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How to Make Your Vagina Tighter without Surgery

How to Get Perfect Vagina Naturally

Every woman experiences loosening of the vagina at the certain stage of life. You may find it difficult to get orgasm and sexual pleasure. You may fail to satisfy your partner. It can affect your sex life and create problems in your intimate relationships.

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Many factors may contribute to make your vaginal muscles loose such as childbirth, frequent sex during adolescent age, insertion of large objects during masturbation and more strenuous activities. Loosening of vaginal muscles can cause the problems like urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, pain in vagina, pelvis or back and pain during intercourse. In order to avoid this, timely conditioning of the vaginal muscles is essential.

There are various treatment options for conditioning of the vaginal muscles, including medications and surgery. However, it is always better to choose natural treatment options as they don’t create any harmful effects and also give excellent results.

Conditioning of the Vaginal Muscles

Exercises: There are certain exercises which can be helpful in vaginal tightening. One of the popular vaginal exercises is Kegel exercise. Do it when you urinate. Simply hold on your urine in midstream by controlling pelvic muscles. Take a pause of about 4 seconds and then continue urination. Try this exercise every time you urinate. Another beneficial exercise is to lie down on the back and raise your legs alternately from the floor. This type of exercise gives good strength to the vaginal muscles. In addition, yoga exercises are also found to be helpful to tighten the vaginal muscles.

Another remedy is to use vaginal cone for vaginal muscle contraction to tighten the vagina. It is tampon-like shaped and available in variety of weights. Insert the lightest cone into the vagina and press it firmly into place using your muscles. Repeat it for about 15 minutes twice a day. You can gradually increase the weights.

Diet: In order to strengthen the muscles, you need to provide them proper nutrition to ensure healthy growth and repair. To achieve this aim, your diet should be loaded with organic vegetables and fruits, wholegrain organic carbohydrates and organic lean animal protein, which is an excellent muscle builder.

Herbal Remedies: There are certain herbal remedies, which work quite effectively to get rid of this problem. Since the herbs are obtained from the natural sources, they are quite safe and effective. In addition, herbal remedies used for vaginal muscle tightening can help to relieve other health issues related to genital region such as vaginal discharge and vaginal odor. Moreover, they make the women feel fresh and younger.

–          Curcuma Comosa is one of the most popular remedies for loose vagina. Regular intake of this herb can help to strengthen vaginal muscles and prevent vaginal wall prolapse. Additionally, it can be an effective treatment option for leucorrhea, vaginal dryness and hot flashes. This can also be used to relieve menstrual problems like menstrual pain and cramps.

–          Hamamelis Virginiana: Rich in flavonoids and tannin, this herb is an excellent remedy to tighten vaginal muscles. It can be used to treat various health problems like influenza, sore throat, indigestion, cancer and also for muscle toning and to stop bleeding. Hamamelis Virginiana is known for its cooling, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-septic effects.

–          Pueraria Mirifica: It is also one of the common herbs administered to tighten vagina. It is helpful to regenerate the tissues of genital region. Due to its content of phytoestrogen, it helps to maintain the balance of estrogen. In addition, it consists of isoflavone, which can help to prevent cancer.

–          Aloe vera lubricates and strengthens the vaginal walls. It tightens the vaginal muscles, preventing vaginal prolapse. This herb helps to attain fast relief from many genital problems like vaginal dryness and irritation.

–          Due to its astringent properties, Manjakani or Oak Gall works best on mucus muscles. It tightens and firms the muscles of vaginal wall. Also this herb helps to restore vaginal elasticity and improve muscle tone. It can be used orally, in the form of tincture or herbal pill to place into vagina.

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Get rid of embarrassing and distressed situation because of loose vagina and don’t spoil your intimate relations. Feel more confident with tightened, conditioned vaginal muscles. Let you and your partner get more pleasure.

Natural Treatment To Cure Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder resulting from hormonal imbalance. Usually level of male hormones increases or male hormones become more active.

Polycystic Ovarian SyndromePCOS is found mainly in women of reproductive age. Polycystic ovaries consist of numerous harmless cysts developed around the edge of ovaries, not bigger than 8mm in size. The cysts are under-developed follicles, which consist of undeveloped eggs.

In PCOS, ovulation doesn’t take place, as follicles fail to release an egg. That’s why, PCOS can lead to infertility. Women with PCOS experience infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods, obesity, acne and excess hair growth.

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Symptoms of PCOS

Most common symptoms of PCOS are irregular periods, infertility, depression, acne, weight gain or weight loss, excessive hair growth on face and body and thinning hair on the scalp. Signs and symptoms of PCOS may vary in type and severity from person to person. In order to diagnose the condition, the factors like menstrual abnormality, elevated levels of male hormones called androgen and polycystic ovaries are taken into consideration. If left untreated, PCOS can cause the complications like infertility, miscarriage, thyroid disorders, cardiac disorders, liver diseases, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and high blood pressure dyslipidemia.

Causes of PCOS

The exact causes of PCOS are not clear. However, several factors are known to contribute to PCOS, such as excess production of insulin, low-grade inflammation, heredity, abnormal fetal development and increased levels of male hormone, androgen. Elevated androgen levels can lead to weight gain, excessive hair growth, acne and problems with ovulation.

How to Cure PCOS Naturally

Natural treatment options for PCOS can help to manage the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and live a healthy life. Natural approach aims at maintaining the hormonal balance, balancing the secretion of female hormones like estrogen and progesterone, relieving the symptoms like irregular menstrual periods and infertility, dissolving ovarian cysts and restoring ovulation and menstrual cycle.

Lifestyle Modifications

–          Being overweight can increase the risk of developing PCOS. Hence, it is necessary to maintain healthy body weight. Proper weight loss can help to reduce androgen and insulin levels and restore ovulation process, eliminating the infertility problem. Maintaining healthy body weight also lowers the risk of high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes. You can achieve healthy body weight with regular exercising and balanced, nutritious diet.

–          Being physically active is very important to prevent any kind of health problem. Make exercising an essential part of your daily routine. Exercises can help to control body weight, improves muscular strength and boosts immune system. It also helps to decrease cholesterol levels and keep the blood pressure under control. You can choose some simple exercises like walking, jogging or swimming.

–          Stay away from smoking, as smoking can elevate the levels of androgen, increasing the risk of PCOS. Also, you need to quit alcoholism.

Dietary Tips

Avoid high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods, as they can increase the insulin levels. Instead, choose complex carbohydrates with high fibers such as brown rice, whole-grain breads and cereals, barley and beans. Strictly avoid processed foods, which may contain artificial preservatives, additives and colorants. Intake of nutritious, balanced diet is recommended for overall good health. Diet loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fibers can help to maintain healthy body weight. Include fish, lean meat, poultry as well as low-fat milk, cheese or yogurt in your diet. Drink plenty of water daily, as it helps to flush out toxins from your body.

Herbal Remedies

There are a variety of herbs which can be effectively used to cure PCOS. Since the herbs are obtained from natural sources, they don’t cause any side-effect and give excellent results.

  • Licorice root can help regulate proper production and release of hormones. Licorice also helps to maintain insulin levels and improves liver health to support hormonal balance.
  • Maca maintains the balance of estrogen and progesterone levels in the body to regulate menstrual cycle. It nourishes the endocrine system and improves its functioning.
  • Vitex extract (chaste tree berry) is another powerful herb used to maintain women’s fertility and menstrual health. Vitex supports hormonal balance and eliminates the root cause of PCOS.
  • Tribulus may be beneficial to normalize ovulation in infertile women. It is an excellent remedy for the women with menstrual irregularities. It improves menstrual cycle and nourishes female reproductive system.
  • Cinnamon is used to lower blood sugar levels and enhance the production of insulin.
  • Dandelion root consists of a variety of vitamins and minerals that are good for healthy skin. It helps to alleviate skin problems like acne due to PCOS.

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In a nutshell, you can overcome the symptoms of PCOS by following healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercise regimen. Natural remedies also give good results with regular and consistent use. Restore your reproductive function and stay healthy.

How to Get Rid of Cankles without Surgery


Generally, women are very concerned about their appearance. Many women consider their legs as an asset. If any problem is caused with the appearance of the legs, they become conscious. Cankles is a health condition associated with legs, affecting mainly women.

The word cankles is made from two words calf and ankles. According to Urban Dictionary, cankles can be described as the area in the affected female legs where the calf meets the foot abruptly without visible and definite ankle. There is very less or no separation of muscles and bones between the calf and ankle.

The ankle is formed by thinner bone on the outside and thicker bone inside. The tendons wrapped around the ankle ease the movement of ankle joint. Due to engorged fat cells in the ankle, extra tissues are loaded around the ankle, leading to cankles.

Causes of Cankles

Being overweight is the main cause of cankles. Excess fat deposition or adipose tissue that surrounds the flat muscles of calf due to excess body weight is one of the major causes of cankles. Other causes include genetics and fluid retention. Fluid retention can be due to heavy sodium consumption or hormonal fluctuations during menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Certain health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and lymphedema are most likely to be associated with cankles. Cankles can be a warning sign of serious health problems like kidney disease or heart failure. Cankles caused by pregnancy are usually temporary.

Cankles Natural Treatment : Exercises & Home Remedies

Cankles can give rise to serious health issues. Also, you may feel embarrassed due to straight lower leg with no curve. So you should opt for a proper treatment to relieve cankles. There are a number of natural cures for cankles. With proper diet and daily exercise regimen, you will definitely find the difference.

Weight Loss: Since obesity is the leading cause for cankles, you should maintain a healthy body weight by taking healthy, balanced diet and regular exercising. Adopt a good weight loss plan and follow it strictly to control the body weight.

Diet: Consumption of plentiful of fluids including green tea and lemon extract is found to be beneficial. Foods rich in proteins, calcium and proteins are helpful in reducing cankles. Eating high-fat and high-calorie foods can cause accumulation of excess fats in the body, causing ankles. Cut down these foods from your diet and you will find the reduction in cankles. Also exclude high-salt foods from your diet.

Exercises: Regular exercising is quite beneficial for overall well-being offering a number of advantages including weight loss and strengthening the muscles and joints. Simple exercises like running, jumping ropes and sprinting, which cause leg movements, can help to tone and firm the muscles around ankle and calf, reducing cankles. Calf building exercises are recommended to increase the calf size. Calf raising exercises include running, stepping exercises and cycling.

Prevent Fluid Retention: Fluid retention is one of the causes of cankles. Drink at least 1 liter water to avoid fluid retention in the body. Foods rich in salt and sodium can cause cankles, because salts have ability to hold water. In order to prevent fluid retention, restrict sodium consumption. The herbs like parsley and Horse Chestnut are found to be effective in preventing fluid retention. Parsley encourages the body to release excess fluid. Horse Chestnut increases the ability of blood vessels to hold on fluid, rather than allowing it to deposit at ankles.

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By following these wonderful remedies, get back slender, perfectly-shaped legs, you dream of. Forget the embarrassment of exposing cankles. No need to hesitate to wear skin-tight pants and high-hills shoes. Step in the world with confidence.

Home Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis with Natural Remedies

 Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is a common type of vaginal infection caused due to imbalanced naturally occurring bacterial flora. It is characterized by vaginal discharge with foul odor. The symptoms may resemble vaginal yeast infection and trichomonasis, which are not caused by bacteria. Women in their child-bearing age are more prone to bacterial vaginosis. Certain activities like frequent douching or unprotected sexual intercourse may increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis. Some contributing factors for bacterial vaginosis are multiple sex partners, intrauterine contraceptive devices, cigarette smoking and recent antibiotic use.

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Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial VaginosisThe most common symptom of bacterial vaginosis is vaginal discharge with unpleasant odor. Fishy smell is a peculiar symptom, which worsens after sex. The discharge appears yellow or grayish white. Some women may experience vaginal itching and burning sensation during urination.

Bacterial vaginosis can give rise to certain complications like:

–          Increased susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections like herpes simplex virus, gonorrhea, HIV and Chlamydia.

–          In pregnant women, bacterial vaginosis can cause preterm delivery and low birth weight baby.

–          It also increases the risk of post-surgical infection.

–          Bacterial vaginosis can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which can increase the risk of infertility.

 Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment

Regular treatment for bacterial vaginosis involves administration of antibiotics. They are prescribed in the form of oral medications, ointments or creams. However, they can cause harmful side-effects in some women. Besides, there are chances of recurrence of infection. Hence, it is essential to take entire treatment course. The prolonged use of these antibiotics can trigger yeast infection. In addition, most antibiotics eliminate harmful bacteria as well as normal bacterial flora. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for home remedies and other natural treatment options to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. With certain lifestyle and dietary changes and simple home remedies, you can easily relieve this infection without going to doctor.

Lifestyle Changes

Cleanse the genital area using gentle, scentless soap and water. Avoid using hot tubs. Also don’t use scented pads or tampons. After cleaning, don’t forget to dry the vaginal area. Avoid frequent douching as it can eliminate the normal flora of vagina, increasing the risk of infection. Avoid sex with multiple partners. Use of condoms is recommended while practicing sexual intercourse to prevent transmission of infection. Stay away from smoking and alcoholism, as they can increase the risk of various health problems including bacterial vaginosis. Choose to wear loose-fitting cotton clothes because tight ones can worsen bacterial vaginosis.

Dietary Tips

Dietary changes can contribute greatly when treating any health problem. You can follow some dietary tips that can help effectively in healing process. You should take the diet low in saturated fats, as high-fat diet can trigger and worsen bacterial vaginosis. Saturated fats can decrease immunity and also affect the acidity of vagina, enhancing the growth of harmful bacteria. Therefore, exclude saturated fats like butter, biscuits and full-fat milk from your diet.

Vitamin E helps to improve immune system and minimizes the risk of developing infections. Intake of foods rich in vitamin E such as spinach, broccoli, kiwi and avocado is recommended. Make folate an important part of your diet as it helps to protect against bacterial vaginosis. Folic acid boosts immunity lowering the risk of infections. Folic acid can be obtained naturally from the foods like spinach, asparagus, avocado and breakfast cereals.

Avoid eating foods rich in sugar as they may aggravate the infection. Choose to eat whole grain bread instead of white bread. Drink plenty of fruit juices made from blueberry or cranberry. These citrus fruits help to maintain the acidity of vagina, eliminating the growth of harmful bacteria.

Home Remedies to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis

–          In order to relieve swelling, redness and irritation, soak a cloth in cold water and place it over the affected area. This helps to compress the blood vessels, sooth burning sensation and relieve discomfort.

–          Use of tea bags is another effective home remedy. Soak a tea bag in water and cool it in refrigerator. Place cooled tea bag over vaginal area to reduce itching.

–          Add a few drops of cedar oil in hot water tub along with some amount of salt. Soak in this water for few minutes to get relief from redness, itching and burning sensation.

–          Yogurt is one of the effective home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Place yogurt-soaked cotton plugs over vagina or directly apply yogurt on the inflamed area. Daily consumption of a bowl of yogurt is beneficial to get rid of infection. Studies have claimed that lactobacilli present in yogurt can enhance the treatment of vaginal infections.

–          Turmeric and garlic are also useful in treating bacterial vaginosis. Eat a couple of garlic cloves daily. Another way is to wrap a garlic clove in gauze piece and insert it into the vagina. A combination of crushed garlic and onion makes an effective anti-bacterial remedy. Remove garlic within half an hour to prevent blister. Boil turmeric in milk and consume it.

–          Another herb tracheal is considered to be helpful in eliminating toxins from the body. Prepare a tea by adding dried tracheal leaves in boiling water and consume it twice a day.

–          Tea tree oil, due to its anti-bacterial action, is another excellent remedy for bacterial vaginosis. Add 2-3 teaspoons of tea tree oil to a small bowl of water and rinse the vagina using this solution. It also helps to remove unpleasant vaginal odor.

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Natural treatments are no doubt, very effective in curing any health problem. The main advantage of natural remedies is that they don’t bring out any harmful side-effects even after prolonged use. Take the treatment regularly and consistently to keep away embarrassing vaginal odor and itching. Stay healthy and happy.

Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts Treatment at Home

Ovarian Cysts

Ovaries are small organs present in pairs. They are the important organs of female reproductive system, located each side of uterus in the pelvic area. The size and shape of each ovary resembles an almond. The major function of ovaries is production of eggs (ova) and female hormones. Female hormones like estrogen and progesterone, produced by the ovaries, play an important role in developing female body characteristics like body shape, hair and breasts. These hormones also greatly influence on regulation of menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

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What are Ovarian Cysts ?

Ovarian CystsOvarian cyst is one of the health issues associated with reproductive system. Ovarian cysts are sac-like, fluid-filled structures developed in the ovaries. They consist of a liquid, semisolid or gaseous substance. They may vary in size from a small pea to large as an orange. There are various types of ovarian cysts such as functional cyst, polycystic ovaries, endometriomas, cystadenomas and dermoid cysts. Functional cyst is the most common type classified into two types such as follicular cyst and corpus luteum cyst. Women of all ages can develop ovarian cysts; however, women in their childbearing years are more prone to develop ovarian cysts. Usually these cysts are harmless; however, in some cases, they may result in rupture, pain and bleeding.

Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts

Generally, ovarian cyst doesn’t cause any symptoms. It may cause pain, if it becomes larger in size, it breaks open and bleed, it interferes with the blood supply to the ovary and if it is twisted. Some of the common signs and symptoms of ovarian cysts are bloating, swelling in the abdomen, irregular menstrual periods, pain during intercourse, pain during bowel movements, pain in pelvic region during movement, persistent, dull aching pelvic pain, sudden and intense pelvic pain along with nausea and vomiting, frequent urge to urinate and fatigue.

How to Cure Ovarian Cysts Naturally

When you experience the symptoms of ovarian cysts, you need not go to the doctor immediately. Ovarian cysts can be treated successfully with natural options without taking medications. You should follow two steps when treating ovarian cysts. The first step is to reduce estrogen and the second is to increase progesterone and balance the hormonal levels.

Reduce Estrogen: Excessive estrogen is responsible for causing hormonal imbalance, which can lead to impaired ovulation. In order to reduce estrogen levels, you should prevent exposure to xenohormones. You can avoid exposure to estrogens and xenoestrogens by eliminating soy foods from your diet. You should eat only organic meats and dairy products. You should avoid drinking water from plastic bottles. Try to use natural detergents.

Increase Progesterone: Excessive level of estrogen causes deficiency of progesterone. Maintaining the balance of estrogen and progesterone levels by natural ways can be helpful to reduce ovarian cysts and minimize the chances of recurrence. You can use natural progesterone cream to raise progesterone levels.

Diet for Ovarian Cysts

Diet and nutrition contributes a lot in treating any health problem. The healing ability of the body and body’s response to the treatment greatly depends upon the type of diet you take. Your diet should include the foods that are rich in Vitamin B and E, which can effectively control the production of hormones. Take plenty of fruits, leafy vegetables and legumes in your diet. Your diet should consist of high fiber rich foods in order to prevent constipation. To cure inflammation, choose foods like watercress and parsley.

Avoid eating foods like soy foods, tomatoes and dairy products, which can increase estrogen levels. Also restrict consumption of red meat and cheese products, because they may increase the chances of ovarian cysts.

Herbal Remedies

Various herbs can be used to nourish the endocrine system, improve hormonal balance, regulate ovulation and promote functioning of reproductive organs. Herbs that are able to detoxify the liver for improved hormonal balance are also beneficial while treating ovarian cysts.

–          Black Cohosh root helps to regulate the entire menstrual cycle. It is an excellent pain reliever for the ovarian cyst pain.

–          Maca root is another effective herb that promotes the production of progesterone and balances the hormonal levels. It improves the functioning of progesterone by nourishing the endocrine system.

–          Wild yam root reduces ovarian pain and promotes healthy menstrual cycle.

–          Tribulus can help to regulate ovulation, when used before ovulation. It also nourishes and improves the functioning of reproductive system.

–          Milk thistle seed enhances hormonal balance. It is an excellent tonic for liver health. The liver eliminates toxins including excess hormones from the body, thus maintains hormonal balance.

–          Another herb, yarrow, can help to relieve pelvic congestion and improve entire menstrual cycle.

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By following perfect treatment options including hormonal treatment, diet and herbal remedies, you can get rid of all types and sizes of ovarian cysts permanently. You can also lose excessive body weight and feel more relaxed and healthier.

Natural Breast Enlargement :Exercises & Home Remedies for Big Bust

Breast Enlargement

Every woman dreams of big-sized breasts like those of celebrities. But, most women have small-sized breasts resulting from heredity. It doesn’t cause any health issues, but it can create complex in women. Hence, many women go for breast enlargement.

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Breast enlargement aims to enlarge naturally small breasts, restore the volume of breasts that is lost after pregnancy due to breast-feeding or weight loss and gain better symmetry of the breasts that are not in proper proportion in shape and size. There are various options to get enlarged breasts including breast augmentation surgery. But, surgery and other options have certain draw-backs. You can choose natural ways to enlarge the breast size without facing any side-effects.

Natural Breast Enlargement

If you are highly concerned about your health, then you should opt for natural remedies to get enlarged breasts than to face the risk associated with breast implant surgery. A variety of options like massage, exercises and herbal remedies are available to achieve the goal of breast enlargement.

–          Breast Massage: After taking bath, massage your breasts for 5 minutes. Before that, rub your hands to generate heat. Massage on your left breast in a clock-wise movement and in counter clock-wise on the right breast. Repeat for about 150 times on each side, in the morning and evening. You can use a good quality natural breast enlargement cream to get better results. Regular breast massage helps to boost breast tone and healthy breast growth. In addition, breast massage is a preventive measure for breast cancer.

–          Lifestyle Changes: Certain modifications in lifestyle can bring out good results. Quit smoking and alcoholism, as they can increase the risk of breast cancer. Avoid exposure to toxins and chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and household cleaners.

–          Exercises: There are certain exercises that are found to be beneficial in natural breast enlargement. Move your arms in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for 8 times. Resistance training like weight lifting can help to tone and tighten the underlying muscles supporting the breast. You can also try yoga to get large breasts.

–          Role of Diet: Taking adequate diet is very crucial in natural breast enlargement program. It helps to regulate the hormonal level in the body. A healthy diet is helpful to tighten the skin tissue surrounding the breast and increase its firmness. Foods rich in vitamins A, C and E are beneficial for breast improvement. Drink at least 2 glasses of water in the morning to flush out toxins from the body. Once the toxins are eliminated, new nutrients are absorbed much better.

–          Herbal Remedies: Several herbs can be effectively used to enlarge the breasts naturally. Herbs like wild yam, saw palmetto, dandelion, ginseng, fenugreek and fennel work great to develop larger breasts. Fenugreek extracts help to improve breast size by regulating the hormonal levels. Fennel seeds, due to its high content of flavonoids, elevate the estrogen levels, stimulating breast growth. Another poplar home remedy is to use watercress leaf. Due to its high content of vitamin E, it enhances increase in breast size. Radish, due to its astringent effects, stimulates the blood supply to the local tissues of breast, increasing its firmness. Fresh onion juice mixed with turmeric powder and honey can be used to massage the breasts to make the breasts firm and prevent sagging.

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To conclude, natural breast enlargement is a perfect solution to achieve the breasts of desired size and boost self-esteem and positive feelings within you. Feel proud of a perfect feminine look.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally with Home Remedies


Cellulite is a skin condition, which gives lumpy appearance to the skin due to underlying fat deposits. In medical terms, it is referred to as dermopanniculosis deformans, adiposis edematosa, gynoid lipodystrophy and status protrusus cutis.

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In colloquial language, it is known as orange peel syndrome, hail damage, cottage cheese skin and mattress phenomenon. It mainly affects females than males after puberty. The most common affected sites are pelvic region, especially buttocks, thighs, lower limbs, lower abdomen and upper arms.

Cellulite can be divided in three grades. In grade 1, no clinical symptoms are seen. In the second grade, the skin appears pallor with lower temperature and reduced elasticity. In grade 3, the symptoms like visible roughness of skin appear in addition to the symptoms in grade 2.

Causes of Cellulite

It is not necessary that only overweight people develop cellulite. Thin people can also have cellulite. In case of obese people, weight loss may decrease cellulite. Some factors responsible for cellulite are poor diet, lack of physical activity, fad dieting, slow metabolism, dehydration, hormonal changes, genetics and lifestyle factors. The amount and visibility of cellulite depends upon total body fat and color and thickness of your skin. Cellulite is less noticeable on darker skin.

 Cellulite Natural Treatment

Although cellulite doesn’t cause any health issue, it can bring social embarrassment. Instead of wasting money on medications, you can opt for various natural remedies that are equally effective.

–          Self massage is one of the beneficial home remedies. Massaging with a dry brush can help to improve blood circulation to the skin and reduce appearance of cellulite. Use extra virgin coconut oil in combination with dry brushing to moisturize the skin.

–          Another effective home remedy is coffee grounds. Coffee grounds help to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. You can combine coffee grounds with cayenne pepper and add this mixture to ¼ cup of moisturizing and nourishing olive oil. Apply it over the cellulite areas. Leave it for about 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Cayenne pepper is known for its ability of fat burning and increasing blood circulation and metabolism.

–          Exercise is one of the best solutions for cellulite. Exercise helps to lose excess fat, which results in shrinking and reducing cellulite. Exercise also improves blood circulation, making the skin healthy. Simple exercises like jogging, walking, cycling or swimming may benefit to reduce cellulite.

–          Cellulite diet includes plenty of natural foods and elimination of processed foods. Oranges and watermelons are the fruits that are found to be very useful to treat cellulite. Oranges contain methoxylated bioflavonoids that stimulate blood circulation and in turn reduce cellulite. Watermelon possesses an antioxidant namely lycopene, which helps to improve blood circulation. Vegetables like asparagus can help to eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation, thus reduce signs of cellulite. Consumption of tomatoes is highly recommended when treating cellulite. Tomato consists of high amounts of lycopene, which helps to prevent collagen breakdown in the skin. Include fibers and whole grains in your diet. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins from the body and keep the skin hydrated.

Herbal Remedies

Some of the powerful herbs used for cellulite treatment are seaweed, grape vine dry extracts, horsetail plant, ginkgo biloba and cooked artichoke.

  • Mix apple cider vinegar with water and small quantity of honey and apply on cellulite. Rinse with warm water. It helps to minimize the appearance of skin.
  • Another effective herb is ginkgo biloba. An herbal tea prepared from this herb enhances blood circulation making the skin healthier. Increased blood circulation allows the transfer of deposited fats from cellulite to muscle tissues and offering the skin a uniform texture.
  • Green tea enhances the metabolism process and burns excess fat by controlling the production of fat-absorbing enzymes. Drinking green tea three cups daily remarkably reduces cellulite.
  • Taking a seaweed bath can help to re-mineralize and detoxify the skin. Take seaweed bath for about 25 minute in lukewarm water before going to bed.
  • You can also try a mixture of lemon juice and cayenne pepper to reduce cellulite. Consume this mixture thrice daily and see the difference.
  • Another best natural treatment is juniper essential oil. Add few drops of juniper essential oil to olive oil and massage it over the affected area. Juniper oil, due to its antioxidant properties, enhances blood circulation and makes the skin firm and smooth.

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Cellulite can make feel self-conscious and bring complex. With easy-to-follow and effective natural treatments, you can get rid of those embarrassing cellulite forever. Stay healthy and regain self-confidence.

How to Cure Eczema Naturally with Home Remedies


EczemaEczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is characterized by a chronic inflammation of skin. It causes the symptoms like skin rashes, dry skin conditions, redness and edema in the areas like inside of the elbow, behind the knees, on the side of neck and around the ears and eyes. In infants, eczema symptoms appear on cheeks, forehead, scalp, neck forearms and legs. Eczema mainly affects infants and young children. Major types of eczema are atopic dermatitis, contact eczema, seborrheic eczema, nummular eczema, neurodermatitis, stasis dermatitis and dyshidrotic eczema.

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Causes of Eczema

The exact causes of eczema are unknown. Defected skin barrier function along with weakened immune system is considered to cause eczema. Some types of eczema are triggered by the allergens like cosmetics, soap, detergents, jewelry or clothing. Extreme changes in temperature or humidity can cause outbreaks of eczema. Some of the common causes of eczema are heredity, environmental factors like allergens such as pollen, pet fur and house dust mites and food allergens like cow milk, nuts, eggs, wheat and soya. Some of the triggers that can worsen atopic eczema are hormonal changes in women during menstrual cycle or pregnancy, stress, vigorous exercise, irritants like harsh soaps and detergents, clothing like nylon and wool, dust and dry, cold weather.

Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema is a chronic disease causing the symptoms like skin rashes, dryness, edema, redness, itching, blistering and flaking. These symptoms persist for long time. During eczema flare-up, the symptoms may worsen such as sore, cracked, bleeding skin. Some of the common symptoms of eczema are broken, cracked skin, extremely dry skin, itching that generally worsens at night, scratching in the thickened skin areas, red and inflamed skin, formation of blisters and weep, brownish patches and small, raised bumps on some areas of the skin. Mental stress, hormonal changes, hard water and allergens like dust mites, pollen and pet fur can worsen the symptoms.

How to Treat Eczema Naturally

Self care is very important when dealing with eczema. You need to bring out certain modifications in your lifestyle to manage the symptoms of eczema.

–          Since itchiness is the most common symptom of eczema, you should avoid scratching to prevent aggravation of the skin and minimize the risk of infection. To control scratching, apply a good quality moisturizer on the affected areas to keep the skin well-hydrated. Also avoid using scratchy material like wool. Instead, opt for natural fibers like cotton. Avoid skin contact with harsh, soap, solvents and detergents as they act as triggers to worsen the symptoms. Try to avoid extreme changes in temperature or humidity.

–          It is very important what your diet includes, when treating eczema. Since there are certain foods that can trigger the symptoms of eczema, you need to identify and avoid them. Common food allergens are cow milk, nuts, eggs, soya and wheat; hence they should be excluded from your diet.

–          Emotional stress is one of the major triggers for eczema. So try to reduce stress with certain meditation techniques.

–          Control dust mites in your home. Keep the pillows and mattresses clean regularly. Stay away from the pet fur or feathers.

Natural Remedies

  • Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil can help to relive dryness and itching of the skin. Use of vitamin E oil is also beneficial.
  • Prepare a strong chamomile tea by boiling fresh dried herbs in water for about 15 minutes. It can be taken once in a day to get rid of acute symptoms.
  • Another effective home remedy is aloe vera gel. Mix aloe vera gel with vitamin E oil and apply over the affected areas, which can help to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized.
  • Dissolve about 50 grams of ground horsetail herb in a liter of water and simmer it for about 10 minutes. Let it cool down and then filter. Add this solution to your bath water.
  • Prepare a tea with marigold flower, calendula and five drops of lavender essential oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area twice daily to relieve inflammation and irritation.
  • Apply a smooth paste of boiled carrots on the affected areas. Keep it for about 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.
  • Virgin olive oil combined with aloe vera makes the best tonic for skin to keep it well-hydrated. It prevents dryness and itchiness of the skin and relieves the symptoms.

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The skin is a protective covering of our body as well as it is the first line defense mechanism. Also, the skin contributes a lot in your cosmetic appearance. A healthy skin is a sign of overall well-being. Therefore, when you suffer from any skin problem like eczema, you should immediately get good treatment. Going with natural remedies, get rid of eczema permanently and boast of your clear, beautiful skin.

Shoulder Pain Treatment without Surgery :Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common condition resulted from various causes. It is usually a symptom of another health problem. Shoulder is the most movable and unstable joint in the body. Due to its instability, it is more prone to injury, causing degenerative process. A person may experience localized shoulder pain or pain spreading around the shoulder area or down the arm. The origin of shoulder pain may be in the joint itself or from the surrounding tendons, ligaments or muscles.

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Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder PainDamaged or inflamed rotator cuff tendons i.e. rotator cuff tendinitis is the major cause of shoulder pain.

Some other health conditions responsible for shoulder pain are poor posture, arthritis in shoulder joint, bursitis (inflammation of fluid-filled sac that protects the joint), shoulder dislocation, broken shoulder bone, frozen shoulder, bone spurs in the shoulder area, injury to nearby tendons and shoulder instability.

Some other reasons that are indirectly related to shoulder pain are ankylosing spondylitis, brachial plexus injury, cancer, cervical radiculopathy, dermatomyositis, ectopic pregnancy, shingle and heart attack.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Some of the common signs that can bother you include shoulder pain that persist for long time, pain that worsens while resting, swelling or bruising around the joint, injury resulting in deformity of joint, inability to raise the arm or carry the objects and signs of infection like redness and fever.

Natural Treatments for Shoulder Pain

A primary goal of treating shoulder pain is to relieve the pain as early as possible and ease the shoulder function. The treatment involves enough rest, modification in activities, dietary changes and use of various herbs.

–          Rest is one of the effective home remedies for shoulder pain. Resting gives sufficient time for the shoulder to heal. One to two days of resting period is needed to recover. Even after that, you need to avoid lifting heavy objects or putting stress on the shoulder muscles, as it can worsen the situation. However, light exercises are recommended to avoid frozen shoulder.

–          Another beneficial home remedy is to us ice compresses. Ice cubes should be kept in a plastic bag and then wrapped in a towel. Place it on the affected areas for approximately 15 minutes. It can help to alleviate strains and sprains. After the first week of injury, you can use hot compresses to relieve pain and swelling.

–          You can try certain exercises like stretching, which can strengthen the shoulder muscles and give relief from pain up to some extent. But, while exercising, take precaution that excess strain should not be exerted on the shoulder joint.

–          Your diet should be rich in plenty of fresh vegetables and foods rich in proteins, as they are helpful to strengthen the muscles. A person with arthritis should include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish like salmon, tuna seeds and nuts, as they are beneficial to reduce pain.

–          The herbs like Devil’s claw and hot pepper are found to be effective in relieving pain associated with muscles, joints and tendons. The pods of Devil’s claw can be used in herbal tea and soups, while its roots can be used in the powdered form to prepare a tea. Hot peppers can be used in daily cooking.

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Shoulder pain is very troublesome and can interfere with day-to-day activities. With proper treatment using natural ingredients and bringing adequate changes in lifestyle, you can regain the mobility and flexibility of your shoulder and enjoy healthy, active life.

How to Use Aloe Vera Plant for Maximum Health Benefits

Aloe Plant

Aloe Vera PlantWe are gifted with a variety of herbs by Mother Nature, which can be effectively used for medicinal purposes. A large number of herbs are being used for treating various health problems by our ancestors.

Aloe vera is one of the most precious herbs among them, which is known for its amazing medicinal properties. There are approximately 500 species under the genus Aloe, among them Aloe vera is the most common. It is cultivated world-wide for the pharmaceutical purposes.

More than 240 different varieties of Aloe vera are known. They grow well in the arid regions of Asia, America, Africa and Europe.

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Nutritious Contents of Aloe Plant

Aloe plant consists of a huge collection of nutritious ingredients. Aloe gel extracted from the leaf is known to contain over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds that include 20 minerals, 18-20 amino acids and 12 vitamins.  Aloe gel consists of vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, folic acid, B1, B2, B3 as well as vitamin B12. You can found a variety of minerals like calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, sodium, zinc, manganese and chromium in Aloe plant. Amino acids are most essential for the body to produce proteins. Aloe plant is a rich source of amino acids. Among 8 essential amino acids, seven are present in Aloe plant. In addition, Aloe vera also consists of a long chain of polysaccharides that enhances immune system and increases the absorption rate of the body. The enzymes like lipase and proteases present in Aloe vera help to break down food and promote digestion process. Plant steroids present in Aloe plant give anti-inflammatory effects. Some other compounds present in Aloe plant are lingnibu, saponin, antraquinoner and salicylic acid.

Medicinal Benefits of Aloe Plant

Through comprehensive research, a number of health benefits of Aloe vera are discovered. With its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, it is known as an excellent home remedy to heal a variety of ailments. It can be used both internally and externally, directly or in gel form. Externally, Aloe vera gel can be used to cure sunburns, acne, boils, thermal and radiation burns, skin rashes and irritation, wounds, wrinkles, psoriasis, dermatitis, warts, hemorrhoids, inflammation in the eyes and insect bites. Aloe gel, when taken internally, helps to reduce inflammation caused by gastritis, arthritis and ulcerative colitis. It can also help to reduce high blood sugar level in type I and type II diabetes. It can be powerfully used to heal various life-threatening disorders like cancer, tumors, AIDS and various immune disorders. Intracellular antioxidant, mucopolysaccharides, found in Aloe vera can be effectively used to treat and prevent heart disorders, arteriosclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

–          Aloe vera is an excellent adaptogen, which enhances body’s natural ability to adapt external changes and protect body from illness. It stimulates the immune system of body and promotes the ability to cope with emotional, physical and environmental stress.

–          Being a gelatinous plant food, Aloe vera helps to eliminate toxins from the intestinal tract and helps in body detoxification.

–          Aloe is also beneficial to cleanse and soothe the digestive tract and improve digestive function. It can be a great remedy for various digestive disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Aloe vera can also help to maintain the balance of healthy intestinal flora and reduce the amount of harmful bacteria. Aloe can be taken internally to get rid of intestinal worms.

–          In order to maintain good health, you need to take more alkaline forming foods. However, most people are used to take acidic foods more. Since Aloe vera is alkaline forming food, it helps to maintain the acid-base balance of the body.

–          One more important use of Aloe vera is for improving cardiovascular health. Aloe vera juice improves blood circulation, regulates blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels; thus minimizes the risk of heart disease.

–          Due to its anti-oxidant properties, Aloe helps to eliminate free radicals that can contribute to aging process and boosts the immune system.

–          Aloe vera is a great tonic for various skin problems. That’s why; it is one of major constituents used in various cosmetics. It can be applied topically to abrasions, sun burns, wounds, cuts, burns and psoriasis. Due to its analgesic properties, it can help to relieve pain of wounds. Due to higher water content, Aloe gel can be used as an excellent moisturizer, which makes the skin soft and glowing.

–          Aloe vera can be used in shampoos, or directly applied on hair. It helps to remove dandruff and make the hair silky and shiny.

–          Improving digestion and detoxifying body by using Aloe vera helps to promote weight loss.

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With its excellent healing properties, Aloe plant can be considered as a sure solution to almost every health problem. Don’t forget to plant Aloe vera around your home to ensure beautiful skin, glowing hair and overall good health.