Fatty Liver Home Remedies -10 Ways to Reverse Fat in Liver

Natural treatment for fatty liver uses diet control & fatty liver reversing home remedies to cure fat in liver naturally.Read testimonials of successfully treating & curing fatty liver quickly at home.

How to Cure Fatty Liver Naturally

When you have a fatty liver, inflammation is bound to be present.  Doctors would advise you to have cirrhosis done. Some doctors may diagnose this ailment to be some sort of a cancer too while some may even advise a liver transplant. It is common knowledge that post-surgical recovery is prolonged and painful at the same time. Surgical procedures are expensive too.

It has always been proved that home and natural remedies are the best in so far as treatment is concerned. They are easier to administer and yet pose no side-effects or after-effects to the humans. It is observed that the effect of home remedies is a little slower while being effective.


1)      You are overweight.

2)      You have back pain.

3)      You feel tired and weak.

4)      You have abdominal pain.

5)      You feel nauseous and do not have an appetite.

6)      Your skin appears to be yellowish in color.

7)      You have bloating and flatulence.

8)      High cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Levels.

If the answers any two of the above questions is yes, then it is possible that you have a fatty liver. At this point of time, you must see a doctor and obtain his/her opinion if the condition is indeed of having a fatty liver. The liver is a multi-tasking organ in your body and does the following functions:

  • Transform nutrients into chemicals which regulate many internal processes constantly.
  • Removes toxins and debris like dead cells.
  • Builds proteins.
  • Regulates quantity of blood sugar level.
  • Liver is the only organ in the body that can break and remove cholesterol.
  • Many other important processes.

Now it must be very clear that if your liver has become fatty, many of the aforesaid  functions could be impaired and you will cease to be healthy-that is the bottom-line.

Fatty Liver Natural Cures:

The best approach to reverse the fatty liver condition is DIET+EXERCISE+NATURAL REMEDIES.

1)      Diet in this ailment is very important. Quit smoking and drinking completely. Alcohol in any form affects the liver and could be one of the reasons why you have developed fatty liver condition in the first place. Smoking and consuming fried foods might have worsened the condition.

2)      Have a lot of fruits, vegetables and fibrous grains to your diet.

3)      Increase the intake of vitamins and minerals.

4)      Eat lean meats like chicken, fish and lean cuts of lamb. Please make sure that they are either grilled or boiled rather than fried. If you must fry them, then use olive oil or canola oil only.

5)      Reduce the intake of saturated fats like butter, margarine and cream.

6)      Curtail the consumption of white bread, white rice and white pasta. Instead, switch over to whole grain breads and turn to brown rice.

7)      Drink plenty of water as this will detoxify your liver. Drink vegetable juice to flush away all the unnecessary toxins.

8)      Cut down the sugar consumption. Diabetics should be extra careful as they need to watch sugar levels closely.

9)      Start cycling and/or brisk walking.

10)   While you have already adopted the aforesaid steps, consume the following to quicken the healing process: Barberry, Dandelion, Ginseng, Milk Thistle, Omega-3 fatty acids. These will regenerate healthy cells to reverse the damage.

It is certain that the above therapy will repair the liver malfunction and offer you healthy living conditions and prolong the life-span considerably. It goes without saying that you may not need conventional treatments to cure fatty liver conditions, which are exorbitantly expensive and have untold side-effects.

The aforesaid theory has been devised by Debra Elkin, who is a health consultant; she followed a protocol designed by Mr., Jacob Izra for reversal of fatty lever conditions.  She is happy about her decision to have practiced the protocol to achieve immense benefit and she is now advocating this line of treatment by using the natural remedies to help you with problems arising out of fatty lever condition. Visit website for further details: http://fattyliver.improvised-home-remedies.com/