Home Remedies for Shingles Natural Treatment

Home Remedies for Shingles

Find here home remedies to cure shingles naturally . Improvised home remedies will help you to get permanent shingles pain relief.

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Shingle is a viral infection that affects the roots of the nerves. In many cases, it appears only on one side of the body and is normally quite painful.

In some cases, those of you who have had chickenpox as a child may develop shingles-the chickenpox which might have been dormant under your skin, now re-surfaces in the form of shingles, even after so many years.

The shingles usually affect elderly people, who have a very weak immune system, which could be due to a variety of reasons such as medications and stress on account of diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. This means that your weak immune system can not fight the virus of shingles.

Shingles Symptoms:

The onset of shingles is very slow and gradual. Initially, you will develop a headache and feel feverish. The body temperature may not be much but you will feel like having contracted influenza.

A dull body ache may be present too. You will now start getting itching or pain in particular parts of the body. This is where you will find a rash after a few days. This area will develop into a blister filled with fluid. This fluid is contagious.


Consult your doctor who can prescribe aspirin and/or ibuprofen for immediate relief from pain and inflammation due to the rashes and/or blisters.  Please also talk to him about your plan about using home remedies and obtain his views.

Avoid using skin creams available over-the-counter, if possible-while the problems would not be solved completely, you will end up with some other un-related problems. The skin creams normally are known to be suppressing the skin ailment which might show up at a later date and could be more dangerous then. If the doctor recommends the topical creams there may not be any harm.

The readers are encouraged to use the following home remedies in order to avoid getting some other health problems and try and avoid the expensive medicines from the pharmacy to the extent possible.

Shingles Home Remedies:

1)      Ice-water: To reduce pain and inflammation, dip a clean piece of cloth in ice-cold water and apply it where you have rashes or blisters. Repeat if the pain does not subside.

2)      Lemon-balm tea: A very useful remedy in the treatment of shingles.

3)      Neem Leaves:  Neem has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. It is a proven skin remedy. You could dip the leaves in the water you use for the bath. Continuous use will prove beneficial. The same goes with Oatmeal baths. Both will remove itchy skin conditions.

4)      Honey: Natural honey has been proved to be of immense use in the treatment of shingles. Apply honey on the affected parts; you shall get relief from pain, burning instantly. While suffering from Shingles, you may consume a teaspoonful of natural honey once a day.

5)      Immune System: Onset of shingles (or for that matter, any disease) is encouraged due to weak resistance power or weak immune system. Switch over to a healthier and more nutritious diet, green vegetables, fresh fruits, and vitamins, to give your immune systems an edge over the likely health problems.

The natural remedies suggested will be certainly helpful to most patients, so much so that you shall be happy later about the decision you made about using home remedies.

Best Treatment for Shingles

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