How to Treat Multiple Sclerosis Naturally with Diet & Home Remedies

Find here fast acting home remedies to Treat & Cure Multiple Sclerosis naturally.Following Multiple Sclerosis diet will help you to prevent the disease.

Multiple Sclerosis Natural Treatment

Multiple Sclerosis is perhaps one of the most debilitating diseases known to mankind. It is particularly sad to see someone afflicted with this condition because there is such deterioration in almost all the neurological functions and it begins when one is in the prime of her youth. Women are affected twice as much as men by this condition. There are over 2.5 million people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and modern medical science has no cure for it. Peculiarly most sufferers come farther away from the equator than non-sufferers. As to why this geographic distribution, no one is really certain.


Myelin Sheaths develop around the nerves of the brain and spinal chord from the moment we are infants. These sheaths are mandatory for communication between the brain and the rest of the body. If these sheaths deteriorate then the communication breaks down and affects almost every single neurological function of the body. This is typically multiple sclerosis. It is due to the deterioration of the myelin sheath either by its failure to develop or by it being attacked by our own immune system that presumes the sheath to be a foreign body. Sometimes this condition is also called the overactive immune system disease.


Multiple sclerosis can affect your motor functions, muscle control and mental activity. Sclerosis leads to scarring of the spinal chord and white matter of the brain. Symptoms include loss of sensitivity, changes in sensation, muscular spasms, speech slurring, breakdown of  mobility and visual problems. The initial stages are episodic and these progress into chronic neurological symptoms.


Diagnosis is based on signs and symptoms, medical imaging and laboratory tests. Neuro-imaging and analysis of cerebro spinal fluid confirms the finding. Treatment is by intravenous corticosteroids that lead to further side-effects and problems. Since there is no known cure for this condition, treatment is mainly for returning the failing functions after attack, prevention of new attacks and prevention of permanent disability. A very tough ask because the cause is not yet known. Genetics and infections are touted to be the main causes in that order but no one really knows how to prevent them. Based on its geographical prevalence far from the equator, vitamin D administration is also recommended to patients. This condition reduces the life expectancy of sufferers by at least 10yrs and so a quick and effective treatment is an absolute necessity.

 Multiple Sclerosis  Alternate treatment

Alternate treatment is pretty common for this condition but there are none that have really made a mark. Especially because treatment by modern medicines lead to many more debilitating problems and also because medical treatment does not show any great improvement, natural remedies are more readily resorted to. Here it is worth mentioning about Dr.Gary M.Levin and his e-book, Natural Multiple Sclerosis Treatment. Dr.Levin, a medical doctor has been treating patients with multiple sclerosis for 30yrs. Not having found much success with modern medicines, he grabbed the potential of a natural remedy that he chanced upon during his research. He found that certain rare plants and herbs that grow along the Amazon have not only the ability to reverse multiple sclerosis but also end up strengthening our immune systems. You must get this e-book.