Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis To Cure BV Naturally

home remedies for bacterial vaginosisBacterial vaginosis is a common type of vaginal infection caused due to imbalanced naturally occurring bacterial flora. It is characterized by vaginal discharge with a foul odor. The symptoms may resemble vaginal yeast infection and trichomonasis, which are not caused by bacteria.

Women in their child-bearing age are more prone to bacterial vaginosis. Certain activities like frequent douching or unprotected sexual intercourse may increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis. Some contributing factors for bacterial vaginosis are multiple sex partners, intrauterine contraceptive devices, cigarette smoking, and recent antibiotic use.

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Symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis

The most common symptom of bacterial vaginosis is vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor. The fishy smell is a peculiar symptom, which worsens after sex. The discharge appears yellow or grayish-white. Some women may experience vaginal itching and burning sensation during urination.

Bacterial vaginosis can give rise to certain complications like:

–          Increased susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections like herpes simplex virus, gonorrhea, HIV, and Chlamydia.

–          In pregnant women, bacterial vaginosis can cause preterm delivery and low birth weight, baby.

–          It also increases the risk of post-surgical infection.

–          Bacterial vaginosis can cause pelvic inflammatory disease, which can increase the risk of infertility.

 Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment

Regular treatment for bacterial vaginosis involves the administration of antibiotics. They are prescribed in the form of oral medications, ointments, or creams. However, they can cause harmful side effects in some women. Besides, there are chances of recurrence of infection.

Hence, it is essential to take the entire treatment course. The prolonged use of these antibiotics can trigger yeast infections. In addition, most antibiotics eliminate harmful bacteria as well as normal bacterial flora. Therefore, it is preferable to opt for home remedies and other natural treatment options to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. With certain lifestyle and dietary changes and simple home remedies, you can easily relieve this infection without going to the doctor.

Lifestyle Changes

Cleanse the genital area using gentle, scentless soap and water. Avoid using hot tubs. Also, don’t use scented pads or tampons. After cleaning, don’t forget to dry the vaginal area. Avoid frequent douching as it can eliminate the normal flora of the vagina, increasing the risk of infection.

Avoid sex with multiple partners. The use of condoms is recommended while practicing sexual intercourse to prevent transmission of infection. Stay away from smoking and alcoholism, as they can increase the risk of various health problems including bacterial vaginosis. Choose to wear loose-fitting cotton clothes because tight ones can worsen bacterial vaginosis.

Dietary Tips

Dietary changes can contribute greatly when treating any health problem. You can follow some dietary tips that can help effectively in the healing process. You should take a diet low in saturated fats, as a high-fat diet can trigger and worsen bacterial vaginosis.

Saturated fats can decrease immunity and also affect the acidity of the vagina, enhancing the growth of harmful bacteria. Therefore, exclude saturated fats like butter, biscuits, and full-fat milk from your diet.

Vitamin E helps to improve the immune system and minimizes the risk of developing infections. Intake of foods rich in vitamin E such as spinach, broccoli, kiwi, and avocado is recommended. Make folate an important part of your diet as it helps to protect against bacterial vaginosis. Folic acid boosts immunity lowering the risk of infections. Folic acid can be obtained naturally from the foods like spinach, asparagus, avocado, and breakfast cereals.

Avoid eating foods rich in sugar as they may aggravate the infection. Choose to eat whole grain bread instead of white bread. Drink plenty of fruit juices made from blueberry or cranberry. These citrus fruits help to maintain the acidity of the vagina, eliminating the growth of harmful bacteria.

Home Remedies to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis

Given below are some of the finest natural remedies to cure BV home. Natural treatment is the best treatment against bacterial vaginosis because it permanently cures the BV problem completely by restoring the chemical balance in your vaginal cavity.

#1.Cold Water as Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy

–          In order to relieve swelling, redness, and irritation, soak a cloth in cold water and place it over the affected area. This helps to compress the blood vessels, soothe the burning sensations, and relieve discomfort.

#2.Tea Bags

–          Use of tea bags is another effective home remedy. Soak a tea bag in water and cool it in the refrigerator. Place cooled tea bag over vaginal area to reduce itching.

#3.Cedar Oil

–          Add a few drops of cedar oil in a hot water tub along with some amount of salt. Soak in this water for a few minutes to get relief from redness, itching, and burning sensation.


–          Yogurt is one of the effective home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Place yogurt-soaked cotton plugs over the vagina or directly apply yogurt on the inflamed area. Daily consumption of a bowl of yogurt is beneficial to get rid of the infection. Studies have claimed that lactobacilli present in yogurt can enhance the treatment of vaginal infections.

#5.Turmeric & Garlic

–          Turmeric and garlic are also useful in treating bacterial vaginosis. Eat a couple of garlic cloves daily. Another way is to wrap a garlic clove in a gauze piece and insert it into the vagina. A combination of crushed garlic and onion makes an effective anti-bacterial remedy. Remove garlic within half an hour to prevent blister. Boil turmeric in milk and consume it.


–          Another herb tracheal is considered to be helpful in eliminating toxins from the body. Prepare a tea by adding dried tracheal leaves in boiling water and consuming it twice a day.

#7.Tea Tree Oil

–          Tea tree oil, due to its anti-bacterial action, is another excellent remedy for bacterial vaginosis. Add 2-3 teaspoons of tea tree oil to a small bowl of water and rinse the vagina using this solution. It also helps to remove unpleasant vaginal odors.

Best Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

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Natural treatments are no doubt, very effective in curing any health problem. The main advantage of natural remedies is that they don’t bring out any harmful side effects even after prolonged use. Take the treatment regularly and consistently to keep away embarrassing vaginal odor and itching. Stay healthy and happy.