Shoulder Pain Treatment without Surgery :Natural Remedies for Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common condition resulted from various causes. It is usually a symptom of another health problem. Shoulder is the most movable and unstable joint in the body. Due to its instability, it is more prone to injury, causing degenerative process. A person may experience localized shoulder pain or pain spreading around the shoulder area or down the arm. The origin of shoulder pain may be in the joint itself or from the surrounding tendons, ligaments or muscles.

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Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder PainDamaged or inflamed rotator cuff tendons i.e. rotator cuff tendinitis is the major cause of shoulder pain.

Some other health conditions responsible for shoulder pain are poor posture, arthritis in shoulder joint, bursitis (inflammation of fluid-filled sac that protects the joint), shoulder dislocation, broken shoulder bone, frozen shoulder, bone spurs in the shoulder area, injury to nearby tendons and shoulder instability.

Some other reasons that are indirectly related to shoulder pain are ankylosing spondylitis, brachial plexus injury, cancer, cervical radiculopathy, dermatomyositis, ectopic pregnancy, shingle and heart attack.

Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

Some of the common signs that can bother you include shoulder pain that persist for long time, pain that worsens while resting, swelling or bruising around the joint, injury resulting in deformity of joint, inability to raise the arm or carry the objects and signs of infection like redness and fever.

Natural Treatments for Shoulder Pain

A primary goal of treating shoulder pain is to relieve the pain as early as possible and ease the shoulder function. The treatment involves enough rest, modification in activities, dietary changes and use of various herbs.

–          Rest is one of the effective home remedies for shoulder pain. Resting gives sufficient time for the shoulder to heal. One to two days of resting period is needed to recover. Even after that, you need to avoid lifting heavy objects or putting stress on the shoulder muscles, as it can worsen the situation. However, light exercises are recommended to avoid frozen shoulder.

–          Another beneficial home remedy is to us ice compresses. Ice cubes should be kept in a plastic bag and then wrapped in a towel. Place it on the affected areas for approximately 15 minutes. It can help to alleviate strains and sprains. After the first week of injury, you can use hot compresses to relieve pain and swelling.

–          You can try certain exercises like stretching, which can strengthen the shoulder muscles and give relief from pain up to some extent. But, while exercising, take precaution that excess strain should not be exerted on the shoulder joint.

–          Your diet should be rich in plenty of fresh vegetables and foods rich in proteins, as they are helpful to strengthen the muscles. A person with arthritis should include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish like salmon, tuna seeds and nuts, as they are beneficial to reduce pain.

–          The herbs like Devil’s claw and hot pepper are found to be effective in relieving pain associated with muscles, joints and tendons. The pods of Devil’s claw can be used in herbal tea and soups, while its roots can be used in the powdered form to prepare a tea. Hot peppers can be used in daily cooking.

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Shoulder pain is very troublesome and can interfere with day-to-day activities. With proper treatment using natural ingredients and bringing adequate changes in lifestyle, you can regain the mobility and flexibility of your shoulder and enjoy healthy, active life.