Home Remedies for Kidney Disease To Reverse CKD Naturally

Find here home remedies & diet used to cure kidney disease naturally.These home remedies will help you to restore functioning of your kidney’s irrespective of the stage of Kidney Dissease .

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Kidney Disease Natural Treatment

Kidneys are a pair of organs located near the spinal cavity and are vital for a healthy living. Some people live a healthy life with even a single kidney, but it should be a functional one.

The main function of the kidneys is elimination of excessive toxic substance from the body and maintain required ratio of body fluids from within. Kidney functions are impaired when you have high sugar and cholesterol levels. Do not waste a single day without identifying, researching and treating the kidney malfunction; this can lead to severe problems which are very dangerous and fatal at times.

It is not a disorder that can be taken lightly by patients of any age. If the root cause is treated in time, one need not go through Dialysis, which can be very expensive and is not an easy treatment. Kidney diseases or disorder if not treated, can result in various other ailments including cardiovascular problems.


Reduced volume or quantity of urine, reduced appetite, nausea, vomiting, weakness and fatigue. Muscle twitches and cramps are also likely.  Swelling in lower extremities is another symptom. Reduced mental alertness is a marked hint. Hypertension, diabetes too are associated with kidney diseases.

The natural cure can be achieved by removing waste material, minerals and fluids, by employing easy-to-use home remedies and in a way avoid expensive and harmful treatments which are flooding the market. It goes without saying that any treatment which we plan to adopt, should be cleared by our doctor, as we may not be in a position to diagnose the ailment correctly. A wrong diagnosis will prompt us to choose wrong remedies which will not be of any help to us.

The following herbs can be used to reduce the inflammation of kidneys and treating the infections to kidneys, bladder and urinary ducts.

 Kidney Disease Home Remedies:

1)      Drink plenty of water-this will mean more frequent urination, through which unnecessary toxic waste, undesirable micro-organisms and substances will be removed from the body.

2)      Prepare barley water (boil a cup of barley in water, strain it and allow it to cool down) Drink small quantities of barley water frequently to increase frequency of urination. Barley is a natural diuretic.

3)      Consume fresh juice of cranberries-this will fight against the infection causing bacteria and help improve the kidney function.

4)      Dandelion root is another effective diuretic which can be added to cuisines and salad or brewed into herbal tea to flush out excessive fluids from the body and help kidneys function normally.

5)      Herbs which can be used are: Horsetail, goldenrod flowering tops, corn silk, leaves of Uva ursi and juniper berries. Some of these herbs have been rigorously tested by use of most scientific methods and have been proved to be beneficial in the treatment of kidney diseases.

6)      Buchu leaves when taken in tea form will be very useful in curing the inflammation of kidneys, prostrates, cystitis, water retention and swelling or malfunction of urinary tract with ease.

Use of the above home remedies will prove to be very useful and will never have any side effects on your constitution.

Best Treatment for Kidney Disease

home remedies for kidney disease

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