How to Cure Diverticulitis Naturally at Home

Find here home remedies for Diverticulitis to treat & cure this digestive disease naturally at home.Improvised methods can cure Diverticulitis fast & permanently.

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Cure Diverticulitis at Home

DiverticulitisWhat is Diverticulitis?  It is a pretty common digestive disease that occurs in the abdominal region due to formation of pouches mainly in the large intestine or colon. When these pouches get inflamed Diverticulitis is the result. This condition is mostly prevalent in middle aged or older persons though younger ones too may suffer especially if they are obese. As the last statement indicates, our diets play a major role in making us potential victims. It is thought that a low fiber diet is responsible for this problem. However modern research has shown that sometimes a very high-fiber diet combined with frequent bowel movement may also lead to Diverticulitis. But generally a fiber rich diet is good for its prevention.


Most cases of Diverticulitis may occur without any symptom. Acute cases will however be associated with typical abdominal pain in the lower left quadrant, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Sometimes the pain and fever may be combined with constipation. These symptoms may lead to abscess or fistula and also to the potentially life threatening peritonitis. Therefore diagnosis and treatment is very important. Diagnosis is usually quite simple. A CT scan is 98% successful in diagnosing this condition.

Diverticulitis Treatment

Treatment involves a dose of antibiotics as well as bowel rest for cases which are uncomplicated. Complicated cases may land the poor patient on the surgical table. Surgery may be elective or emergency depending on the extent of infection and damage to the colon. During surgery a colostomy is performed and part of the offending colon is removed.

Natural Diverticulitis Treatment can Heal it Completely

The funny thing about Diverticulitis is that most doctors agree that it is more a symptom than a disease. The medicines and chemicals that are prescribed merely treat the symptom and not the root cause. And God forbid if this condition is to lead to an invasive surgical procedure. Diverticulitis is easily prevented if one were to have some knowledge and take care. This is a problem which is associated with our typically modern diet. Our body is built to run on healthy food like leaves, herbs, water, fiber, fruits, vegetable and so on. Replacing them with modern equivalents like processed meats, sugar, sweets and aerated drinks is just not done. Diverticulitis is the symptom of our body reacting to this overload of dietary poisons. The acidity in our digestive tract is thus increased and this leads to complications. If one were to realize in good time that it is time to switch back to time tested diets then we can live a healthier and better life.

Improvised Methods for Quick Diverticulitis Cure

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