Home Remedies to Heal Hypothyroidism Naturally

hypothyroidism2The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in your neck below your Adam’s apple. A healthy thyroid gives a lot of energy, active metabolism to us.

When Thyroid gland goes out of whack and secretes a large amount of thyroid hormones, this condition is called hypothyroidism. Increased heart rate, anxiety, agitation may follow.

The symptoms of Hypothyroidism would normally be associated with weight gain and exhaustion beyond a known limit. Hair falling out, increased or weird frequency of periods (menses), having trouble catching your breath are also not uncommon. Lower iodine levels are mainly the cause of hypothyroidism. During the pregnancy the hormonal imbalance affects the female metabolism causing iodine deficiency.

Other symptoms of underactive thyroid:

Feeling worn out, run-down feeling, excessive sweating, tremor, fatigue, moodiness, depression, brain fog, difficulty in concentrating, dry coarse and itchy skin condition, thinning hair, extremities(limbs) feeling cold, cramping of muscles, constipation, low blood pressure, miscarriage/infertility etc.


Avoid gluten containing grains and substances such as barley, soy, wheat, rye, oats, eggs and high protein food. Processed foods should be avoided completely. If it is possible, avoid tomatoes, onions too.

Avoid over exposure to heavy metals like mercury, pesticides, herbicides, household molds, personal hygiene products, tap water and use of non-stick cookware. Non-nutritional forms of energy such as Sugar and caffeine are the worst enemies. Avoid iodized salt and iodine supplements and gluten completely. Processed foods, artificial flavors and white flour, Table salt, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, corn syrup should be eliminated from your diet. Organic foods are your best friend.

Therapies available:

In-take of anti-inflammatory foods like Omega3 fatty acids would help a lot, as these help de-flame the body. Coconut products, berries, ginger, cinnamon, oregano should be consumed as much as possible.

Vegetable like Broccoli and cabbage, grapefruit would help too.

Increase intake of Vitamin D, as it helps coordinate the immune response by allowing the body to recognize foreign and self-proteins.  This reduces inflammation and auto-immune reactions. Spend at least 30 minutes in the sun which is by far the simplest to do.

Get sufficient natural and healthy fats like, butter, ghee, flax seeds, olive oil, fish, walnuts, nut butters, yoghurt, anti-biotic free fat cheese and cottage cheese in our daily diet.

While Nutritional deficiencies may not be the cause of hypothyroidism, not having sufficient minerals can aggravate the symptoms and agony. Vitamin D, Iron, zinc, selenium, copper, Vitamin A and B and iodine are useful too.

Consume primary and natural sources of iodine like sea vegetable and seafood, eggs, asparagus, mushrooms, lima beans, spinach, sesame seeds and garlic.

Avoid stress as it affects the thyroid gland beyond imagination.

Engage yourself in physical exercises. This will naturally help in lifting up your spirits and reduce moods swings.

This is a disorder that could be kept in check by selecting the best options given in the above spaces and adhering to the precautions. It is better to avoid wasting your money on get-well-quick medications and practice home remedies and achieve sure results.

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