How to Get Rid of Thrush in Babies & Adults Naturally within 3 Days

Find here thrush home remedies to treat & cure thrush in babies & in adults quickly & permanently.Natural treatment for thrush will help you to get rid of mouth thrush without medication.

Thrush Natural Treatment & Cure

What it is

Oral thrush or infection in the oral cavity has been recorded right from the time of Hippocrates. This is a yeast infection and generally affects infants and small children. It is normal for several species of germs, bacteria and fungus to be always present in our mouths. Our immune system keeps a check on these bodies. It is when a fungus called candida overgrows that thrush is developed. This condition is seen very often in infants. Generally one need not worry because they disappear within a couple of weeks. It is only when they persist that one should quickly consult a pediatrician or dentist.

Causes & Symptoms

Thrush is rarely dangerous though one cannot rule out the infection becoming systemic and life-threatening if left untreated. Thrush can affect the skin, mucosal membranes, oral cavity pharynx, esophagus and the gastro-intestinal tract. Sometimes thrush may lead to debilitating symptoms like headaches, exhaustion and irritability. The problem manifests as whitish velvety sores in the mouth and tongue. Underneath the whitish material are red tissue that bleed easily. This infection can become systemic and dangerous in patients who have a lowered immune defense level like persons recovering from a recent surgery or persons suffering from cancer or AIDS.


The condition is diagnosed by sight as the sores are distinct. If unclear a swab is taken of the infected area and studied under a microscope. Treatment is by administration of anti-fungal drugs either orally or topically. The drug of choice is clotrimazole. Fluconazole and Nystatin are also prescribed. All these drugs can cause side-effects. And remember that they are being prescribed to children who are the main sufferers from thrush. Though doctors tend to say that these drugs are relatively safe would you be prepared to try a drug that is “relatively” safe on your baby.  Nausea, stomach ache, hair fall and sometimes jaundice have been seen as the effects of prolonged use of these drugs. In fact Nystatin is mixed with sugar for administration to children and sugar feeds the growth of yeast.  Yeast infection can become a long drawn battle for many of us. It starts as thrush at childhood and continues as vaginitis and vulvitis as the child grows into a young adult. Though women suffer mostly from candida, men are not totally exempt. So with this long haul in mind is it not better to look at natural remedies to cure us of thrush.

Alternative Treatment for Thrush Cure

In fact children are seen with thrush soon after an anti-biotic course. These cases are usually cured by eating yoghurt or gargling with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. There are many alternate cures for thrush. After all this is an infection that has been around for ages and hence has seen various natural treatments from across countries and cultures.

Someone worth mentioning here is Rebecca Haxworth who has not only suffered the trials and tribulations of suffering from this fungal infection for 20yrs. but also had the misfortune of seeing her daughter too developing thrush at childhood. No one can deny that her motivation was perhaps very strong for researching a treatment for thrush. Her 70 page e-book, “3-day Thrush Cure” is a must for everybody who suffers from thrush as it has helped in eliminating thrush and yeast growth. Good luck.