How to Heal Leaky Gut Naturally with Fast Acting Home Remedies

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 Heal Leaky Gut Naturally

leaky gutGut or intestine is a very important part of digestive system of human body. It performs various functions like digestion and absorption of essential nutrients that are considered to be building blocks for growth, repair and energy. Gut also produces major chemical substance required to reduce depression. Gut is considered as 80% part of body’s immune system, protecting the body against pathogens and toxins. Leaky gut is a condition which causes increased permeability of intestine or bowel. Intestinal epithelial cells present in digestive tract lining are sealed by tight junctions. When these tight junctions are disrupted, epithelial cells get damaged resulting in hyperpermeability of gut. It allows bacteria, viruses, parasites, endotoxins, partially digested food to pass from colon to bloodstream. These substances can directly affect the body and initiate immune system.

Symptoms of Leaky Gut

Symptoms like abdominal pain, cramps, gas, bloating and food sensitivity can be seen in leaky gut. Leaky gut could be associated with some acute and chronic disorders like inflammatory bowel disease, systemic inflammatory response syndrome, type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, liver inflammation, allergies, cardiovascular disease and asthma.

Causes of Leaky Gut

Certain factors like parasites, toxins, infections, poor diet and medications are most likely to increase permeability of intestinal lining. Use of antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, dysbiosis, intestinal infections, deficient immunoglobulins, excessive consumption of alcohol, ingestion of allergic foods, high sugar diet or use of oral contraceptives can also cause leaky gut.

Get Rid of Leaky Gut with Diet & Home Remedies

To get rid of leaky gut naturally without taking medications, you need to maintain balanced lifestyle and healthy diet regimen. With simple natural ingredients, you can overcome this problem at home.

–          The first step you should take is to rebalance intestinal microbial flora and improve functioning of intestine. You can increase friendly microbes with high fiber foods like bananas, applesauce, pears and well-cooked squash. Use gluten-free fiber powder for colon cleansing.

–          Avoid foods with high contents of carbohydrates and refined sugars, as they may cause increase in unhealthy microbes, particularly yeasts, responsible for intestinal infections.

–          Also eliminate foods with artificial additives and preservatives, as they can induce allergies. Minimize consumption of picked or moldy foods like green potatoes, old peanuts or yeast extracts.

–          Include raw vegetables in your diet, which consist of phytonutrients, antibiotics and living enzymes that enhance digestion, fight harmful microorganisms and decrease inflammation of intestinal lining.

–          Use of natural antibiotics in the form of herbs like rosemary, turmeric, vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, radish, ginger, raw garlic and condiments  like mustard and clove is preferable to eliminate intestinal infections caused by bacteria, parasites and yeasts.

–          Drink plentiful of pure water to flush out harmful microbes and to improve intestinal function. Avoid caffeine, soda and high sugar drinks.

–          You need to stay away from alcoholism and smoking. Restrict long term use of steroids and antibiotics.

Home Remedies for Leaky Gut

–          Slippery elm, if taken in the form of oral preparation, can be helpful to reduce intestinal inflammation. When this herb is mixed with water, it becomes gelatinous to coat the intestinal lining. Due to its antioxidant properties, slippery elm helps to eradicate free radicals.

–          Another effective option for getting rid of leaky gut is peppermint tea. It eliminates bacteria and toxins from the intestine, induces bile secretion and sooths intestinal health.

–          Chamomile tea, a natural relaxant, helps to relieve the symptoms of leaky gut like pain, cramps and bloating.

–          Ginger and garlic can be powerfully used to cure leaky gut. Fresh garlic with antioxidant properties is known for offering effective healing. It also revitalizes the immune system. Raw ginger helps to reduce intestinal inflammation. Daily chewing a piece of ginger with garlic is beneficial to heal leaky gut.

Improvised Home Remedies for Guaranteed Cure

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A well-functioning digestive system is a key to good health. Provide your body with balanced diet and right nutrition and keep it healthy and well-nourished to overcome any health problem.