TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth Grinding Natural Treatment at Home

Find here alternative treatment methods & home remedies to get rid of TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth Grinding  naturally at home.Read testimonials of success.

TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth Grinding Natural Treatment

TMJ ,Bruxism And Teeth GrindingThousands and thousands suffer from TMJ, Bruxism and Teeth Grinding disorders and the number is ever increasing.

Following are the symptoms which will earmark onset of this disorder: clicking sounds and difficulty while opening and closing the mouth, sinus pains, sore jaw in the morning, pain in the area behind ears, hearing loss, locked jaw, teeth grinding, teeth clenching and pain in healthy teeth, pressure behind your eyes, sudden headaches and loss of sleep. This will magnify into stress, anger, depression and restlessness.

According to Sandra Carter, you can cure the TMJ disorder without oral surgery, expensive medication and what is more, without any side effects. You will feel more confident, energetic and calm once you adopt this holistic but simple treatment. You will feel rejuvenated and vibrant in a relatively short time, once you start this treatment.

Natural and Home Remedies:

1)      Massaging the Jaws: Usually the pains come from muscle spasms. Gently massage your jaws right from area behind ears to chin in a regular pattern and direction. This will help relax the tight muscles. Do this continuously to achieve maximum and long lasting results.

2)      Oral exercises: Try to revolve the jaws slowly in a circular motion without straining. The same could be done with slow revolving neck. This will loosen the jaw and neck muscles.

3)      Apply heat: Heating is a definitive muscle relaxant. Use a heating bag, a pad or even a hot water bottle. Boiling water should not be used as it may inflict burns on the skin. Apply the pad gently on jaw, neck and shoulder muscles.

4)      You could keep ice-packs on the areas where there is pain. This will also relieve the ache and will offer considerable comfort. The heat treatment can be done for about 20 minutes followed by cold application for abut 5 minutes.

5)      Change the habit of resting your head or face on your hands while doing your routines –e.g. reading, working or writing. Some people hold the telephones in one hand-try using both your hands if the conversation is going to last for a long time.

6)      Relaxation: Do exercises like deep breathing, yoga to improve blood circulation on regular basis as;  this  will help you relax from undue stress. Stress is major cause for TMJ. Find a quiet place where you can relax, close your eyes and practice deep breathing.

7)      Visualize yourself to be near a mountain side or a lake and think that you are away from all the daily problems. Imagine that there is nothing you need to do or there is nowhere you need to go. Do this visualization for some time; take slow breaths, open your eyes and you will find that the stress is almost gone.  This is almost like a Mental Vacation.

The treatment in the foregoing spaces will be so helpful that you will not need over-the-counter medications for TMJ, Bruxism and teeth grinding.

Sandra Carter, Researcher, nutritionist and coach devised this amazing clinically tested therapy for all  those who suffer from TMJ, Bruxism and Teeth Grinding. For more information visit: