How to Relieve Back Pain at Home Naturally

Find here natural treatment methods to treat & cure back pain at home.Fast acting Improvised home remedy methods or exercises can ease your pain & fix back pain permanently.

How to Get Rid of Back Pain Naturally

backpainBack pain is a niggling problem that everyone faces sometime or the other in their lives. It is an irritant that afflicts one and all whether man or woman, rich or poor and young or old. 9 out of 10 persons experience back pain some time in their life. And 5 out of 10 persons experience it at least once every year. Due to the all encompassing nature of this condition, there is tremendous loss to the economy of every country. Loss of man hours and man days due to back pain would lead to mind boggling numbers when calculated. It goes without saying that a quick and effective treatment for back pain is the need of the hour.


Back pain may occur due to many reasons. In most cases they do not require any treatment because they last for a period of 2 weeks and then they disappear. This is usually due to an inflammation in the vertebral joints or muscles. However they demand treatment when the pain becomes unmanageable. Diagnosing the underlying condition seems to be the biggest challenge because 98% of back pains are non-specific in nature. The cause cannot be pinned down. The remaining are due to specific trauma, spinal osteomylelitis, metastatic cancer or herniated disc. These are more easily diagnosed and readied for treatment. Surgery is very rare and is resorted to only at the very end.

 Spondylosis & Back pain

Spondylosis is a major cause for back pain. This usually happens during or after  middle-age and is caused by various factors like driving, the type of chair one sits on, posture and general aging and lack of proper exercise. This condition manifests when the gaps between the vertebra are reduced leading to some friction amongst them. Symptoms include pain that radiates from the neck to the shoulders and arms. Pain could also be accompanies by tingling, weakness and numbness.

 Treatments for Healing Back Pain

There are different types of  treatments for back pains. Modern medication for symptomatic relief is usually frowned upon because the corticosteroids that are mostly used come with their own bouquet of side-effects. However many other treatments like heat therapy, cold compression, hot wax treatment, massage, acupressure, posture training and exercise have been tried successfully. Surgery has also been successful in back pains caused by compressions fracture or herniated disc. But remember that 98% of the back pains are non-specific and severely debilitating. These too require an effective remedial measure. This is where Ian Hart steps in with his “Back Pain Relief 4 Life”. Check him out and you may live a more fulfilling and pain free life.