Vitiligo Natural Treatment for Quick & Permanent Vitiligo Cure

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVitiligo is a skin condition in which white spots or white patches appear on any part of the body such as face, limbs and even private parts. These patches are apparently visible. Such a de-pigmentation is because of the fact that the cells responsible for skin pigmentation die or are not able to carry out their function. So far there is no scientific research pointing to the conclusion as to the actual reason for this skin condition. Having said that, the research shows that some of the following could be the causes leading to vitiligo:

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Possible causes:

1)      Human body produces proteins called cytokines. This protein kills the cells which maintain skin pigmentation. This can lead to de-pigmentation.

2)      A logical reasoning could be that melanocytes destroy themselves and de-pigmentation occurs.

3)      One can not rule out that vitiligo is due to genetic, immunological or neurological or a combination of these conditions.

4)      Some researchers maintain that trauma be it physical, mental, chemical, mechanical or emotional can also give rise to symptoms of vitiligo.

5)      Heredity also possibly passes on the disorder to the next generation.

Home remedies:

1)      Always apply sun screen to the skin as a precaution against vitiligo or skin patches, before you step out in the sun. This will prevent the harmful ultra-violet rays from penetrating into the skin.

2)      Raw Onion: Rub a slice of an onion on the affected area where the white patches are. This process will prompt skin to produce more melanin and will help reduce the intensity of white patches.

3)      Juice of the Ginger: Rub the onion juice on the affected skin. The functionality is the same as onion. This will also aid in better blood circulation, so that melanin is equally distributed.

4)      A mixture of equal amounts of duckweed and honey consumed twice a day will for a prolonged period of time produce satisfactory results. Juice of this herb should be applied to the affected skin every day to obtain faster relief.

5)      Rubbing the spots with fresh figs will help in reducing the prominence of the white patches.

6)      Mix two parts of radish seeds with three parts of vinegar and use the paste on the affected skin twice a day. This will reduce the intensity of white patches and contain further spreading of the ailment.

7)      Crush a few leaves of basil, grind them into a juice and mix it with lemon juice. Apply the mixture on to the affected skin; this will help in fading out the discoloration quickly.

8)      Celery leaves are known to be also very effective and curb the outbreak of vitiligo in time.

9)      Indian alternative therapy called Ayurveda also offers effective solution in case of vitiligo. This therapy goes a long way in healing the vitiligo condition but also prevents recurrence.

It is always recommended that a medical expert should be consulted before any treatment is initiated at home. Home remedies are simply wonderful as they produce astonishing results and have no side effects whatsoever. You will save a great deal of money and still be satisfied.

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