How to Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally with Home Remedies Permanetly

Find here fast acting improvised home remedies to treat & cure  Hemorrhoids permanently.Natural treatment will allow nature to take care of your  Hemorrhoids & fix it without side effects ,let it be internal,external or bleeding  Hemorrhoids – nature can soothe & get rid of  Hemorrhoids forever.

How to Get Rid of  Hemorrhoids Fast & Easy with Natural Methods

Hemorrhoids are the mass of tissues formed in the anal canal. They are generally found inside the anal canal near the anus opening (internal) or may be even around the outer edge of the anus (external). Every person normally has the hemorrhoids but their presence is not felt. Only when the blood vessels in the hemorrhoids get swollen and grow in size, they cause problem. Though, internal hemorrhoids may not be painful, they may produce bleeding. External hemorrhoids also cause bleeding and related nuisance including pain. A type of skin scaling is experienced along the anus opening which causes itching.

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Causes and their diagnosis:

They are the result of pressure which presses the blood veins draining in the upward direction in the anus canal. The pressure may be because of 1) Prolonged sitting on the toilet, 2) Pressure exerted for bowel movement (constipation), 3) Deficiency in fibers food intake which weakens the tissues holding hemorrhoids. Majority of women experience the hemorrhoids during pregnancy. They are also common in aged persons.

Physical examination reveals presence of external ones and examination of blood in stool or using anoscope, internal ones are detected.

Home Remedies that can Shrink  & Eliminate Hemorrhoids

All types of treatment are available for the cure of hemorrhoids. Medicines available across the counter can cure during initial stage. They include lotions, pads, gels, creams, wipes etc. By using rubber band ligation and sclerotherapy also they can be cured. In their advanced stage or when they are very painful, surgery may be performed. Home treatment with diet control is another method of treatment. This is very effective and easy to control them.

One should eat more of food having fiber. Broccoli, beans, wheat and oat bran are few examples of such food. Moderate daily exercise like brisk walk helps a lot for their cure. Stool should be passed at the appropriate time without applying unnecessary pressure. Few people use sitz bath for the cure of hemorrhoids.

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