Fast One-minute Cure For Virtually All Diseases

Is it Possible to Cure  Virtually All Diseases without Medicines ?

1 minute cureHuman body is like a wonderful machine that carries out several different processes and functions like digestion, respiration, reproduction and secretion. The fundamental constituent of each body part is the cell. Human life starts as a single cell, which gets divided to form many cells. This process continues till we are alive. When we suffer from any disorder, our body cells get injured. When we take medications to cure from disease, it helps the cells to heal by their own. Yes, human body has amazing capacity to cure on its own. Our body possesses inborn ability of healing itself without medications or other treatment options.

Any health problem or illness results from unhealthy living or unhygienic environment.  Hence, to restore health, it is essential to eliminate the causes of sickness and provide basic needs of the body. Our body can repair itself and recover health by a process of self-healing. Healing process cures every injury by replacing all destroyed, dead or damaged cells from skin, intestine, blood and mouth. Self-healing can be accelerated by adopting healthy diet, proper exercises and lifestyle changes.

Some Tips to Enhance Body Self-healing

The most essential things to improve self-healing ability are pure water, fresh air, good hygiene, proper rest, positive attitude, adequate exercise and nutritive foods.

–          Adopt healthy habits and improve body’s immunization power. Avoid exposure to physical or mental stress, toxins, pollutants or abuse.

–          It is proved that proper sleep and rest enhances body’s self-healing capacity. Daily sleep of 8 hours for adults and 11-12 hours for children is necessary to give enough time for the body cells to replace damaged cells and regenerate the new ones. Adequate rest is helpful to maintain good physical and mental health. When we get complete rest, we feel fresh and energized.

–          Free radicals present in the body, when become excessive, can cause various health problems. Unhealthy habits such as smoking, dietary factors like processed foods can increase free radicals in the body. Hence avoid these things and opt for healthy habits and nutritious diet.

–          Another way to improve body healing power is having healthy, well-balanced diet. You need to minimize consumption of processed foods, foods with artificial preservatives and additives. Your diet should be low in sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils and animal fats. Have diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, which provide all essential nutrients required for normal functioning of body cells. Also include high fiber foods like green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, which are beneficial for intestinal health. Use of organic vegetables and fruits is preferable as they are rich in flavonoids with antioxidant properties, beneficial to prevent cancer.

–          Regular exercise should be a part of your daily routine. It can be as simple as walking, cycling or swimming. Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps decrease stress. Regular exercising also helps to reduce excess body weight and increases fitness and stamina as well. It also stimulates blood circulation, thus providing more oxygen to cells.

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We should properly use the healing power of our body. Instead of going for immediate medications and other treatment options, we need to wait and give our body enough time to cure on its own. Cheerful approach, optimistic attitude and pleasurable activities in life accompany the self-healing process of body.