How to Stop Stuttering or Stammering Permanently

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StutteringStuttering also known as stammering is perhaps one of the most embarrassing conditions that can afflict a person. Stutterers are known to suffer from severe emotional upheavals and fears all through their predicament. They avoid social situations and self impose solitude and suffer from anxiety, stress and shame. Though stuttering absolutely does not mean less intelligence, stutterers are often treated as persons who are slightly below par in intelligence.

What  is Stuttering or Stammering?

Stuttering is a speech disorder that affects the flow of speech. Speech is disturbed by involuntary repetitions, prolongation of syllables and involuntary pauses before words and sentences. It is usually these repetitions that are called stuttering. The pauses before vocalizing are called blocks. Stuttering normally starts with these repetitions. The prolongations and blocks are learned by stutterers who resort to these mechanisms to mask their stutter.  Though stress is not a cause for stutter, anxious moments and stressful situations can trigger episodes of severe stutter. Which perhaps explains why stutter is variable. Severely affected persons may sing songs or recite poems without an iota of stutter but put them in a stressful situation like handling a phone call or making a public speech and their stutter returns with a vengeance.

Though no one has been able to pin down the cause for stuttering, genetics and neurophysiology are considered possible cause for stuttering. Developmental stuttering usually starts at childhood and continues through life. Actually more than 2/3 of the kids recover from their stuttering but the remaining are forced to go through life with this embarrassing condition. This is why it is more or less concluded that stutter happens because of an emotional state of mind. Specific words and specific situations trigger off this emotional state and get our stuttering working overtime.

Diagnosis is easy when a person is afflicted severely but in the not so severe cases a certified speech language pathologist is required to confirm the condition. There is really no cure for stutter but speech therapy and breath control helps in regulating the sufferer’s speech and teaches them to reduce their speaking rate thus cutting down on episodes of stutter. However speech therapy is very expensive and stutterers may need it throughout their lives. People who stutter can take heart that history has recorded so many famous figures who had suffered from stutter and became better. Starting with Demosthenes who treated himself with pebbles in his mouth, to King George VI whose battle with his stutter is recorded so clearly in the Oscar winning movie, “The King’s Speech” and Winston Churchill who went on to become such a famous leader and orator.

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