How to Shrink Nasal Polyps Naturally with Home Remedies

Find here a natural method to remove nasal polyps without surgery. Home Remedies could shrink nasal polyps. Read here testimonials of Successful Nasal Polyp Removal at Home.

Nasal Polyps Natural Treatment

Nasal Polyps emerge in the nostrils, as the name suggests. These are soft growths, which appear on the nasal cavities’ inner linings and are usually benign (non-cancerous). The growth causes inflammation of the sinuses. They are almost like jelly when touched with your fingers.

They are off-white in color and pose considerable difficulty in breathing. One of the characteristics of nasal polyps is a running nose, which is very irritating for any human being. You can not concentrate and become irritable and moody, and your running nose does not stop, which adds to the discomfort.

More often than not, the nasal polyps are wrongly diagnosed as Nasal Infections and/or allergies. Small polyps are not troublesome.

At the same time, bigger ones may lead to migraines. Another change that could happen is the increase in snoring. Some facial changes may occur, too, in certain cases.

The age group of over 40 or those already asthmatic may be affected by nasal polyps reducing their sense of smell and taste. Some patients might face difficulty in hearing.

Visiting a doctor or an ENT specialist must know the extent of the malady and discuss your plan to use home remedies. The following remedies will be economical, and there is a chance of any side effects compared to over-the-counter prescribed drugs.

Precautions:  Avoid consuming coffee, meat, and dairy products that cause mucous. Avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks. Chlorine in the swimming pools can also be an irritant.

Nasal Polyps Home remedies:

1)      Salt Water: Rinse the nostril with saltwater. Mix a teaspoonful of salt in warm water and rinse. Use an empty sterilized bottle having a spray nozzle. Do this 5-6 times a day in each nostril. This will normally drive the irritation away. This treatment will cost nothing.

2)      Horseradish is a potent herb used for clearing nasal blockages traditionally. This herb is strong-tasting and hence a little difficult to in-take. To get over this minor issue, mix 2 cups of grated horseradish with 2 cups of natural honey and consume the mixture as frequently as possible. By the time the mixture is finished, most or all of the nasal polyps may have disappeared completely.

3)      Eating 1 or 2 citrus fruits every day will work wonders on nasal polyps. Grapefruits, lemons, or oranges are some of the citrus fruits, which are easily available. Since these fruits are full of vitamin C, they will boost the immune system and prevent many health disorders, including nasal polyps. A substance in citrus fruits keeps the tissue and blood vessels in the nose healthy.

4)      Consume nuts, water, and fresh vegetables. This will help regain the lost taste, free sinuses so that the breathing and hearing will be easier.

5)      Apply Tea Tree Oil on the polyps using a cotton bud/swab or Q-tip. The polyp will fall off within a week.

6)      Consume Omega3, 6 & 9, salads, zinc, and vitamin complex.

It will be observed how simple the home remedies are. Surgical treatments are being tried by many patients, who report that the polyps keep coming back after a while, in addition to being very expensive. Natural treatments are the easiest to administer and inexpensive.

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