.


Hyperpigmentation causes darkening of the skin due to increased melanin pigments. It is caused mainly by excessive sun exposure, genetic factors, aging, injuries and hormonal imbalance. Certain diseases are found to be associated with hyperpigmentation such as Addison’s disease, Cushing’s syndrome, melasma, celiac disease, Cronkite-Canada syndrome, Tinea fungal infection, haemochromatosis and mercury poisoning.

How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation

  • Applying a paste of honey and milk is one of the promising remedies for hyperpigmentation. You can also use curd. Milk and curd contain lactic acid, which peels off dead skin. Honey is known for healing properties.
  • Juice extracted from various vegetables such as potato, cucumber or tomato is also beneficial to lighten hyperpigmentation. This remedy is suitable for all kinds of skin types. It soothes the skin and makes it look fresh and younger.
  • Since almonds are the rich source of vitamin E, they are definitely good for healthy skin. Soak almonds overnight and prepare a paste of almonds in milk. Apply it over your face and leave for 10-15 minutes. You will find clearer and lighter skin.
  • Licorice extract is another powerful remedy. You can apply the licorice extract on the face for 10 minutes. It will remarkably make the skin lighter.

Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration causes the changes in natural skin tone. It is caused by diseases like liver diseases or albinism, pregnancy, dietary factors and medications such as antibiotics like tetracycline or antimalarial drugs. Discoloration of skin occurs in different ways such as pale skin, redness, orange skin and yellow skin. Skin conditions like rosacea, scars, vitiligo and hormonal imbalance can cause skin discoloration.

Skin Discoloration Remedies

  • Strawberry mask, rich in salicylic acid, can effectively work to get rid of skin discoloration. To prepare a mask, add mashed fresh strawberries to a tablespoon of plain yogurt or sour cream. Apply this mixture gently on the face and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Olive oil can be used to soften and remove discolored dead skin cells.
  • Honey can be used as a natural cleanser to reduce skin discoloration. Apply honey mixed with distilled water or rose water on the face and leave for half an hour.
  • Potato is another excellent home remedy to remove skin discoloration and dark skin. Potato skin consists of bleaching substances. Make a paste of potato along with its skin. Apply it on the affected areas and leave for half an hour.

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Beautiful, spotless skin is a sign of good health. It gives you appealing and youthful appearance. To keep the skin free of problems, you should protect it from exposure to harmful sun rays and environmental factors and follow healthy lifestyle and adequate diet. In case of any skin disorder, you should opt for natural remedies, which are effective and safe, causing no harmful effects on the skin.

How to Treat & Cure Oily Skin Naturally with Home Remedies

Oily Skin

Skin is the largest organ of integumentary system. The multiple layers of skin are composed of ectodermal tissues, which protect the underlying muscles, ligaments, bones and internal organs. Skin is vitally important organ as it is the first line defense mechanism of the body. Some of the major functions of skin include protection, sensation, regulation of body temperature, controlling fluid loss, excretion of toxic substances, storage of lipids and water, synthesis of vitamin D and water resistance. There are different types of skin like dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and combination skin depending upon the amount of excretion of sebum.

What Causes Oily Skin?

The major cause of oily skin is over-active sebaceous gland, which secretes sebum, a natural skin lubricant. Excessive production of sebum gives thick texture to the skin. The skin becomes more susceptible to blackheads, clogged pores and accumulation of dead cells on the surface. Some of the common causes of oily skin are age, dietary factors like junk foods or sugar, heredity, hormonal changes, over-use of cosmetics, environmental factors like hot weather, excess humidity and air pollution, stress and certain medications.

How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally

Excessively oily skin can cause blackheads, blemishes and acne. It also gives oily, shining embarrassing appearance. A perfect combination of daily skin care, diet and lifestyle changes as well as natural skin remedies is useful to relive oily skin.

Lifestyle Changes

–          Stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking and alcoholism.

–          Always wash your hands first before you clean your face to prevent any bacterial infections.

–          Use a gel-based cleanser and clean your face 2-3 times daily.

–          Always use warm water to wash your face and then apply toner on the oily skin.

–          Daily exercise can control excess oil secretion and helps the skin to eliminate dirt and toxins in the form of sweat.

Diet for Oily Skin

Having a healthy diet is beneficial for your overall good health, especially improving the appearance of your skin. A balanced, nutritious diet keeps your skin clear and healthy.

  • Include vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants like spinach, carrots and blueberries.
  • Consumption of foods with high contents of omega-3 fatty acids such as fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna as well as nuts like hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts can help to improve skin texture, making the skin radiant.
  • Vitamin B2 helps to prevent excess oil production in the skin. Therefore, include the foods like beans, kernels and nuts that possess high content of vitamin B2.
  • Intake of protein-rich foods is beneficial for the oily skin.
  • Restrict the foods high in sugar and fat. Avoid oily, fried foods, which can aggravate oily skin conditions.
  • Replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats like seeds, nuts, avocados and lean poultry.
  • Since iodine can worsen the oily skin condition, eliminate iodized salt and fish from your diet.

Oily Skin Care

Oily skin is very difficult to manage. You need to take extreme care of your skin using appropriate products.

ü  Regular cleaning of your skin is an essential part to prevent excess oiliness. Use gel-based cleanser and warm water to clean your face.

ü  Toning is very important after cleansing your face. It helps to close the skin pores, remove excess oil and re-firm your skin.

ü  Oily skin can also become dehydrated, so you need to moisturize it with oil-free moisturizer. Choose a natural moisturizer with gentle ingredients like lavender, rosemary, tea tree, peppermint and lemon and balancing ingredients such as chamomile and rose geranium.

ü   A daily exfoliating routine should be followed to make your skin clear and brighter. Exfoliating removes dirt and excess oil from your skin.

ü  Use natural facial masks prepared from clay or fruit, which help to absorb excess oil from your skin making it dry and smooth.

Home Remedies for Oily Skin

There are certain natural remedies which can be effectively remove excess oil from your skin using simple ingredients available at home.

  • Apply clay or mud mask all over the face excluding eyes and mouth. It helps to minimize greasiness and improve skin tone.
  • Lemon juice is another promising home remedy to control oiliness. Apply a mixture of equal amounts of lime juice and apple crush to the skin. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse off. Another effective fruit cleanse can be prepared by mixing equal amounts of lemon juice and water. Apply it on your face and rinse with water after 10-15 minutes.
  • Aloe vera gel is the best home remedy for oily skin. It absorbs excess oil and unclogs the skin pores. Aloe vera combined with crushed strawberries and organic yogurt makes a perfect face mask for oily skin.
  • Apply tomato puree on the face. Keep it for about 10 minutes and rinse off. It helps to eliminate excess oil from the skin. In the same way, you can use papaya mash.
  • Prepare a mask using egg-white and one teaspoon of honey and apply on the face. Keep it for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Another beneficial home remedy is cornstarch. Prepare a paste of cornstarch in warm water. Rub it on your face and let it dry. Rinse with warm water.
  • The herbs like sage, peppermint and yarrow possess astringent properties. Add 1 teaspoon of each herb into boiling water. Simmer for about 30 minutes. Strain and allow it to cool down. Dab this homemade toner on the face.
  • Prepare a natural scrub by mixing together almonds and honey. Massage this paste gently upon the face for 10-15 minutes. Cleanse with cold water.

Following above mentioned natural remedies, you can easily get rid of oily skin and prevent the skin problems like acne and blackheads. Using simple ingredients, you can get supple, radiant skin. But keep in mind, while taking the treatment for oily skin, it should not make the skin over-dry. Remember, the positive side of oily skin is that it is less prone to aging and causes less wrinkles even during old age.

Do It Yourself Body Wraps at Home

 Body Wraps

Among several different methods of weight loss, body wrap is the popular spa treatment. The body wraps aim to lose some inches and give perfect shape to your body. In addition, it offers soft, firm skin, relaxing effect, cellulite reduction and body detoxification. Body wraps are applied tightly on the areas like stomach, butts and thighs, where fat loss is needed. Various ingredients including herbs are used in the process of body wraps.

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Ingredients Used in Body Wraps

Body WrapsIn natural body wraps, different natural ingredients are used, which offer a number of advantages for healthy skin and body.

–          Green clay stimulates blood circulation and detoxifies the body.

–          Epsom salt causes relaxation of nervous systems and eliminates toxins from the body. Sea salt also gives detoxifying effects.

–          Aloe vera soothes and heals the skin.

–          Neem leaves give antibacterial and antifungal effects.

–          Alfalfa leaf powder relieves fatigue as well as reduces joint and muscle pain.

–          Chamomile powder gives calming and anti-inflammatory effect.

–          Parsley powder offers soothing and detoxifying effect.

–          Rosehip powder provides vitamin C and other essential nutrients.

–          Glycerin acts as a skin moisturizer.

–          Apple cider vinegar helps to cure bruises and soothes irritated skin.

–          Whole cream milk provides several essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals to the body. It also relives dry, itchy skin, making the skin smooth and glowing.

–          Various fruit juices can be used for body wraps, which contain plenty of vitamins.

–          Essential oils like lemon grass oil, tea tree oil and spearmint essential oil are beneficial for healthy skin.

Process of Body Wraps

The process is carried out generally in spa saloon. You have to choose the type of body wraps according to your requirements. For this procedure, cotton underclothes are preferable, as cotton allows deep penetration of solutions into the skin to give good results. Nylon or other fabric may act as a barrier.

Select the ingredients, single or in combination as per your needs. Boil 1.8 liters of water in a large stainless steel container. Once it starts boiling, remove the pot from the heat and add all the ingredients to it. Allow it to cool down for about 10 minutes. This mixture is ready to use now. Dip the bandages or cloth wraps into the warm solution. Soak them well into the mixture and then wrap around your body starting with ankles. Mylar or plastic sheets can also be used for body wraps. Wrapping is done tightly on the areas, where fat loss is expected and lightly where skin tightening is needed. Another way is to slather your body with a mask prepared from clay, mud, seaweed, algae, cream or lotion and then wrap with a bandage. Generally, the wrap is done by the massage therapist or esthetician. Remember, your room should be warm enough or you should cover yourself in a blanket to stay warm. Stay relaxed for about 20-60 minutes. After rinsing off, moisturizing or detoxifying agent should be applied. The body wrap treatment is also known as a body cocoon or body mask.

Benefits of Body Wraps

The main purpose of body wraps is weight loss. It helps to lose fat from stomach, thighs and butt. However, depending upon the ingredients used, it provides a number of health benefits. Body wraps done by using seaweed, algae, clay or mud gives detoxifying effect. It eliminates toxins from the body through metabolic stimulation. Body wraps using shea butter hydrates the skin, making it soft and glowing. Body wraps also cause remarkable reduction in cellulite. You will feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

After the Body Wraps

It may take about 3 days for your skin to completely adapt to the tissue reduction. This process can be supported by following some instructions. You need to avoid toxic foods like sugar, salt, caffeine and carbonated beverages. You have to stay away from smoking and alcoholism. Avoid using any lotions or creams or taking hot showers in order to keep the solutions present in the pores to continue eliminating toxins. After the three days of body wraps, you should take hot shower, so that the pores will open and the toxins will be flushed out. Since the body wraps recommend the use of natural ingredients, you can regularly repeat it weekly.

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To conclude, body wraps is an excellent method to improve your overall health. You must get the refreshing and relaxing experience of body wraps at least once. Rejuvenate your mind and body with the natural body wraps and find yourself loaded with youthfulness, great enthusiasm and vibrant energy that you never have experienced.

How to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally with Home Remedies

 Gray Hair

Appearance of gray hair makes any person restless. Gray hair is considered to be the sign of aging. However, nowadays, it is very common to get gray hair in younger age. It is the melanin pigment that imparts natural color to hair. With aging, hair start to lose this pigment and turn gray. Graying of hair occurs mostly after the age of 35. But, in some people, graying can start in early age. Though the condition is not harmful, it can bring embarrassment.

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Causes of Premature Gray Hair

Gray HairPremature graying of hair may be caused by heredity, stress and psychological problems, dietary factors, health conditions like chronic cold and sinusitis, anemia and vitiligo. Women may get gray hair during pregnancy and early menopause. A deficiency of vitamin B12 or pituitary or thyroid gland problems can also cause premature gray hair. Some other reasons for gray hair include unclean condition of scalp, using excessive hot water to wash the hair, use of hair dyes and electric dryer. Smoking is also considered to be associated with graying of hair.

Reverse Gray Hair Naturally

In order to reverse gray hair, you need to bring out some changes in your lifestyle and diet so as to eliminate the underlying root causes for gray hair.

Lifestyle Modifications

–          One of the simplest solutions to hide your gray hair is to change your hairstyle. With a new haircut or style, you can look younger.

–          Use of emu oil shampoo is another effective remedy, as it contains omega-3 fatty acids. It provides sufficient nutrition needed for healthy hair. Emu oil shampoo benefits greatly to alleviate various hair problems including gray hair and dry hair.

–          Since excessive stress is one of the leading causes for gray hair, you should try to reduce stress with different meditation techniques. Keep positive attitude and maintain cheerful mood to avoid stress. Adequate sleep is also very important for the health of hair.

–          Smokers usually tend to develop premature graying of hair. Therefore, quit smoking completely.

–          Regular exercising is beneficial for all the body systems and the same is applicable for good health of hair. Exercising improves blood circulation to the hair roots, preventing gray hair.

Dietary Tips

Diet contributes a lot in retaining the natural color of your hair. Your diet should be loaded with foods rich in vitamin A, B, folic acid, iron and minerals, because deficiency of these essential nutrients can cause premature graying of hair. Foods with high content of iron, zinc and copper are advantageous for the health of hair. A deficiency of zinc can lead to hair shedding, while lower amount of copper can cause decreased melanin. The best sources of zinc are green vegetables, chicken and red meat. Iron can be obtained from eggs, beef, red meat, dried apricots, sunflower seeds and wheat. Almonds, cashews, egg yolks, oysters and crabs are the foods rich in copper. Also include iodine-rich foods like carrots, banana, fish etc. Consumption of foods rich in antioxidants is preferable to destroy free radicals that can damage the hair cells. Avoid processed, fatty, fried and spicy foods. Foods like refined sugar, white flour, jams, jellies and soft drinks should be restricted, as they can develop signs of premature aging like wrinkles and gray hair.

Home Remedies

There are various home remedies that recommend the use of ingredients and herbs which are readily available at home. These simple remedies are easy to follow and equally effective.

–          Onion juice is one of the effective home remedies for gray hair. You can rub onion juice on the scalp.

–          Another effective home remedy is Indian gooseberry. You can drink gooseberry juice or massage dried gooseberry powder in your scalp in combination with coconut or almond oil.

–          Henna, mixed with lemon juice and castor oil, makes an excellent remedy for gray hair. Apply this mixture on the scalp and hair and leave it for about half an hour. Then rinse with water.

–          You can use various herbal oils to massage on hair. A blend of oils like lavender, rosemary, sandalwood, ginger, cedarwood and ylang ylang is beneficial for the hair. You can also add vitamin E oil to this mixture.

–          Use of coconut oil is another simple home remedy for treating gray hair. Rub coconut oil on the scalp and hair every night and wash next morning.

–          Curry leaves contain essential nutrients to recover hair follicles, preventing gray hair. You can include curry leaves in your daily diet. Another way is to add some curry leaves in coconut oil and heat for a few minutes. Use this oil to massage the scalp.

–          Amaranth vegetable is also known remedy to reverse gray hair. Obtain a leaf extract from fresh leaves of amaranth and apply it on the hair scalp.

–          Prepare a mixture of grated ginger and a teaspoon of honey. Consume it every day to relieve premature graying of hair.

–          You can massage your hair with cow’s milk butter for treating gray hair. This can be repeated twice a week.

If you are really worried about your gray hair and want quick solutions, then you may go through ‘Gray Hair No More’, an eBook authored by Alexander Miller. It describes a simple, easy-to-follow holistic treatment to stop and reverse gray hair naturally, so that you feel confident with a youthful appearance. You can instantly download this eBook from .

Don’t get frustrated due to gray hair. With a perfect combination of balanced lifestyle, nutritious diet, proper hair care and herbal remedies, you can reverse gray hair. Get back your natural hair color. Look younger and feel energetic.

How to Look Younger for Men & Women

Look Younger

Every person is fascinated to look younger. There might be hardly any person who is willing to disclose his/her real age. Aging is a natural process, which cannot be prevented or reversed. What you can do is take efforts to delay the aging process and look younger by certain solutions. There are a number of ways, by which you can hide your real age. But all these solutions might be temporary. If you really want to develop a sense of being young within you, you must opt for natural remedies, which can give the lifetime results.

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Look Younger Naturally

The secrete of keeping yourself young and fit lies in adopting healthy lifestyle, quitting unhealthy habits, regular exercising and taking nutritious balanced diet.

Healthy Lifestyle

You need to adopt balanced lifestyle and stay away from bad habits. Quit smoking and alcoholism, as they can increase toxins and free radicals in your body, leading to premature aging. Smoking causes very harmful effects, making your skin dry and wrinkly and your hair dull and discolored. Excessive stress is one of the leading causes of aging. Stress can lead to dry skin, increased acne, gray hair and hair loss. Besides this, stress causes release of a hormone cortisol, which increases the breakdown of skin cells, leading to increased wrinkles. So try to manage stress with meditation techniques and yoga. You may join laughter club or social activities to burst out stress. Take a break from your tiresome routine and spend quality time with your friends and close ones. Getting enough sleep and rest is very important to recharge the body systems. During resting, new cell generation and healing process occurs very rapidly.  Sleep also helps to reduce stress. Being overweight makes you look older than your actual age. So, reduce obesity and maintain healthy body weight with balanced diet and regular exercises.


Regular exercising should be a part of daily routine to keep you healthy externally and internally. Exercising helps to maintain the health of all your body systems. Exercise is also beneficial for the skin, making it tight and firm. It circulates oxygen and nutrients to the skin offering it more radiant look. It tightens the muscles around the neck and reduces loose skin in that area. Exercise improves your posture and makes you look younger and confident. It also prevents damage due to free radicals, which is the root cause of aging. Regular exercising is helpful for weight loss and to improve shape and muscle tone.

Diet and Nutrition

Your health totally depends upon what you eat. Diet and nutrition plays an important role in delaying aging process. A balanced diet loaded with proteins, fibers and whole grains is beneficial to lose excess weight and retain muscle tone. You may benefit from fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants to reduce wrinkles and make the skin younger.

Eliminate processed foods as they may contain trans fats. Also avoid foods containing preservatives, colorants and additives, as they may cause allergic reactions. Avoid white flour, white sugar, white rice and white bread, as they have minimal nutritional value. Avoid crash diets as they can malnourish, dehydrate and loosen the skin.

Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are loaded with all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which can delay the process of aging. Vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, natural wrinkle-fighting antioxidants, can be obtained from green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts. They help to boost immunity and protect you against many life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Whole grains like oats, barley and brown rice are the rich sources of antioxidants as well as vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins. They help to lower cholesterol levels and minimize the risk of heart disease.

Switch to healthier fats like safflower oil, olive oil and sesame oil. These oils are rich in anti-oxidants as well as fat-soluble vitamins like A, C and E, which are essential for flawless skin. Include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, which keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized, offering it younger, vibrant look.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water also helps to eliminate toxins from the body, which are responsible for aging process. Drinking adequate amount of water also helps to lose weight, improve digestion and boost energy.

Skin and Hair Care

You should take extreme care of your skin and hair, which contribute greatly in your younger looks. Clean your skin and hair regularly. After taking bath, apply good quality moisturizer all over the body to prevent dehydration. Massaging with extra-virgin coconut oil or olive is found to be advantageous for skin and hair. It helps to remove blemishes, strengthen the connective tissues of skin and rejuvenate the skin. Exfoliate your skin using a natural scrub, which helps to remove dead cells from the skin and keep it fresh, smooth and healthy. Avoid overexposure to the sunlight, as it can cause skin tanning and increase wrinkles. UV sunrays can also cause damage to hair, making them dry and rough. When outdoors, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and cover your head and body with scarf and protective clothing. In case of hair care, regularly oil and shampoo your hair to keep them soft and glowing. Prevent dandruff, as it can lead to hair loss and acne on the face. Baldness may make you look older.

To know about more beauty secretes, you should go through an eBook ‘The Beauty of Food’ authored by Hanan. This book reveals which foods should be taken to improve texture and tightness of the skin, how to get shiny hair, tips for younger looking hands and reasons of premature aging. By following these simple solutions, you can get younger, fresh look within a short time. To get more beauty tips, go through

Being young doesn’t mean only looking young, but it is also about feeling young. Your mental and emotional health reflects your overall well-being. You should feel young and energized within your mind. Healthier and happier soul makes you look younger in a real sense.

How to Get Your Butt Bigger Naturally

 Bigger Butt

Every woman wishes to look attractive and charming. Besides her beauty, what makes her truly appealing is her curvaceous body shape. It is said that ‘curves make a real woman’. However, every woman is not blessed with those naturally perfect curves. It is fact that bigger butt is always a thing of attraction for many. Most women feel jealous, when they see larger butt of film-stars and celebrities. But, stop blaming yourself for not having such curves. You can enhance the shape and size of your butt with natural remedies.

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How to Get Bigger Butt Naturally

There are several factors that can contribute to smaller butts such as hormonal imbalance during puberty, low muscle genetics, low fat genetics, physical activity, natural body shape, lower body strength and diet. However, you can get a perfect body shape by maintaining a proper balance of diet, exercising and herbal remedies. A curvy figure can be achieved by proper development of healthy muscle mass at right places and removing excess fats and muscle mass from the unwanted areas of the body.

Exercises: Regular exercising is the best way to get the bigger butt. You will benefit from any type of lower body workouts such as cardio. Biking and jogging are also helpful, but you should start doing crouches with weights. Some other excellent exercises for getting bigger butt are leg presses, squats with dumbbells or barbell. You can get larger, rounder butt by strengthening the butt muscles such as gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. You may try butt bridges, squats, lunges, kick backs etc. The activities like running, cycling, swimming, skiing, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball and field hockey can help build up your leg and buttock muscles. Along with daily workouts, you should add right amount of proteins and carbohydrates to your diet.

Dietary Tips for Bigger Butt: Brining out certain changes in your diet is a simple way to get enlarged butt. Include the foods that can give excess calories to enhance the development of new muscle tissues. High quality proteins like fish, eggs, meat, tofu and eggs are preferable. Proteins are the building blocks of hormones such as estrogen, which contributes in storing fat in the buttocks and hip region. Although extra carbohydrates are needed, avoid carbs obtained from sugar or refined flour. Instead, try to get them from healthier sources like whole grains, brown rice or beans. You should opt for good fats like olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, olives, corn oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, walnuts, soymilk and tofu. Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, which provide all the essential vitamins and minerals that play an important role in growing new cells, replenishing hormones and in turn, getting bigger butt.

Herbal Remedies: There are certain herbs that are meant for female enhancement purposes. Some of the herbs consist of estrogen, a hormone which enhances the storage of fat in the hips and buttocks. Some of the herbs are meant for supportive purpose, promoting the functions of estrogen.

–          Fenugreek, rich in phyto-estrogen, is one of the effective herbs for getting bigger butt. It enhances the production of hormone, estrogen.

–          Saw palmetto is known for its hormonal balancing effects. It acts as a stimulant to enlarge underdeveloped butt tissues. Due to its anti-androgen properties, saw palmetto contributes greatly in butt growth.

–          Another herb, fennel also contains estrogenic compounds. Due to its high content of phyto-estrogen, fennel acts like hormone estrogen and increases the storage of fat in buttocks.

These are some of the simple solutions to get bigger butt. If you want some quick and more effective improvised remedies, then you may go through On this site, you will find some important tips for getting bigger, rounder butt within a short period of time. Follow this secret 4-part butt building technique and see the difference in your appearance.

No need to feel embarrassed due to small butts. Go for safe natural remedies and get those bigger butts you dream of. Increase your sex appeal with bigger butts and regain your self-esteem and confidence.

Natural Skin Whitening with Home Remedies

Skin Whitening

Fair, glowing skin is the thing of attraction for most people. That’s why; women as well as men choose various options for skin whitening. The skin is composed of cells, blood vessels and nerves. The skin complexion mainly depends upon the amount of melanin pigments present in the skin. The skin is the first line defense mechanism of the body. It also regulates body temperature and excretes toxins from the body in the form of sweat.

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Skin WhiteningTherefore, when you opt for any treatment for skin whitening, you should take care that it won’t cause any harm to this important organ.

Many skin whitening soaps, creams, bleach, exfoliation procedures or intravenous injections can cause adverse effects up to some extent. That’s why; it is wise to choose safe and effective natural remedies for skin whitening.

Skin Whitening Naturally

–          Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. It also helps to flush out toxins from your body. Your body needs minimum 8-10 glasses of water daily.

–          Take balanced, nutritious diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits. These foods provide all the essential nutrients to the body. Also include fresh juices in your diet.

–          Regular exercising is very essential for your overall well-being. It improves blood circulation and makes the skin firm.

–          Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as it can increase the amount of melanin pigments, causing skin darkening. When you go outdoors, use sunscreen with 20 SPF+ and don’t forget to cover your face and body with scarf and protective clothing.

–          After taking bath, apply a good quality moisturizer all over your body; because soap can make your skin dry.

Home Remedies

You can lighten your skin complexion by using simple ingredients available at home. These home remedies are easy-to-follow and quite effective.

ü  Prepare a mixture of lemon juice, few slices of few cucumbers, 4 tablespoons of gram flour and a juice of citrus fruits like orange, lime or grapefruit. Mix well these ingredients using a blender. Then add 5 spoons of salt and sugar to this mixture. Keep this mixture in a bottle and shake it well. Apply it on face, neck and rest of the body. Keep it for 5-10 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat this daily for a month and see a dramatic difference.

ü  Lemon is an excellent home remedy for skin whitening, as it is rich in antioxidants, offering fresh, younger looking skin. Lemon juice has bleaching properties and enhances the process of fading of dark spots, giving a fair look. For normal skin type, you can combine lemon juice with green gram powder and few drops of rose water. For dry skin, lemon face pack prepared in olive oil and honey can be beneficial. Lemon juice combined with rose water and fullers earth makes a perfect face pack for oily skin. After using lemon face pack, you need to moisturize your skin.

ü  Since milk is a rich source of calcium and proteins, it is quite helpful to lighten the skin when applied topically. Lactic acid present in the milk gives exfoliating effect and moisturizes the skin.

ü  Almond and honey when combined together make a perfect solution for skin whitening. They moisturize the skin and remove tan. To prepare a face pack, mix together 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of milk powder, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and half teaspoon of almond oil. Apply this mixture all over the face except eyes and mouth. Leave it for about 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.

ü  Another effective face mask is a mixture of yogurt, tomato and oatmeal. Mix 1 teaspoon of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of tomato juice with 1 teaspoon of oatmeal. Apply it on a cleansed face and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water. Yogurt causes bleaching effect and removes blemishes from the skin, making it supple. Oatmeal acts as a gentle exfoliant, while tomato juice acts as a natural astringent.

ü  Add ground dried orange peel powder to 1 teaspoon of fresh yogurt and apply this paste on the face. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off. This mask helps to remove skin blemishes and spots and lightens the skin.

Besides these simple home remedies, numerous improvised home remedies are available to lighten the skin. What you have to do is just click on and get several homemade skin whitening solution. Eden Diaz has brought holistic treatment system through an eBook – Skin Whitening Forever. This eBook provides you with a complete information about how to make your own skin whitening cream, the easy way to eliminate skin pigmentation, how to prevent skin discoloration and which diet is the best for skin whitening.

Many people don’t have fair complexion, still they look beautiful. Real beauty reflects from your healthy body and mind. Off course, you may try different home remedies to improve your skin complexion. With consistent use, they will surely give excellent results. Just take good care of your skin to keep it healthy and glowing.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) Natural Treatment

 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a condition, in which a woman experiences irritability, severe depression symptoms and tension few days before menstruation. The symptoms are much severe than those of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). PMDD is identified as late luteal phase dysphoric disorder in medical terms.

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Premenstrual Dysphoric DisorderBoth PMDD and PMS cause physical and emotional symptoms; however, PMDD causes extreme mood swings that can affect your work, social activities and relationships. The symptoms usually start 7-10 days before menstruation and continue for the first few days after starting your periods.

PMDD can cause fatigue, bloating, breast tenderness, irritability and changes in eating and sleeping habits. PMDD is commonly found in 2-10% women. Women with personal or family history of depression are at a higher risk of developing PMDD.

Causes of PMDD

PMDD is caused by the hormonal changes associated with menstrual cycle. According to recent studies, PMDD is most likely related to low levels of serotonin, a chemical present in the brain, which helps to transmit nerve signals. Certain cells, involved in controlling mood, sleep, attention and pain, use serotonin as a messenger. Therefore, decreased levels of serotonin can lead to mood swings in PMDD. Some other factors that can contribute to PMDD are heredity, excessive alcoholism, being overweight, excessive intake of caffeine and lack of exercise.

Symptoms of PMDD

The symptoms of PMDD are severe than those of PMS, although they are almost similar in both cases. The physiological and emotional symptoms of PMDD can affect daily activities of a woman. Some of the common signs and symptoms of PMDD include fatigue, mood changes, depression, irritability, marked anger, oversensitivity to environmental stimuli, breast tenderness, abdominal bloating, increased appetite, headache, dizziness, sleep problems, hot flashes, difficulty concentrating, acne and gastrointestinal upset.  The symptoms typically occur in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.

How to Treat PMDD Naturally

The symptoms of PMDD can be managed with certain improvements in lifestyle and diet. There are specific herbs that can effectively help to deal with the symptoms.

Lifestyle Changes: Try to reduce stress and avoid emotional triggers. Keep yourself engaged in stress reducing activities like meditation, relaxation exercises, yoga and involvement in pleasurable activities. Talk therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy is helpful to identify the triggers of low mood and depression. You can develop strategies accordingly to cope with the symptoms. Exercising should be a crucial part of your daily routine. Engage yourself in recreational exercises like swimming, jogging, brisk walking or other aerobic activities. Regular exercising can improve overall health and relieve the symptoms like fatigue and depressed mood. Progressive muscle relaxation or deep-breathing exercises help to relieve anxiety, insomnia and headache. Get enough rest and adequate sleep. Stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking and alcoholism.

Dietary Tips: Your diet certainly contributes a lot in your well-being. By the consumption of healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy ones, you can easily manage the symptoms of PMDD. Your diet should be rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, fibers and whole grains. Avoid foods high in salt and sugar. You can use onion powder or garlic powder in place of salt while cooking. Also restrict consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Carbohydrates taken in small quantities during frequent meals can help to reduce severity of mood symptoms.

Herbal Remedies: A variety of herbs are available that can be used for relieving the symptoms of PMDD. Some of the commonly used herbs are chaste berry, saffron, evening primrose oil, St. John’s wort etc. St. John’s wort can used effectively to alleviate the mood changes associated with PMDD. Chaste berry is known for the treatment of menstrual irregularities and menstrual pain. Evening primrose oil, due to its content of gamma-linolenic acid, can help reduce the symptoms of PMDD like mood swings. Some other herbs used for treating PMDD are Dong Quai, licorice, black cohosh, Kava Kava and valerian.

These are some of the simple home remedies. For better and quick results, you may opt for improvised remedies, which are based on the comprehensive research studies. Jane Pritchard has brought such improvised remedies through an eBook ‘The PMDD Treatment Miracle’ to get rid of PMDD by natural ways. This eBook guides how to overcome the symptoms and manage the mood swings. You will find amazing improvement in your mood, temperament and energy level. Get an easy access of this eBook from .

In a nutshell, by following natural remedies, you can get rid of irritating symptoms of PMDD. Keep away the feeling of depression and nervousness. Discover yourself with cheerful mood, controlled temper and unlimited energy.