How to Stop any Type of Facial Blushing with Natural Treatment

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Facial BlushingFacial blushing is a spontaneous reddening of the face due to emotions like stress or embarrassment. Blushing or redness can also happen in other body parts like ears, forehead, neck and upper chest.

Severe blushing is seen in people with social anxiety. If facial redness persists for prolonged time after blushing, then it can be considered as an early sign of rosacea.

What Causes Facial Blushing ?

Usually, blushing happens in response to strong emotions, which stimulate the nervous system, increasing blood flow to the facial skin. Severe or frequent blushing is due to physical and psychological causes. Physical factors include a skin condition like rosacea and certain medications. General anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder are the psychological causes for facial blushing. Sometimes, blushing can be related to other health conditions like menopause, mastocytosis, carcinoid syndrome and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Some possible triggers for facial blushing are alcohol consumption, drinking hot beverages, eating spicy foods, extreme changes in temperature and vigorous exercising.

Symptoms of Facial Blushing

In response to extreme emotions, a person may experience the symptoms like reddening of facial skin, burning sensation or hot flashes, excessive sweating in facial region, increased pulse rate and poor concentration levels.

How to Get Rid of Facial Blushing Naturally

Usually, facial blushing is not a harmful condition. But it can interfere with your social activities; hence to be treated in a proper way. Fortunately, there are a variety of good home remedies to cure facial blushing. Natural treatment includes certain lifestyle changes, adequate diet and use of herbs.

–          First of all, try to understand the triggers and avoid them. Try to maintain even temperature to prevent extreme temperature changes. Use comfortable clothing that can regulate your body temperature. Try to reduce stress and control emotions by various meditation techniques. Protect your facial skin by applying a good quality moisturizer and covering it with scarf to avoid sun exposure. You need to stay away from alcoholism and smoking.

–          Paying attention to your diet is also very important when treating facial blushing. Avoid eating hot, spicy foods and drinking very hot beverages, as they can trigger reddening. Take foods rich in vitamin C, as it helps to control facial blushing.

Home Remedies

–          Apply a mixture of whole-meal organic oatmeal and milk all over the face, excluding eyes and mouth. Keep this face-pack for about 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Lactic acid present in milk acts as a gentle exfoliant and helps to remove dead skin cells and calm the aggravated skin. This mask can be used once in a week.

–          Use of Aloe vera and cucumber is another effective home remedy. Prepare a mask using ¼ cup of cucumber puree and ¼ cup of Aloe juice. Apply this mask all over your face daily. Aloe vera and cucumber both possess soothing and calming properties, causing reduced facial redness. You can directly apply Aloe vera juice extracted from leaf on the affected area.

–          Another easy-to-follow way to decrease redness and soothe skin is to apply a cloth soaked in milk. The proteins, vitamins and fats present in milk are helpful in calming red skin and enhancing healing process.

–          You may use ice cubes to relieve redness and warm feelings. Application of a wet cloth moistened with cold water over the affected areas is also found to be beneficial.

With these common home remedies, you can get rid of facial blushing. But if your problem is severe and causing interference with your social life, then you must opt for improvised home remedies, which are more effective and quick. Jim Baker has brought a perfect guide to cure facial blushing in his eBook- Blushing Breakthrough. It describes a holistic treatment method to eliminate facial redness forever. Check the site and get more information about facial blushing and its powerful natural treatment. You can quickly download the eBook from this website.

Your face reflects your physical and mental health. So take good care of your face and keep it free from any problem. With good home treatment, get rid of facial blushing permanently and build up your self-esteem and regain your self-confidence.