Home Remedies for Sciatica To Treat Sciatica Naturally

Home Remedies for Sciatica

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Sciatica Natural Treatment at Home

Sciatica is a disorder related to spinal cord which is the support system that your body needs to carry out a lot of daily activities.

People who are not affected with sciatica must consider themselves to be fortunate, as sciatica is a very painful disorder that will bring tears to your eyes. The pain is so excruciating, that it will make you desperate and you will be forced to think-‘Why Me’. The sciatica pain bothers you endlessly, in your daily routine and steals the natural pleasures of your life.


Sciatica will normally start with a pain in your back and will slowly travel to legs and may cripple a person for the time being. The affected area will be spinal cord that supports your posture. Sciatica is a complex problem which could be the result of various other health disorders.

Your doctors will suggest a line of treatment for sciatica but those medicines would definitely have side-effects and still you may not obtain desired relief even after you complete the course.

Sciatica Natural Remedies Used for Home Treatment

1)      Choose the right food: One might argue that type of food that we consume has no direct connection to sciatica, true, but one has to realize that we survive on food and water; if we select and eat the right kind of food, the body will get the best nourishment and will develop enough immunity to fight any disorder or disease. Let us remember that your body needs proper nutrition at all times.

2)      Eat potassium-rich foods like, bananas, potatoes and oranges. Eat fresh vegetables such as celery and carrots. You may even make a juice of potatoes, celery and carrots blended together and drink it. This will help reduce the pain considerably.

3)      A very effective home remedy that has proved its worth is applying poultice of horse-radish. Apply it on the affected area of your back and let it remain for 2-3 hours. This will reduce the inflammation and will soothe the nerves.

4)      Simple changes in your sleeping habits like changing the mattresses and cushions will help to a great extent.

5)      Acupuncture is an alternative treatment for sciatica. You should take care while selecting the doctor who will treat you though. In this process, needles are inserted in the affected areas so that the energies are released and the pain will be reduced automatically.

6)      Chiropractic Treatment: This treatment is based on the philosophy that restricted movements give birth to pain. Treatment involves manipulation of spine to restore mobility. Here of course, the results will take some time to show.

7)      The massage can help a lot. The pressure applied to your sciatic nerve will help reduce the pain. Chinese style of massage has been found more effective than other traditional styles of massage.

8)      Hypnosis: It is a technique which puts your mind to rest and the relaxation that you get out of this therapy, practically takes your mind off the pain and you start feeling better than before.

9)      Exercises: Yoga, tai chi and Pilates are useful too. Your muscles will relax after doing the exercises. Care should be taken before you start as a wrong twist or turn could worsen the pain. As a safe measure, you could first consult a physiotherapist and start the exercises which he will suggest.

Best Treatment for Sciatica

It will be observed from the foregoing discussion that it is very easy to adopt natural treatment for cure of sciatica where you shall definitely feel relieved from the pain. To know more about this style of therapy, Visit: http://sciatica.improvised-home-remedies.com/