How to Remove Skin Tags Yourself Naturally at Home

You can get rid of skin tags without surgery using simple home remedies.This is a quick method to remove skin tags naturally.

Skin tags are fleshy extensions of human skin which hang off externally. This disorder is not very commonly seen or noticed but if it is present, it is very awkward for the person. It is more so if the skin tag is on visible or on the uncovered areas of your body.

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Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally

Skin TagsThe emergence of skin tags is small growths which gain in size with the passage of time. These can be treated easily in the early stages. Many a skin tag is recurrent in nature in spite of the best treatment. It is likely that the reappearance is on a different part of the body. The treatment of current skin tags is not impossible.

The areas where skin tags are seen are where the skin is loose e.g. eyelids, nose, cheek, neck, armpits and groin. Mostly women are prone to have skin tags as compared to men. The reasons could be flabby skin, diabetes or being over-weight. The skin tags are supported by the human body from within and get their supply of blood-this being the reason, an excessive rubbing, pull or cuts by razors can lead to a bleeding skin tag.


In many case skin tags are Hereditary, while excessive exposure to sun can lead to development of skin tags. Obesity and hormonal changes are also known to cause this disorder.

Essentially the skin tags are not malignant (non-cancerous) and need not lead to any disturbing medical catastrophe. Having said that, one must be careful if the skin tags are appearing near anus-in such a  case it is advisable to seek medical help at the soonest. Surgical treatments are possible and present an immediate solution for this problem.

Skin Tag Home  Remedies:

1)      Apply paste made of Black Walnut Hull and pure Aloe Vera gel will help remove the skin tag.

2)      The juice from the stem of Dandelion plant could be directly applied and should be covered-in due course of time, the skin tag will fall off.

3)      Apply fresh onion juice on the skin tag and the surrounding areas-skin tag will fall off eventually.

4)      Apply paste made up of galangal root powder and blood root powder in equal quantities regularly to help the skin tag to come off easily.

5)      Several drops of Castor oil and Herbal Lomatium extract applied on the skin tag will result in removal of the skin tag in a relatively less time period.

6)      Regular application of 2 to 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil directly on the affected area  will help to skin tag to fall off naturally.

7)      Regular use of natural essential oils will knock the skin tag off.

8)      An old or conventional method of removing a skin tag was tying the base of the skin tag with hair thread-this at time could be very painful especially if the skin tag is on a tender skin or in area which gets exposed to water or moisture.

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To sum up it is advisable to use the aforesaid home remedies to cure the skin tags. It goes without saying that one may seek medical help if the condition persists due to some other therapeutic reason.