How to Get Rid of Tiredness and Sleepiness Instantly

Find here home remedies to get rid of tiredness without sleeping .Improvised home remedies will help you to over come tiredness & maintain high energy levels for long hours.

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Tiredness Cure at Home

tired 2Are you tired, fatigued and generally pooped ? When this question was posed to many during a survey it was found that nearly 20% feel tired most of the time.

Now being tired is a normal reaction to a hard day’s labour but chronic tiredness and the absolute fatigue early in the morning as you get off your bed is something that needs to be looked into seriously.

So if you are one of the 20% who feel tired most of the time without being able to pin the cause on any authentic reason, then it is time you looked for a remedy.


Why do people get tired? Everybody gets tired and it is quite a normal occurrence. Busy people who are doing things and are gainfully employed spend a lot of energy on doing the things they are supposed to do. They are bound to feel tired at the end of a hard day’s routine and that is why one needs to get a good night’s sleep so that one is recovered and ready to fly on waking up in the morning. However if you are one of those who gets tired even without working too much; if you are one of those who is tired early in the morning after a night’s sleep; if you are one of those struggling to get through a blurry and a fatigued day, then your tiredness is abnormal and needs to be treated.

tiredThere could be so many different causes for tiredness, both physical and mental. The physical causes are recent illness, pregnancy, bereavement, moving home, divorce, work problems, jet lag, depression, boredom, lack of sleep, vitamin or mineral deficiency and anemia. The mental causes are very high stress, worry, irritability and frustration. It is very important to pinpoint the cause for the tiredness because otherwise you end up treating only the symptom and this will never cure you. Of these causes sleeplessness or insomnia is a pretty common case for tiredness. If you are not getting enough sleep, you are likely to feel fatigued. To get a good night’s sleep one must firstly eat and drink better. Get a balanced diet and avoid alcohol and caffeine in the evenings. One should also become physically more active to induce a nice rest. Tired people are in danger of getting into a vicious circle. They are just too tired for physical activity and the lack of physical activity makes them physically unfit and this leads to more tiredness.

Sometimes disease is the cause for tiredness. Hyper thyroidism, heart problems and diabetes can cause tiredness. Medicines related to statins and anti-histamines cause tiredness too. There are innumerous “Good Sleep Clinics” that sometimes recommend vitamin pills and super foods to induce good sleep which in turn would energize you but remember that there is no magic cure for tiredness and that vitamins and superfoods cure tiredness is just a myth.

 Permanent Cure for Tiredness with Improvised Home Remedies

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