Sprained Ankle Rehab System To Treat & Heal Sprained Ankle Fast

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Sprained Ankle Rehab System for Quick Cure

Sprained Ankle Rehab SystemSprained ankle is a common type of injury affecting ankle ligaments. Ligament is an elastic structure made up of tissues, which holds the joint and ankle bones in proper position. Ligaments protect the joint from unusual movements like turning or twisting. Ligaments can stretch up to certain limits and regain their normal positions. Excessive stretching of ligaments due to certain reasons results in sprained ankle. It can happen when the foot rolls or twists while walking or running on uneven surface. Ankle sprains are very common and mostly cause minor injuries. But, in some cases, severe or sprains may result in long-term pains and weakness in ankle joint.

What are symptoms of ankle sprain?

In most cases, a person experiences pain at the site of ligament tear. Swelling and inflammation at the ankle joint starts immediately. It becomes tender to touch and hurts on movement. In severe cases of sprains, you might feel extreme pains and inability to walk.

What causes ankle sprains?

The greatest risk factor for sprained ankle is an activity that involves side-to-side action of foot like in case of basketball or tennis. It can happen in daily routine activities like walking on uneven surface or slipping on ice. The factors like weak tendons or muscles of ankle joint, weak ligaments of ankle joint, lack of stretching or warm-up before performing activities and poor ankle flexibility can increase the risk of ankle sprains.

Sprained Ankle Rehab System – Improvised Methods

In most cases of ankle sprains, you need to protect the joint to heal. It takes about 4-6 weeks for recovery. Recovery takes place in three stages. In the first phase, you have to take enough rest, protect the ankle from excess stress and decrease the swelling. In phase 2, you need to concentrate on restoring strength, flexibility and range of motion. In the third phase, you can gradually return to your normal routine activities, taking care not to turn or twist the ankle.

Rehabilitation techniques help to reduce swelling and pain and prevent further chronic injuries. Sprained ankle rehab system includes a wide range of exercises that involve controlled movements of joint. You can start sprained ankle rehab with range-of-motion exercises within first 72 hours after injury. Then continue with strength training, stretching and balance exercise for next few weeks or months. These exercises can be helpful to heal the ankle joint completely and prevent further injuries. If land-based strengthening exercises are painful, then water exercises can be done. Endurance activities and lower extremity exercises can also be added. The main purpose of exercises is to improve strength and range of motion.

–          Ankle Exercises: Circular movements of ankle are performed by extending the leg in front side and moving it up and down, side to side and rotating it in a circular movement. This exercise improves mobility of ankle.

–          Flexibility Exercises: It includes towel stretch movement and writing alphabets in air using toes. This exercise is helpful in increasing range of motion.

–          Stretching Exercises: When you get some relief from pain, you can start with these exercises like towel stretch and calf stretch. Sit keeping your leg in front of you. Keep a rolled towel under the foot and hold it at both ends. Keep your knee straight and gradually pull the towel towards you. Stay in this position for 15-30 seconds. Repeat this process for 2-4 times. In calf stretch, stand in front of a wall and put your hands on the wall at the level of eyes. Put the leg to be stretched behind other leg. Keep your back heel on the floor and bend the knee until the back leg is stretched. Remain in this position for about 15-30 seconds and repeat it for 2-4 times.

–          Strengthening Exercises: You can start with these exercises when you are capable of standing without feeling pain and swelling. Sit by keeping your feet flat on the floor and push it in outward direction against immovable objects like the wall. Hold this position for 6 seconds and then relax.

–          Balance Exercises: They may be started when you can stand without feeling pain. Stand on the injured foot and hold your arms out to the sides with your eyes open. If you feel to lose balance, then you can take support of door frame. Remain in this position for 6 seconds. Another exercise is to stand on the injured foot only and hold the arms across your chest. Stand for 60 seconds.

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With simple rehab techniques, you can regain normal functioning of your feet and return to your daily routine activities. By maintaining healthy habits and regular exercises, you can prevent further spraining injuries.