How to Look Younger for Men & Women

Look Younger

Every person is fascinated to look younger. There might be hardly any person who is willing to disclose his/her real age. Aging is a natural process, which cannot be prevented or reversed. What you can do is take efforts to delay the aging process and look younger by certain solutions. There are a number of ways, by which you can hide your real age. But all these solutions might be temporary. If you really want to develop a sense of being young within you, you must opt for natural remedies, which can give the lifetime results.

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Look Younger Naturally

The secrete of keeping yourself young and fit lies in adopting healthy lifestyle, quitting unhealthy habits, regular exercising and taking nutritious balanced diet.

Healthy Lifestyle

You need to adopt balanced lifestyle and stay away from bad habits. Quit smoking and alcoholism, as they can increase toxins and free radicals in your body, leading to premature aging. Smoking causes very harmful effects, making your skin dry and wrinkly and your hair dull and discolored. Excessive stress is one of the leading causes of aging. Stress can lead to dry skin, increased acne, gray hair and hair loss. Besides this, stress causes release of a hormone cortisol, which increases the breakdown of skin cells, leading to increased wrinkles. So try to manage stress with meditation techniques and yoga. You may join laughter club or social activities to burst out stress. Take a break from your tiresome routine and spend quality time with your friends and close ones. Getting enough sleep and rest is very important to recharge the body systems. During resting, new cell generation and healing process occurs very rapidly.  Sleep also helps to reduce stress. Being overweight makes you look older than your actual age. So, reduce obesity and maintain healthy body weight with balanced diet and regular exercises.


Regular exercising should be a part of daily routine to keep you healthy externally and internally. Exercising helps to maintain the health of all your body systems. Exercise is also beneficial for the skin, making it tight and firm. It circulates oxygen and nutrients to the skin offering it more radiant look. It tightens the muscles around the neck and reduces loose skin in that area. Exercise improves your posture and makes you look younger and confident. It also prevents damage due to free radicals, which is the root cause of aging. Regular exercising is helpful for weight loss and to improve shape and muscle tone.

Diet and Nutrition

Your health totally depends upon what you eat. Diet and nutrition plays an important role in delaying aging process. A balanced diet loaded with proteins, fibers and whole grains is beneficial to lose excess weight and retain muscle tone. You may benefit from fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants to reduce wrinkles and make the skin younger.

Eliminate processed foods as they may contain trans fats. Also avoid foods containing preservatives, colorants and additives, as they may cause allergic reactions. Avoid white flour, white sugar, white rice and white bread, as they have minimal nutritional value. Avoid crash diets as they can malnourish, dehydrate and loosen the skin.

Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are loaded with all the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which can delay the process of aging. Vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, natural wrinkle-fighting antioxidants, can be obtained from green leafy vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts. They help to boost immunity and protect you against many life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Whole grains like oats, barley and brown rice are the rich sources of antioxidants as well as vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins. They help to lower cholesterol levels and minimize the risk of heart disease.

Switch to healthier fats like safflower oil, olive oil and sesame oil. These oils are rich in anti-oxidants as well as fat-soluble vitamins like A, C and E, which are essential for flawless skin. Include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, which keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized, offering it younger, vibrant look.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water also helps to eliminate toxins from the body, which are responsible for aging process. Drinking adequate amount of water also helps to lose weight, improve digestion and boost energy.

Skin and Hair Care

You should take extreme care of your skin and hair, which contribute greatly in your younger looks. Clean your skin and hair regularly. After taking bath, apply good quality moisturizer all over the body to prevent dehydration. Massaging with extra-virgin coconut oil or olive is found to be advantageous for skin and hair. It helps to remove blemishes, strengthen the connective tissues of skin and rejuvenate the skin. Exfoliate your skin using a natural scrub, which helps to remove dead cells from the skin and keep it fresh, smooth and healthy. Avoid overexposure to the sunlight, as it can cause skin tanning and increase wrinkles. UV sunrays can also cause damage to hair, making them dry and rough. When outdoors, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and cover your head and body with scarf and protective clothing. In case of hair care, regularly oil and shampoo your hair to keep them soft and glowing. Prevent dandruff, as it can lead to hair loss and acne on the face. Baldness may make you look older.

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Being young doesn’t mean only looking young, but it is also about feeling young. Your mental and emotional health reflects your overall well-being. You should feel young and energized within your mind. Healthier and happier soul makes you look younger in a real sense.