How to Get Rid of Wrinkles Naturally with Home Remedies

You can use fast acting home remedies to treat & cure wrinkles.Natural treatment can reduce & fully remove wrinkles on face,under eyes,on forehead naturally & permanently.

Remove Wrinkles Naturally

Those unseemly furrows and folds of the skin can give quite beating to the self-esteem of a person. Everybody, young or old; female or male wants their skin to be firm and elastic. Unfortunately most of us fight a losing battle when it comes to cosmetic treatments that can prevent wrinkles and take us back to our youth again. While aging is a natural process, the extent of wrinkling may not always be proportionate to ones age. Many reasons, the least of which is not our lifestyle, contribute to wrinkling. However one should keep in mind that fat cells shrink and skin elasticity is lost by aging and so to a large extent our wrinkles are part and parcel of growing older.

Unfortunately society places a tremendous premium on looking young and there is a stigma attached to looking old. This has set off a cosmetic industry worth billions of dollars that promises all types of treatment for wrinkles. Experience has shown that most of these products have no effect at all and that some of them may react badly on our skin.


Wrinkles are mainly of 2 types: fine lines and deep furrows that occur in the face, forehead, eyes and arms. Apart from growing older: 1) exposure to sunlight, 2) diet, 3) lack of sleep, 4) cigarettes, 5) alcohol and 6) pollution can trigger off wrinkling. That is why it is important that one should wear some form of cream when exposed to sun’s rays. Direct harsh sunlight creates free radicals that result in an inflammatory cascade in the skin. Diet is one of the main culprits of wrinkling. A sugar rich diet causes glycation which stiffens the skin and renders it inflexible. Lack of sleep is another factor that elevates the hormone cortisol, also called the death hormone because it breaks down tissue when in excess in the body. Smoking is the 4th offender and this constricts the blood vessels in our skin thus preventing oxygen and nutrients from reaching the cells. Alcohol in excess raises the blood sugar and causes glycation. Moreover liver breaks down alcohol to aldehydes and ketones that are bad for the skin. Alcohol also leads to dehydration which is a big “no no” for the skin. Of late city dwellers are prone to wrinkling due to pollution which depletes the vitamin E in our skin.

Improvised Method

This only goes to show that we can do a lot to postpone the wrinkling of skin. A lot can be done to cure one of wrinkles too. But there is a danger that one might fall victim to chemical cosmetics that may do more harm than good to the skin. This is where Louise Griffin steps in with her e-book “Overnight Wrinkle Cures” a remedy that can change your life in just 24 hours. She has researched skin care for 8 years and has followed the natural therapy used by the Japanese Geisha girls for over 900 years. They had developed a revolutionary product that combines the goodness of facial exercises with organic remedies and natural treatments for maintaining excellent skin texture. Download this book and get a quantum leap on skin care cosmetology.