Natural Breast Enlargement :Exercises & Home Remedies for Big Bust

Breast Enlargement

Every woman dreams of big-sized breasts like those of celebrities. But, most women have small-sized breasts resulting from heredity. It doesn’t cause any health issues, but it can create complex in women. Hence, many women go for breast enlargement.

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Breast enlargement aims to enlarge naturally small breasts, restore the volume of breasts that is lost after pregnancy due to breast-feeding or weight loss and gain better symmetry of the breasts that are not in proper proportion in shape and size. There are various options to get enlarged breasts including breast augmentation surgery. But, surgery and other options have certain draw-backs. You can choose natural ways to enlarge the breast size without facing any side-effects.

Natural Breast Enlargement

If you are highly concerned about your health, then you should opt for natural remedies to get enlarged breasts than to face the risk associated with breast implant surgery. A variety of options like massage, exercises and herbal remedies are available to achieve the goal of breast enlargement.

–          Breast Massage: After taking bath, massage your breasts for 5 minutes. Before that, rub your hands to generate heat. Massage on your left breast in a clock-wise movement and in counter clock-wise on the right breast. Repeat for about 150 times on each side, in the morning and evening. You can use a good quality natural breast enlargement cream to get better results. Regular breast massage helps to boost breast tone and healthy breast growth. In addition, breast massage is a preventive measure for breast cancer.

–          Lifestyle Changes: Certain modifications in lifestyle can bring out good results. Quit smoking and alcoholism, as they can increase the risk of breast cancer. Avoid exposure to toxins and chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and household cleaners.

–          Exercises: There are certain exercises that are found to be beneficial in natural breast enlargement. Move your arms in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction for 8 times. Resistance training like weight lifting can help to tone and tighten the underlying muscles supporting the breast. You can also try yoga to get large breasts.

–          Role of Diet: Taking adequate diet is very crucial in natural breast enlargement program. It helps to regulate the hormonal level in the body. A healthy diet is helpful to tighten the skin tissue surrounding the breast and increase its firmness. Foods rich in vitamins A, C and E are beneficial for breast improvement. Drink at least 2 glasses of water in the morning to flush out toxins from the body. Once the toxins are eliminated, new nutrients are absorbed much better.

–          Herbal Remedies: Several herbs can be effectively used to enlarge the breasts naturally. Herbs like wild yam, saw palmetto, dandelion, ginseng, fenugreek and fennel work great to develop larger breasts. Fenugreek extracts help to improve breast size by regulating the hormonal levels. Fennel seeds, due to its high content of flavonoids, elevate the estrogen levels, stimulating breast growth. Another poplar home remedy is to use watercress leaf. Due to its high content of vitamin E, it enhances increase in breast size. Radish, due to its astringent effects, stimulates the blood supply to the local tissues of breast, increasing its firmness. Fresh onion juice mixed with turmeric powder and honey can be used to massage the breasts to make the breasts firm and prevent sagging.

Along with these simple home remedies, you can also try some improvised remedies to get quick and better results. Jenny Bolton has brought a complete solution to increase breast size naturally without surgery through an eBook – ‘Boost Your Bust’. It describes top 5 exercises to make your breasts look bigger, clothing fashion secretes and preparation of your own natural breast-enlargement cream. Download this eBook from and start with a great breast enlargement natural treatment.

To conclude, natural breast enlargement is a perfect solution to achieve the breasts of desired size and boost self-esteem and positive feelings within you. Feel proud of a perfect feminine look.