How to Treat Impetigo Naturally with Home Remedies

Natural treatment can cure  Impetigo permanently using fast acting home remedies.You can get rid of  Impetigo on face ,nose or at any where in your body quickly.

Cure Impetigo Naturally

Impetigo is a pretty common skin infection that is found very often in preschool and school going children. This does not mean that adults don’t suffer from impetigo. They suffer too but not as often as young kids. This condition is caused by a contagious bacterial infection and hence may result in losing a number of days at school. This leads to the necessity for quick diagnosis and treatment.

Impetigo is caused by the staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria and is seen initially as a scab near the nose or mouth of children. They are painless but sometimes itchy and this is how they spread to other areas. Though rare in adults they are often seen in adults involved in contact sports. While the sport itself has nothing to do with the infection, the highly contagious nature of the infection renders them more prevalent in adults who are in close contact physically.

There are 3 types of impetigo: the most common type or the nonbullous impetigo, the bullous impetigo and the ecthyma. All 3 are leaky with pus and are seen as red or honey coloured sores that are found anywhere in the body. They are normally found only in the surface of the skin except in the case of ecthyma when the sore may penetrate the dermis. Generally the scabs that they form disappear over time leaving no permanent scar but for the 3rd type, ecthyma – that might leave a permanent scar sometimes. Ecthyma related sores are probably the only painful sores of impetigo.

It is really important to maintain good hygiene because most children afflicted by this sore come from unhygienic conditions. Actually we have a number of bacteria that live on the surface of our skin. When our skin breaks due to any number of reasons, some of these bacteria enter the lesion and cause a problem. This is perhaps how impetigo occurs. Children who are infected must be quarantined and treated. Regular washing with soap and water should be followed up with the application of  an anti-bacterial cream. In more severe cases an oral dosage of antibiotics are recommended. The condition is very easily diagnosed by a trained nurse or even a parent. Sometimes a swab is sent for lab verification.

How to Get Rid of  Impetigo Fast with Improvised Methods

This condition rarely leaves a permanent mark and is even more unlikely to cause further complications. Though complications such as kidney failure and permanent scars are very rare they are not totally unheard of. However diagnosis as well as treatment is easy. The only problem is that impetigo keeps manifesting again and again especially in small children. It requires some kind of permanent preventive or remedy. Prevention can be achieved by  better hygiene. Remedy cannot be so permanent but can certainly be quick and absolutely more safer than modern antibiotics. For safe and quick treatment of impetigo consult Stephen Sanderson’s How to cure Impetigo. This wonderful e-book that has come about after 5 yrs. of  painstaking research is considered by many parents of  infected children as something God sent.