How to Cure Herpes Naturally at Home

Herpes is a disease caused due to viral infection and people across the globe have been influenced to think and assume that it is incurable. In a way, it could be true but if the right steps are taken at the right time, the agony and stigma arising out of infection could be reduced to a large extent.

Herpes Natural Treatment for Quick & Permanent Cure

HerpesHerpes is normally caused by sexually transmitted virus. Although it is a mild and common infection it is very much contagious. It is equally common in males and females. It affects the mouth, causing cold sores on the lips and face.  It also affects genitals. Herpes is marked by clusters of small but painful blisters.

Onset of Herpes can create mental dullness, irritable mind at times. It is really a simple problem to live with but gets aggravated by stress, anxiety, fatigue and carelessness. The reduction and improvement from Herpes, after administering the home remedies will make the patient confident once again and one can be his or her normal self. This is made possible by boosting body’s immunity.

Before we begin to read about the natural remedies, let us focus on the causes of herpes:

Junk food: Most junk foods such as alcohol, soda, processed carbohydrates, coffee, deep fried foods, peanuts, chocolates and products made out of white flour contain acids and Herpes manifests itself in acidic environment. Do not consume Citrus fruits such as an Orange, Pineapple, as these increase acidic content in the body. Lemons and Limes are perfectly alright. Home treatment reduces the aggravation of herpes to a remarkable extent.

Natural Herpes Home Remedies

1)      One should start with tropical creams made up of Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Tea tree oil and Comfrey. These will alleviate outbreaks of herpes and relieve you from the pain and at the same time speed up the healing process.

2)      Try some of the following homeopathic medicines: Sepia Succus, Dulcamara, Natrum Muriaticum, Rhus Toxicodendron, which can be administered orally without any side effects.

3)      Try and eat alkaline foods, as they help reduce acidic level in the body. Eat fresh vegetables, olive leaf extract, raw fruits (except citric fruits), legumes, lavender, high protein meats, like organic chicken, fish, cheese, beans, lamb etc.  These foods tend to create an alkaline state in the body.

4)      Key supplements like Lysine, Zinc, Vitamins A, C, E and B group, selenium and Licorice root are very beneficial and are considered to be very effective defense organisms which help contain the infection of Herpes.

5)      It is advisable to keep your stress levels low, go for hikes. Regular practice of Yoga and meditation are also quite useful in fighting Herpes. Exercise and resting will help too.

Before any of the home remedies are tried on, it is recommended that medical advice is sought to determine the cause and exact nature and level of manifestation of Herpes.

Improvised Home Remedies

This program has been developed by Sarah Wilcox and it has been found to be very effective. She is the author of the book ‘Get Rid Of Herpes.[reference may be made to the web (]