Home Remedies for Plantar Fasciitis Natural Treatment

home remedies for plantar fasciitis

Find here stretches,exercises,natural remedies to cure  Plantar Fasciitis at home.Natural treatment gives instant relief for  Plantar Fasciitis pain .Read testimonials of success.

Plantar Fasciitis Home Treatment

The plantar fascia is a thin ligament which connects your heel to front portion of your foot. This supports the arch in our foot and helps you walk with ease.  Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain are associated with each other. This is one of the most common orthopedic complaints.  

In most cases, patients seek prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, acupuncture, physical therapy, braces, massage therapy, anti-inflammatory pills.  These may or may not work. By using the therapy, Gregory Hunter, you could avoid unnecessary expenditure, crippling condition, sleepless nights and agony.


Throbbing pain in your heel which is almost unbearable making you wince with agony and excruciating pain. You would feel as if you have stepped on a sharp and pointed object.

Home Remedies and Treatment at Home:

1)      Rest: What you need most is the rest you can offer to your feet. Take a few days off your routine and allow your feet to rest. When you rest, you do not exert any pressure on your feet and pain will be reduced due to this. If you are an athlete, try swimming for a while. This will keep you in shape and you will feel active even if you are not running or jogging.

2)      ICE: Ice is a natural pain reliever. Apply an ice pack on the heel for 15 minutes (and not more) so that inflammation will subside to a great extent.  Repeat this four times a day. Applying ice pack would help even more after any particular activity related to feet. You could even roll a bottle containing ice (say from your freezer).

3)      Massage: Gently massage your feet with the fingers of your hand. If possible, you could engage a massage therapist.

4)      Exercise: Stretch your calves with your feet resting against a wall. Gently bring the feet down and stretch again. Repeat it without exerting yourself and you will feel that there is definite relief.

5)      Plantar Fasciitis is often caused by improper footwear, high heeled shoes and uneven road conditions. Choose footwear with care and try to buy those shoes which have a cushion below your feet. This will work as a buffer against sharp objects, if you step on them, by mistake.  Avoid wearing worn-out footwear as they will cause more agony to your feet.

6)      Wear Splints at night-they will work on the painful area while you are asleep and reduce the inflammation considerably. The night splints are available over the counter in any pharmacy. You could see a podiatrist who can suggest a custom-made orthotic. This device could be placed inside your shoes to offer relief from foot pain.

7)      Lose weight to lessen foot pain. This could be achieved by avoiding junk food and eating more fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating red meat which adds to your body weight.

8)      Try heel cradles/heel cups-they contain gel and can fit into any type of footwear. These help absorb shocks and offer comfort to your feet while walking.

Best Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

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