Natural Gout Treatment at Home using Fast Home Remedies

Gout: Indications and symptoms

GoutGout is a type of arthritis characterized by stiffness and inflammation of joints. Pain is naturally intense and excruciating making the patient to wince. The stiffness and swelling is the result of excessive uric acid which forms crystals in the joints. A gout attack is due to the high levels of uric acid deposits in your blood, accumulated over the years. The person suffering from gout only will know that it is not something which can be passed off as a non-serious ailment. An attack of gout has a tendency to strike suddenly and mostly at night.

Excessive Uric acid is also responsible for emergence of diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney diseases, high cholesterol and heart trouble.

Joint of your great toe could be the area which will mostly receive the attack of the gout. That area will become overly sensitive to pain, so much so that even the touch of a bed-sheet or linen may be unbearable. It is also possible that fever might be present in some cases.

Before trying out any home remedies, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and then discuss with him about the line of treatment.


1)      One of the causes is high-fructose corn syrup which can elevate level of uric acid in the body.

2)      Consumption of alcohol. Beer is known to cause more harm to patients already suffering from gout.

3)      Avoid beef, pork and lamb or at least reduce the intake.

4)      Avoid consuming sea foods such as shell fish, crab, sardines, salmon, fish-eggs, shrimps etc.

5)      Limit the intake of Vegetables such as mushrooms, peas, lentils, beans and asparagus.


1)      Eating right kind of nutritional foods in right quantities is the first step that patients affected with gout should take.

2)      Physical exercise is advisable and will prove to be beneficial.

3)      Doctors advise drinking plenty of water to flush out uric acid from the body.

4)      Drink lemon juice with honey to reduce pain.

5)      Drink vegetable soup at least once a day to clear out uric acid deposits in kidneys.

6)      Vitamin C in hot peppers, red cabbage will flush out excessive uric acid from the blood.

7)      Green vegetables and tomatoes will help too.

8)      citrus fruits and fruit juices are of great use in treatment of gout and its symptoms.

9)      Cherry juice is a great pain reliever. This improves blood circulation in the joints and effectively combats gout

10)   Yeast free breads, nuts, milk and milk products are a good supplement.

11)   Chocolates may be consumed if there is no blood sugar complaint.

12)   Be on a diet that sheds your body weight. Gout is normally seen attacking people with bulky body structure.

We all witness, plenty of gout relieving medicines in the market boasting quick results but you would stretch your purse equally quickly. Home remedies are safe, easy to administer and have no side effects are as such are the safe and effective in every way.

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