Natural Hair Loss Treatment To Cure Hair Loss at Home

Hair LossLoss of hair is disturbing to males and females alike.  A lot of prescription products are available and may prove to be useful but not without side-effects and hence it is recommended to try all-natural cures, which will prevent further hair loss, promote hair growth and which will definitely not have any side-effects.

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Causes of Hair Fall:

1)      Nutritional deficiencies such as Vitamin A, B12, B6, Folic Acid, Zinc, iron can cause hair fall.

2)      If you are living in the vicinity of an industrial area or a polluted area, the hair fall is likely to occur.

3)      Heredity: Most men who have baldness will have the family history and do face this problem around middle age. This type of baldness is difficult to cure although not impossible if the home remedies are tried at the inception itself.

4)      Stress: This is one of the major causes of juvenile hair fall. Anxiety, stress, restlessness, lack of sleep can induce hair fall at a young age.

5)      Excessive use of shampoos, chemicals, dyes can be detrimental to hair growth and the constant use can lead to hair fall and inhibit the growth of fresh hair.

6)      Hormonal Imbalance: This generally affects women during pregnancy though the condition improves considerably later on.

7)      Medical Treatment: Use of harsh antibiotics, birth control pills results in thinning of hair strands but this is reversible to some extent. People on Chemotherapy may end up with total hair loss.

Precautions to avoid or reduce loss of hair:

It has been said that an average man or woman loses around 100 strands of hair everyday. In this case new hair would naturally grow. If a person loses 200 strands of hair every day, then it is matter of concern. Universally no one wants a bald scalp and such people try a lot of over-the-counter ‘quick’ prescriptions. Most of these promise stoppage of hair fall and faster re-growth. In spite of the claims, most people continue to be bald and still lose a lot of money chasing such treatments. It could be worthwhile to try some the following natural remedies and reduce the frustration eventually and still save you hard earned money.

All-natural Hair Loss remedies:

1)      Essential Lavender Oil (6 drops), Bay essential Oil (6 drops) & Almond Oil( 4 ounces): Apply a mixture of these above to your scalp for 20 minutes each day. The essential oils must be used in a diluted form. Try the mixture on your skin and if it does not show any lesions or discoloration, go ahead and use the mixture on your scalp.

2)      Mix Aloe Vera Gel with a little amount of coconut milk and use it as a shampoo each day.

3)      Apply Onion juice to your scalp twice daily and let it remain for a couple of minutes and then rinse it out.

4)      Vigorous rubbing of the scalp after washing the hair helps increases heat and then blood circulation in that area improves.

5)      Regular use of Amla Oil helps a lot.

6)      A mixture of Lettuce and Spinach juice consumed everyday restores lost hair and boosts the growth of new hair strands.

7)      Use Coriander juice on the scalp as it contains Vitamin A and helps prevent baldness.

You will certainly find the above home remedies useful and will praise your own decision of having chosen them.

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