Lung Detoxification :How to Clean your Lungs Naturally at Home

Find here simple,effective & quick way to detoxify & clean your lungs completely using natural home remedies.

Natural Lung Detoxification : Clean Lungs Naturally

lung detoxificationLungs are vitally important organ of the respiratory system. They are present in pairs in the thoracic cavity. Lungs contribute a major part in the process of respiration. They absorb oxygen from the surrounding environment and provide it to all body organs. In addition, they help to remove poisonous, harmful, contaminated air from the body; hence considered as detox organ. The process of natural detoxification is hampered by various factors like pollutants, harmful chemicals, dust, smoking, excessive alcoholism or intake of drugs. They produce toxins, which is directly absorbed in the bloodstream. It causes damage to the cells present in the lining of airways. It makes difficult for the bronchi to absorb enough oxygen. If any organ is deprived of oxygen even for few minutes, then it may result in irreversible damage. That’s why, lung detoxification is crucial to maintain good efficiency of lungs.

What is Lung Detoxification ?

Detoxification is the process, by which poisonous, harmful substances and toxins are removed from the body or made ineffective. This process is naturally carried out in our body. However, due to increased pollution and unhealthy habits, our body is continuously exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins. Therefore, we need to get our lungs detoxified by adequate methods. Lung detoxification aims to eliminate toxins through a well-planned regime of exercises, breathing techniques, diet and herbs.

Natural Lung Detoxification at Home

There are different methods of detoxifying lungs naturally such breath exercises, detox diet and use of herbs. Smoking and alcoholism causes production of toxins in the lungs. Therefore, you need to quit smoking and alcoholism.

Breathing exercises:

Exercise is a key to cleanse and strengthen the muscles of lungs. Deep breath exercises such as swimming, running or yoga can replace the polluted air with fresh oxygen inside the lungs and improve overall capacity of the lungs. Cardio exercises done in non-toxic, oxygen-rich environment are beneficial to strengthen your lungs.

Detox diet:

It is advisable to avoid certain foods those contain dairy products, gluten and cold foods from refrigerator. Food products that contain high amounts of meats, corn, soy and dairy products are considered to be mucous producing. Your diet should include plenty of cruciferous green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and kale. Consumption of olives, almonds, mustard green, radishes, onions, grapes and winter squash is also beneficial for lung detoxification. Foods rich in vitamin C such as capsicum, kiwi and citrus fruits as well as foods rich in selenium like garlic can support lungs health. Drinking plenty of water and other fluids is recommended to dilute mucus produced inside the lungs.

Herbal remedies:

Herbs meant for lung cleansing can be used in cooking, teas or in the form of paste or plaster. Or they can be inhaled from a steam infusion. Herbs like lotus root, fenugreek and ginger are helpful in dissolving mucus formed due to respiratory illnesses, reducing abnormal secretion of phlegm and improving lung functions. Chlorella and comfrey can effectively remove toxins from the lungs. Cordyceps induce the body to produce antioxidants. Black peppercorns and long pepper fruit help to stimulate blood circulation. Lungwort lichen and mullein leaf are beneficial to soothe asthma, bronchitis and other lung infections. Pleurisy root is a great expectorant that can eliminate phlegm from nasal and bronchial passages and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Improvised Methods for Natural Lungs Cleaning

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Lung detoxification causes drastic improvement in your general health. Get back your healthy lungs and find the difference. It boosts immune system, strengthens body organs and improves overall well being, keeping us functioning, energized and alive. Feel better and experience increased peace of mind.