How to Improve Your Hearing Naturally at Home

Find here methods to improve your hearing at home using natural treatment methods.You can normalize your hearing loss quickly using these fast acting home remedies.

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How to Improve Hearing Loss Naturally

improve-hearing2-300x200Deafness or Hearing impairment or hearing loss affects 10% of the global population. This can affect ones social life, family life, ones career and even ones safety. Fortunately most hearing loss is preventable and curable but unfortunately most people end up taking antibiotics and steroids unsuccessfully. It is very frustrating to suffer from hearing loss and one almost feels like a zombie because one is also treated like one by a cruel society. Nobody wants to talk to or call a person who has difficulty in hearing what is said.


Hearing impairment occurs due to damage to the inner ear from disease, blockage, noise or lack of nutrients. Poor blood flow and fluid from infection can also cause damage. There are tiny hair follicles that are present in the cochlear region of the ear and when this gets eroded, hearing loss occurs. Besides this chemicals and medicines too play a role in making a person partially deaf. Of course age is a major factor and so too is genetics the all time culprit for all kinds of problems.

Improve Your HearingProgressive loss of hearing is seen with age. But remember that clear and good hearing is not something that needs to be sacrificed as we grow older. More than half the people suffering hearing impairment can lay the blame squarely on noise as the causative factor. This perhaps is the biggest cause of deafness. Which is why it is important to safeguard your ears from the constant trauma of listening to mp3 or car stereos and loud music. Besides the effect of loud music, children’s toys, transportation noise, crowds, power tools and even hair dryers can affect our hearing. Medicines in the group of aminoglycosides like gentamicin and anti-malarial drugs can also cause hearing loss. Ototoxic chemicals like lead, mercury, petroleum and automobile emission can also exacerbate the problem. Diseases like measles, meningitis, mumps, adenoids, syphilis and brain tumours besides neurological problems like multiple sclerosis and strokes may also affect our hearing. Finally any trauma to our head could damage our hearing.

Audiometer is used to diagnose the extent of hearing loss by producing pure tone sounds through a range of frequencies and plotting the result as an audiogram. This will tell us the extent of hearing loss suffered by the patient. Treatment is by medicines which may not always treat the causative factor. Priority is accorded to management rather than treatment. Hearing aids and cochlear implants are prescribed to help improve the patient’s hearing. These devices will not make your hearing perfect but will definitely play a role in amplifying the sounds and improving your hearing. Like seeing dogs that help the blind, hearing dogs are sometimes given to patients who need to be alerted to sounds of doorbells, fire alarms, car horns, telephones and alarm clocks.

Improvised Methods for Quick Hearing Loss Cure

For treatment one could download Mike Tucker’s e-book “Improve Your Hearing Naturally” which has helped numerous folks with this problem. Mike himself had suffered hearing loss and gone through the gamut of traditional medicines before switching successfully to herbs and natural remedies. He has spent serious time in researching these treatments before putting it together as a book that is worth using.