How to Treat & Cure Eczema Naturally with Home Remedies

Eczema is a worst skin disorder which will mostly crop up initially on your elbows and wrists. It can affect people of all ages. The onset of this disorder will be as follows:

1)      Red Blotchy, burning and peeling Skin.

2)      Dry skin.

3)      Scaly patches on the skin which ooze or discharge putrid liquid.

4)      Intolerable itching which simply does not stop.

5)      Previously affected skin heals and eruptions re-appear.

This is an issue with our immune system which flares up with anything and everything we do. Patients who contact this dreadful malady suffer silently in paid for years together and try following each and every suggestion put forth by family, friends, well-wishers and doctors. They start using cream and ointments in addition to a bunch of antibiotics.  In most cases they do not meet with a cure and that is why we are here to discuss all-natural home remedies, which are economical, simple and effective and yet without any side-effects.

Causes: Extreme weather, dish detergents, itchy and rough kind of clothing or woolen fabrics cause irritable eczema in most cases. Perfumes normally contain alcohol and make your skin dry which can further magnify the problem if one is susceptible to eczema. Certain carpets, foods, proximity to animals and even certain trees can also flare up eczema.

Simple Home Remedies:

1)      Chlorella and Spirulina are two super-foods found on this planet. Spirulina contains 12 times digestive proteins as compared to beef and in addition contains a healthy mineral balance: magnesium.

2)      Water has the best pain relieving ability. Many naturopaths recommend maximum consumption of water and on regular and enough consumption of water has worked miracles in many a patient and helped them get rid of horrible ailments, time and again.

3)      Nutrients, anti-oxidants and fibers is what your body looks to find in your daily diet.

4)      Nuts, vegetables and fruits in their raw form are a bunch of great home remedies.

5)      Fish, especially Salmon contain fatty omega acids and are known to offer faster relief against Eczema.

6)      Consume virgin coconut oil. This contains medium fatty acids which provide good fats and nourishment to dry eczema-affected skin. The oil also contains lauric acid which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

7)      Natural Kelp supplements are available in most medical stores; these are very helpful as they reduce the high acidic levels in your body.

8)      Use creams containing neem oil. This oil has a very soothing effect on skin affected with eczema.

9)      Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller is also a good home remedy and is used in many creams available in the market.

10)   Consume grape juice, Zinc, B-Complex and fish oils. These supplements will help your skin from inside out.

11)   Use a mixture of castor oil and calendula extract after bath on your hands and cover the area with plastic wrappings for an hour or so. This will help your skin and cracks to be softer during the day.

12)   For bath use lukewarm water with some drops of almond oil and milk.

13)   Rub Vaseline on the affected areas.

14)   Wash your hands every hour. This is most important.

Ms. Rachel Anderson who was a silent spectator to her son’s eczema disorder, has developed a unique treatment in her work: