How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally with Home Remedies

Find here home remedies & natural methods to reduce cellulite fast & follow these simple techniques to eliminate cellulite permanently.

Natural Cellulite Cure at Home

cellulite-solutionCellulite is actually a misnomer that has now become accepted to mean the unattractive layers of padding and dimpling seen in the pelvic, abdomen and upper limb areas of 90% of women. Men rarely suffer from cellulite. Cellulite as a word was popularized by during the 1920s mainly by “Vogue” which called it this for fat deposited in the hip, thigh and buttocks regions. This ungainly storage of ordinary fat gave the appearance of a stuffed mattress to this area. It is nothing but the herniation of sub-cutaneous fat and the prevailing medical opinion is that it is quite normal for women. However cellulite is a major confidence buster and can lead to severe lowering of self-esteem and keep one away from social spots like beaches and parties.

 Cellulite & Women

Unfortunately for women this condition affects almost 90% of them across ages after they become adults. Their anatomy is such that they tend to deposit fat in this area while men tend to deposit their fat in the abdominal area. Ask any woman and she would tell you that she would love to have a firm butt and thigh. A smooth backside and not some rolling, dancing mass of flesh, is synonymous with health and beauty. The cellulite problem has forced women not only to avoid social spots but also to abandon trendy and fashionable clothing. Sufferers are more likely to wear swathes of clothing that would disguise and hide this unseemly condition.

 Treat Cellulite at Home & Save Money

Because of the millions who suffer from cellulite a whole industry of gimmicks have been spawned taking gullible women for a solid ride. Body brushes, chemically laden cellulite creams, pills and supplements, bathing additives, massages, bio-ceramic shorts, injections, circulation rollers, scrubbers, body wraps, coffee grounds and so many more rip-offs that could leave you even more depressed and with a deep hole in your pocket.


cellulite-formsThe cause for cellulite is many. Genetics as always is once again the bad guy followed by lack of exercise, hormonal changes, over production of estrogen, stressful lifestyle and excessive gorging on the wrong kind of food. One should take note here that lifestyle changes are mandatory for getting rid of cellulite as much as they are necessary for any kind of conditioning that includes fat reduction as an objective.

 Improvised Methods for Quick Cellulite Removal

This is where Erica Nguyen steps in with her e-book, “Cellulite – The Natural Cure”.  Erica  is known as the Cellulite- Guru of California and her permanent cure for cellulite is said to have helped every single one of her clients. Her simple 3 part program helps to get a firm and attractive backside in just 2 months. She combines a few minutes of really targeted cellulite melting exercises (there is no strenuous cardio requirement) with an extremely simple dietary adjustment followed by training in combating hormonal problems that helps one repair and tighten skin tissue and increase collagen production. This download is vigorously recommended to women who wish to fight that unwanted and rippling curves called cellulite.