How to Treat & Increase Low Platelet Count or ITP Naturally with Home Remedies

Find here fast acting home remedies to treat & improve Low Platelet Count or ITP .Natural treatment can heal Low Platelet Count problem quickly.

Increase ITP or Low Platelets with Natural Treatment

ITP_lrgThe clinical condition of low platelet count is called thrombocytopenia. Platelets along with Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells make up the blood in our body. Platelets are tiny sediment type matter that float in our blood and play the role of clotting our blood when we bleed. Platelets are also called thrombocytes. The normal platelet count in our blood is 1,50,000 – 4,50,000 per microlitre. Not everybody who has a platelet count less than normal is said to be suffering from thrombocytopenia. It is only when the count falls below 50,000 that one needs to start worrying. While the causes for this condition may be numerous, the basic reasons are that i) the bone marrow is not producing enough, ii) the body is destroying the platelets and iii) the patient has a problematic spleen.

 Dangers of ITP

Low platelet count would immediately manifest in bleeding gums, hemorrhages on skin and mucous membranes and nosebleeds. Bruising on the skin in small groups of pink and red patches or larger purple patches are often noticed on patients suffering from this problem. Though low platelet count is not immediately life threatening, one should keep in mind that low platelets means the normal blood-clotting ability is missing and the blood’s ability to fight infections has gone down. These two negatives could result in continuous bleeding or some severe infection that might be a threat to life.


Like almost every other medical condition thrombocytopenia is also heredity related. But otherwise decreased Vitamin B12 intake, leukemia, liver and spleen malfunctions, systemic bacterial infection and dengue are the real culprits for low platelet count. People living in tropical countries with a mosquito problem should really watch out because dengue fever results immediately in this condition and the patients who die of dengue have actually succumbed to this low platelet count. Alcoholics too suffer from frequent low platelet counts.

ITP Diagnosis

The condition is diagnosed with a study of full blood count, liver enzymes, renal function folic acid levels or peripheral blood smear. It is critical to pinpoint the underlying cause before beginning treatment. If cause is still unclear a bone marrow biopsy is resorted to. Treatment is by a hematologist. Corticosteroids are used. Prednisone and immunoglobin are the drugs of choice for this condition. Platelet transfusion is administered as a last resort for life threatening cases. Surgery is very rare but instances of spleen being removed are on record.

 How to Treat & Cure ITP Naturally

Low platelet count, definitely needs treatment. In many cases this condition just comes and goes. If this is the case why not turn to natural remedies rather than steroids that are known to trigger a zillion problems. Kiwi fruit, sweet lime and juice of the papaya stem are regularly prescribed by different grandmas across cultures.

Improvised Method for Guaranteed Cure

Science based natural remedy is also available for this problem. Louis E.Cruz had diligently studied and researched this problem because he was looking for a cure to help his mother and brother. What he discovered is now available as an e-book titled “Conquer Low Platelets”. He recommends 2 natural herbs and 2 vitamins that can cure you completely. Download his book and get a wholesome and natural cure for low platelet count.