Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure to 80/120

Find here exercises & natural methods to restore your blood pressure (BP) to normal level  – read testimonials of natural bp cures.

How to cure BP naturally at home with exercises

cure BPHigh Blood Pressure is a very commonly found health conditions in case of both males and females across the universe. There could be various causes which give birth to this serious health issue. Some of the causes are:

1)      Genetic.

2)      High Cholesterol.

3)      Stress, Tension and/or tension.

The effect on the health can be dangerous if proper care is not taken as soon as the doctor tells you that you have high blood pressure. According to a report, around 85000 people die due to other health problems caused by high blood pressure every year. Calcium channel blockers are the reason for strokes, Liver damage, gastrointestinal bleeding and heart attacks, internal bleeding and kidney failure. In addition to the above a weak immune system leads to many other problems.

Dangers of prolonged use of anti-cholesterol drugs: The National Heart, Lung and Blood institution reports that frequent use of blood pressure drugs may cause cancer. Research Team of University of Denmark points out that Cholesterol lowering drugs administered for a long time have been reported to be causing nerve damage, in case of patients over the age of 50 years. Doctors will tell you that once you are on the cholesterol lowering treatment, you will be a slave of the medicine for the rest of your life.

The best recourse is to go for natural and home remedies, which will not only help you to cope with high blood pressure but will also tackle the other problems high blood pressure could cause. Important: Before you start using home remedies suggested in the following spaces, you are advised to consult your doctor because the withdrawal symptoms could be life threatening at times.

Natural remedies:

1)      If you are smoker, stop smoking immediately.

2)      Engage yourself in exercises under instructions from a trainer, who should be explained about your high blood pressure condition-Many heart specialists would also recommend the kind of physical exercises you should start doing.

3)      Start on balanced diet immediately. Avoid junk or fast foods. Oily foods should be strictly avoided.

4)      Avoid High-sodium intakes, as they give rise to hypertension. An average person consumes around 3500 mg.    (Two teaspoons) sodium each day through his food. Try to bring it down to 1500 mg a day. This initiative will reduce the health problems associated with high blood pressure to a large extent. Go for no-salt or low-salt versions of canned vegetables, soups. Sauces. Cheeses, frozen dinners and snacks.

5)      Use whole grains, seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts and beans in your daily diet. You could even have lean meat (Chicken) or salads with shredded chicken. Fish and egg are also recommended sometimes.

6)      Antioxidants are in abundance in plants, fruits, berries and vegetables. They are also found in dark chocolate, red wine and green tea. Regular use of flavonoid-rich foods may reduce blood pressure drastically.

7)      Grape juice is another remedy that will work wonders.

By using the above therapy, you shall feel rejuvenated and healthy. You shall be happy for not having to resort to expensive over-the-counter medications which are not without side-effects.

Proven Exercises to Cure Bp Quickly at Home

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