How to Treat & Cure Candidiasis or Yeast Infection Naturally with Home Remedies

Natural Treatment for Yeast Infection

Ccandidasisandidiasis or yeast infection is a pretty common affliction in women. 75% of women get it sometime or the other in their lives. This irritating disease is caused by a fungus called candida. The most common form of the fungus is candida albicans. Though this infection can be found in most parts of our body on the skin, it is mainly prevalent in areas with moisture like the oral cavity and the private parts. Oral thrush or infection in the oral cavity has been recorded right from the time of Hippocrates.


Yeast infection generally affects the genitalia especially in women. Men may contract penile candidiasis by intercourse with an infected female. In both cases redness, soreness and itching are typical symptoms. This is sometimes accompanied with a discharge which is thick and white in colour. Vaginal odour can also be present. It is normal for this fungus to be present on the skin of most humans. In small quantities they do not cause discomfort or disease. However they can grow to larger populations that affect the person if their presence is disturbed by certain conditions. Pregnancy, hormonal changes, drugs and detergents may disturb the vaginal flora thus rendering this fungus into geometric growth. It is also important to maintain a certain level of dryness of skin because moisture can also trigger their growth. Women who tend to wear wet clothes are more susceptible to yeast infections.

Candidiasis is rarely dangerous though one cannot rule out the infection becoming systemic and life-threatening if left untreated. Candidiasis can affect the skin, mucosal membranes, oral cavity pharynx, esophagus, gastro-intestinal tract, urinary tract, penis, vagina and the vulva. Vulva is the external genitalia of a woman. They include the labia and the clittoris. In fact it is the vagina and the vulva that is most commonly afflicted. Yeast infection can become systemic and dangerous especially for patients who have a lowered immune defense level like persons recovering from a recent surgery or persons suffering from cancer or AIDS.

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection Cure

The condition is diagnosed by taking a swab of the infected area and studying it under a microscope. Treatment is by administration of anti-fungal drugs either orally or topically. The drug of choice is clotrimazole. One should know that fungus is usually present in all of us. In fact oral thrush is very common amongst infants but no action is taken unless they continue to manifest for weeks. Yeast infection is something that most women are bound to encounter sometime in their life. It can lead to major hassles which are both, physical and psychological. If this is the case then why not turn to something holistic and natural. That is what Laura Johnson offers. Laura Johnson a medical researcher, nutritionist and health consultant has herself suffered the debilitating effects of yeast infection. This has led her to “Yeast Infection No More” an e-book that could change the way you live. She offers complete relief in 12 hours and a total cure from yeast infections in 2 months. Download and enjoy.