How to Stop Hyperhidrosis Naturally with Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Hyperhidrosis without Surgery

Hyperhidrosis is a health condition when excessive sweating occurs without any particular reason. In fact, sweating is a natural mechanism that is essential to regulate body temperature. When taking exercise or in a high environment, the body tends to sweat excessively.

But in the case of hyperhidrosis, a person may sweat abnormally, even when he is at a resting position or temperature is normal or cool.  It can interfere with daily activities and create a social complex. The main affected areas in hyperhidrosis are palms, underarm, feet soles as well as face.


Hyperhidrosis is caused by the hyperactivity of nerves that triggers sweat glands. Excessive sweating occurring in soles and palms may be due to hereditary reasons. If hyperhidrosis occurs all over the body, then it may be due to certain health problems like low blood sugar, hot flashes in menopause, heart attack, overactive thyroid gland, some types of cancer, and infectious disease.

How to Cure  Hyperhidrosis Naturally

Hyperhidrosis is not much serious health problem that you need immediate medication. With certain lifestyle changes and simple natural remedies, you can cure this problem without going to the doctor.

Lifestyle Changes:

–          Taking a regular bath using antibacterial soap is very important for a person who has hyperhidrosis. Dry your body completely, and then apply antiperspirant.

Use shoes made from natural material like leather or canvas, making the feet breathe and preventing excessive sweating. Keep your shoes dry and wear wool or cotton thick socks.

–           Always choose clothes made up of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, or wool. It allows breathing of your skin. Don’t wear tight clothes. The use of an armpit shield is preferable to absorb excess sweat.

Dietary Changes:

–          You need to avoid spicy foods, foods rich in onions and garlic, foods containing a high amount of sugar and salt, as well as foods with a high concentration of hydrogenated oil. These types of foods stimulate the sweat glands, leading to excessive sweating.

–          Consumption of processed foods that contain chemical toxins should be avoided because it may trigger excessive sweating as the body’s natural response to eliminate harmful substances.

–          Take a diet that contains high amounts of silicon, which helps to regulate sweat production. Fruits like grapes, strawberries, and almonds are rich sources of silicon, so they should be included in your diet.

–          Follow a healthy diet regimen that includes fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cereals, fish, and a moderate quantity of lean meat.

–          Drink an adequate amount of water and stay well-hydrated. Avoid caffeine and other hot drinks that can increase body temperature and aggravate sweating.

Home Remedies to Cure Hyperhidrosis:

There are some simple but effective solutions using common ingredients available at home.

  • Having a glassful of fresh tomato juice is helpful, as it is rich in antioxidants. It helps to remove toxins that are responsible for excessive sweating. Take one glass of tomato juice daily for a week and continue it an alternate day.
  • Another good option is grape juice. Grapes give a natural cooling effect and decrease sweating. Eating 10-15 grapes or drinking fresh grape juice every day is beneficial.
  • A mixture of 2 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar with 2 teaspoons of vinegar helps get rid of hyperhidrosis. Consume this mixture three times a day, empty stomach, or half an hour before taking a meal.
  • Herbal tea is another effective home remedy to heal hyperhidrosis. Sage herbal tea is specifically considered to be more beneficial. Due to its astringent properties, it helps to decrease excessive sweating. Prepare a sage herbal tea by brewing it boiling water and take it daily.
  • Another easiest remedy to prevent excessive sweating in the underarms is to rub potato slices.
  • Herbal tea from an herb called Witch Hazel is also effective in stopping sweating due to its astringent properties. It is perfect for facial sweating as it works as a natural antiperspirant.

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